Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Joslyn from Vanderbilt Divinity

This woman is on my nerves. She has followed me around and claims to be a divinity student at Vanderbilt.

When the Vanderbilt kids are moving into the women's shelter, there is something odd about that. She doesn't strike me as spiritual at all.

She's been more like someone who is interested in psychic work and studies me whenever I'm there at the shelter. She says she's Protestant, and there is just something not rinding true about her.

Like this other woman with friends in England, and brother and sister in England. She was never on my side. She wanted to hang out with me only when I had something important to do and all of her contacts were Vanderbilt here.

Vanderbilt medical. I liked her personality, but it was one time where you like someone and laugh with them but know not to get close because their motives aren't right.

Police Obstruction and Greyhound Obstruction

I asked the Metro police to call the security at Greyhound since they were the ones to tell me, "Send 'em over! we all work together!"

The officer, J. Orr, refused to call them or find out what was going on. He was with Metro. I told him they said they worked with Metro but he refused to do anything about it.

So I called Greyhound in Nashville and got "Cheryl" who said she didn't know who the security was with. What group. I asked her to ask a supervisor and she said her supervisor, who was right there with them, said he didn't know. I asked what the name of the supervisor was and she wouldn't tell me--she hung up on me.

This is not even looking like "police and security" working "together" as much as it looks like mafia working together. No one in their right mind acts like this or does this, and supports others who do.

I called Greyhound corporate and they gave me some customer service woman who said she didn't know why they would refuse service.

I asked for their legal counsel and the woman gave me customer service.

This is the same thing that was done to me in Walla Walla, and also several times in Nashville with bus drivers not saying I couldn't get on the bus, but driving right me while seeing me there and knowing I needed them to stop, or taking "cigarette breaks" for a half hour while on duty, making me late getting back.

These people don't want me to go to Knoxville because of a bet.

They bet money.

Someone put money on my leaving or not and I have officers who collude with mafia and have obstructed me from leaving town, while all they've done in the last several days is harass me and bring people in to use technology, and yes, they did because they didn't like how I said I was going to the FBI.

These idiots don't want me getting to someone decent in Knoxville because they already know they're screwed. My step to Knoxville is one step closer to a Protestant with integrity and they want to set their own crap up there first. I think they know already they won't set it up well enough if I get ahold of the right person over there.

I have known, ever since I got to Nashville, that even Nashville FBI didn't want me going to Knoxville FBI. In the meantime, in the last 6 months, I'd like to know who "transfered" over. It would be really interesting to know who decided to move to Knoxville for some "transitional" career move or just to "be closer to family" or whatever the excuse is. Kinda like Brad Uhl moving to the Nashville DEA from Florida when he knows people who have interfered with my life.

I have had an increase in motivated criminals wanting to discredit me, by using crap all over the place, because they are scared. They're worried that if they DON'T torture to discredit me, someone might believe what I'm saying.

And they don't like the fact I want to visit Knoxville. Even the corrupt officers here don't like it. And neither does Vanderbilt, because they have their own sick motives.

For some reason, if I had been able to get on a bus, it would have screwed up someone's plans or been part of convincing someone of a prediction made by someone that they're trying to alter and screw up. They think, literally, that they can change fate by one day.

I suppose that is sometimes true, isn't it?

Sometimes, just 1 day makes a difference, for some reason, and some people will ruin both heaven and hell, or try, to change something. I have people torturing me, to try to alter everything and they are not getting away with it. You are going to jail. Do you hear me? You are going to jail. To Jail, and even in your suit you're going. May as well tuck in the badge and passport, because you're going to Jail. You are going to jail for obstruction of justice, torturing through battery and assault, fraud, intimidation, public corruption, and collusion and you're getting tapped for money laundering and defamation too.

I'm going to Knoxville and no one is stopping me. If I die along the way, because the security and personnel at Greyhound harassed me and obstructed my right to travel, that will be on their heads.

Officers Obstructing City of Nashville Liability

I called the non-emergency line to have someone assist me with not being discriminated against and blocked from travel and the dispatch person tried to tell me,

"They can do whatever they want. It's a private company."

I said, "It wasn't a Greyhound employee that blocked me from traveling. It was a police officer and he told me they work with YOU, with the Metro police."

She said, "If he's contracted to work for the Greyhound..." I said, "His job is not to decide who is able to buy a ticket from Greyhound and get on the bus or not. And like I said, he told me gets his licensing from TN, with the Metro police, and that you work together, which makes it an issue of liability with your police station and The City of Nashville."

I am not kidding you, all the corrupt people are out and about. I left the hotel computer, where some guy first sat next to me with red, yellow, and blue knives or utensils sticking out of his pocket, and then when I left some brown haired man smugly drove by in a Fed-Ex truck, followed by men in jaguars and sportscars, and some horrible man with plates 646. I don't know what kind of car that is other than government. I've seen sedans with 4 digits that are TN, but this one was black and white govt. style plate and only had 646 on it and some man who was getting off on what was going on.

Then there have been a lot of people from Maryland around today too. Tons of Maryland plates. HWV 165 Maryland. Another man from Alabama, with a normal Alabama plate, was driving a truck and was white and was so hostile and enjoying this so much, I just thought he's a total sadist: 11B4378.

Now there is an officer outside so I'm going to talk to him about these other guys overstepping their boundaries.

Officers Obstruct My Right To Travel & Free Speech

I just tried to get on a bus to leave this town and I was obstructed from traveling. Not only did they obstruct my right to travel, they violated my right to free speech in an adult, public environment (a bus station).

Zach, the supervisor, not only tried to keep me from getting a ticket, he looked worried that I might try anyway and said, "They are all sold out." He lied. Then he had police/security officers tell me I could not board the next one out of town.

There is no law against using a swear word to say, "I need to get a fucking ticket" when Officers are standing there not only allowing others to block you from bus 1, but then trying to step in while you're in line to buy a ticket.

Not only that, it was sheer harassment with use of police and intimidation. What they did was completely unnecessary and they only did it to try to keep me from buying a ticket.

It happened at the Nashville Greyhound station.

A black man named "Zach", who said he was the supervisor, headed me off, going out of his way to get into my way. He said, supposedly not knowing me, "You already missed your bus." I said, "What bus? I'm going to Knoxville, isn't that the Knoxville bus?" and he said, "Yes and it's leaving now." It was behind schedule and in no hurry to leave. They had just boarded more people who ran in and bought tickets right before I got to the door. He said, "No, sorry, you're not going anywhere." I said, "Can't I get on anyway? I have cash and it will take a minute." He said no and got sort of beligerant and haughty about it so I walked away from him, while he snickered and I said, "Fuck you" and just walked in to try to talk to someone or get a ticket. I never would have said it, if he hadn't made snide comments and let me know he was glad I wasn't able to get on the bus. I had gone online and the time was totally different. And not only that, this idiot KNEW I was trying to take that bus or he wouldn't have made haughty comments to me about how "You missed your bus" in the first place. He was being an asshole and looked worried when I tried to go in to just get a ticket anyway. This man did not WANT me to get on the bus!

So I stood in line and it still took 5 minutes for those buses to leave. I waited and was going to walk out and then I decided, no, I will get a ticket for the next one.

There was 1 person ahead of me the whole time. And a ton of people inside waiting for other modes of transportation so it was unusual for "Zach" to announce I was going to miss my bus. He knows about everyone's business? Or just mine.

Not only did he try to keep me from going in to get a ticket, he tried to DISSUADE me, saying, "There aren't any tickets left."

He was LYING.

There were seats left on that bus. So this idiot not only tried to hold me up from buying a ticket to get on the bus, he lied and said, "They aren't any seats left."

If you don't believe me, watch how many people get off the bus at the next stop the Greyhound makes en route from Nashville to Knoxville.

If you're going to lie to me to try to keep me from getting on a bus, I have every free speech right to mutter a "Fuck You."

So I stood in line, to get a ticket for the NEXT bus, and the doors fling open and these two Security Officers came out swaggering and one got up right to my face. Both of them staring at me, and one got about 6 inches from my face. I was on the phone and said, "I'm in the middle of a call." He said, "You can't talk that way if you want to be here." I said, "What way?" I said, "Okay, I don't need a lecture, I'm just getting a ticket." So this wasn't enough for this guy, Lt. "Trails" (and I didn't see his badge because he took it off so he could have been lying). The other security man was "M. Gambles".

I was trying to just get him out of my way so I said, "Okay, yeah, fine, I'm just getting a ticket" but he continued to talk and provoke me and was right in my face. He started lecturing about courtesy in these parts and on and on and I said, "Do you know what? If you were a real "Southern Gentleman" and knew where YOU were, you would be employing your southern manners when addressing a lady." (or something like that) and he repeated, getting closer to my face, "You will act a certain way where you are..." and I said, "And you, if you knew where YOU were, in the South, renowned for it's manners, would show me some RESPECT."

He looked slightly stilted and then started repeating the same thing AGAIN, and inches from my face, and I said, "I'm just trying to get a fucking ticket."

At that, he said, "She's not riding the bus" and he turned to me and told me to leave. I said, "You cannot obstruct my right to travel and buy a ticket." He said, "You're not buying a ticket and you're not getting on the bus."

I could not believe it. Not only did the first guy "Zach" play dirty and lie to try to keep me from even buying a ticket, he harassed me and then brought out security to harass and try to provoke me.

There was NO cause.

Not to mention, my saying, "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" is not grounds for refusing to allow someone to travel. That would be a violation of free speech. I wasn't cussing him out or being hostile. I said nothing mean or negative to him. After he refused to leave it alone and get away from me, I said in exasperation: "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" and he BLOCKED me from my right to travel.

Then I called for police and they wanted to know my location and name and I thought, "No, there is no way, not until I document in writing exactly what happened and make sure that I document what happened just minutes before this occured too."

Minutes before, while I was walking to the station, this woman in a minivan from Alabama with license plates that said "Crimson Tide" made this huge to-do when someone blasted my left ear as I walked past. I looked over at the this woman driving by at that moment, wondering if it was her and then this other woman in the minivan was watching and noted the whole thing. She knew that it happened. And she was from Alabama. The other woman driving past was from TN and then when I left, I looked back and saw this other woman who had been parked in that location, get out of her car and she was looking back at me and from Michigan. I got their plate numbers. The woman from Alabama is like this ordinary looking mother in a minivan and there is something wrong with her because she knew what happened and played into it. Alabama plates wre 4A90T1 Alabama. The woman driving by when it happened, driving to my left side as this happened to my left ear, was in a vehicle with Nashville plates 695 YJK, or TN plates actually. Then the woman who had been parked there the whole time, probably right there when it happened but I did'nt see her because the other car came around, was in Michigan plates BRQ 8910. When I first looked around, no one could be seen in the carseat, on her side so she may have even ducked. But I walked away after writing down Alabama plates and then looked back and this black woman was getting out of the Michigan plates car and looking at me, and I thought, "How strange, because she's right there where it happened and she ducked so it looked like no one was in the car." This happened at the Walgreen's parking lot off of Charlotte Blvd. and approx. 18th. There was an American Red Cross station set up right there. I'm getting a really weird feeling about some of the people with the American side of Red Cross. They are not all good. Some are military. Check it out. Seriously. I went into a Red Cross drive in Nashville to find myself next to some Army guy and then being tasered or lasered or something. That was months ago, in November or December. Probably Dec. or Jan actually because for the first part of Nov. & Dec. nothing happened. That was when I realized not everyone working for The American Red Cross is a good person and they are not all on the same page either. Some of them engage in, and allow for human experimentation and actually, it crossed my mind when I tried to do the blood drive then, about Diana and what she got into. If anything, the Red Cross had people who also worked in the military who were keeping tabs on her and her interests and research. They are not all "humanitarian." I promise. In Wenatchee, the Red Cross tried to prevent me from even donating blood there. Remember? I blogged about it and the man in charge who was trying to put my blood in a different category or not allow me, was from Virginia.

There are CIA and military within the International Red Cross. Just as there are mafia in law enforcement and the intelligence and FBI fields, and they work together. If they didn't you would never hear about how the CIA hired "So-and-so" hit-man to do their dirty work for them.

In Wenatchee I had a bad experience with Red Cross. And that was after trying to volunteer to work with them too, and they turned me down saying they already had enough volunteers. So I had the weird incidence with collection of my blood in Wenatchee at the Wenatchee Valley Community College where they held the drive. Then, I went to the Red Cross to do a donation for free, in Nashville, TN after I went to a fertility clinic to check about being a surrogate mother (not for free). That's when I had someone hit me with technology there. In their front office. It was all games and I couldn't believe it, because I had thought I would be safe with the Red Cross. Next, I am walking past their little trailer, and this happened to me. What were they doing? Watching me from the inside? I mean, why did someone choose to do this to me in the parking lot of the Walgreen's where the Red Cross trailer was?

These are NOT all "good people." Some of these Red Cross workers are criminals. I am not kidding. They are criminals. Not the majority of course, but there are always bad ones. It was shocking for me to realize this.

So this is what just happened to me. I was assaulted with technology trying to walk to the bus station. Not only that, my workplace, Logan's, had withheld my paycheck from me even though they promised to mail it 2 weeks ago. They never did. I kept calling and asking where it was and then today, they tried to keep me from leaving town, saying, "We will put it in the mail to you and you can get it in a few days."

I said, "No, I was told I would have this money weeks ago and I am leaving today." So they had me sign some things and I would have been there with enough time if someone hadn't assaulted me and I hadn't walked back to write down license plate numbers.

I was on time. Except for being assaulted and then this man "Zach" tried to keep me from getting on the bus even if I tried and I was a little late, by lying and saying "No tickets are left."

I am tired of being obstructed by police or any other private party, from travel. There is no rule at Greyhound, that prevents someone from saying a swear word in an adult setting. I could understand it if someone was going on and on and disturbing the peace but that wasn't the case at all. I was not disturbing the peace--I was trying to buy a ticket.

It was bad enough to go into that workplace and see even one former coworker. They were, hands down, the trashiest and meanest people I've ever had to work with, in my life. In my LIFE!

If there is no "conspiracy" or group agenda, then why does someone who is just some kind of "supervisor" for Greyhound, how does he already know where I'm going, which bus I want to take, and then have a motive to lie about seat availability and then have police-security harass me?

It was uncalled for.

He, "Zach", probably knew the same people back at the Walgreen's, or was part of the same group that was attempting to delay me and assault me to create the delay.

Are they Catholic? I'll bet the woman from Alabama was. I didn't see anyting on her car to indicate this but just ssaying...

Here is a plate of 2 men in a large SUV that were horrible as well: 245 MLB TN. I say horrible, because after this happened at the parking lot with the women, I was trying to walk by and these guys drove by mocking me and laughing about what had just happened. All these people came out to mock and harass me. Today it was all the local Catholics and a few out-of-towners. No one else, aside from American-Jews who tried to use me in D.C., ever have had a motive. There was a Muslim "appearing" woman who drove by as well, who was no good, but just because a woman has a scarf on her head doesn't mean she's Muslim either. Another woman--953 XXV. Just obnoxious.

When I have police popping out of nowhere and then getting in my face and then telling me, "She's not riding the bus" or "You can't buy a ticket!" because I say "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" there is something seriously wrong.

Since when did that Officer run the Greyhound offices? He wasn't a manager there. He thought he could call the shots without talking to anyone else? After HE put himself in my face and personal space and didn't "drop it" but went on and on and on? He knows Jordan (from Logan's Roadhouse). He was just doing a favor for Jordan, not anyone else. And he knew he was provoking me and didn't quit.

The guys over at Logan's figured out I was leaving and they called up some buddies and tried to make it nasty for me. That's my guess, and I might be wrong, but it's not a bad guess at all.

This is not the first time I have been obstructed from travel and it's not because I'm rude, but because they have provoked me and tried to make an excuse. Today, I said "I just need a fucking ticket." In Walla Walla when the woman obstructed my travel, I hadn't said anything at all. She just decided she wasn't going to sell me a ticket.

I am really tired of this.

First someone assaults me to get a reaction going in the first place, and then that's after forcing me into contact with old employees, who I didn't speak to at all. I didn't say "Thank You" and I didn't say "Fuck You". I said nothing and just left. Then I was assaulted by women and then I had a man lying to me and harassing me and then calling in police to intimidate me and provoke me. I had had it.

Maybe my reaction wasn't one of patience, but God alone knows. No, my enemies know too, because they have been a part of this. This woman at the Hutton today didn't want me to leave out of town so soon, while she was typing in directions for The Red Cross. That's what she was typing in today.

If someone doesn't want me to leave, it's because the people who want to play games at my expense, decide they want to control where I go and what I do, to try to force some of their predictions true. I am tired of this. It's not a simple violation of my civil rights, it's criminal.

And do you know what? No one wanted to get my name and address when I called after being assaulted with military technology, but they DID want to get my name and address when I called about being obstructed from travel. Why? Because they don't want to document emergency calls, especially when I have some plates and evidence, but they DO want to document what might sound like "non-emergency" calls.

I wonder why. I just don't know! Maybe someone else knows? Hmmm, I am thinking hard, but I need your help too.

I have a right to buy a ticket to leave town. Period, and if someone stops me or gets in my way and violates my right, they are going to be documented. If that means they get paid off while the rest of the country takes the fall for looking lousy and hypocritical, maybe the good people should go after the ones that think they are gaining favor by screwing me over. They're screwing over the country and its reputation, not mine.

I have been typing at the Best Western and someone has been here using something on me the whole time, and the only guys hre were a cook who is not here now, and some guy named "Cameron" who was talking about being in the military. Since he's been here, someone has used technology that affects my heart in a pressure sort of way. There is no one to my left or to my right, and it has to be from the area right above me.

My mom said "it's everywhere now" but that's only how it gets when enough of the same people rally up to do it all at once and track me everywhere to make it sound, if even for a weekend, like it's every single place I go to, and therefore less "plausible". It's not implausible and the same people who forced me to leave the bus station knew I would then document what had happened online. There are not that many places to go or guesses to make.

People have used me for mind control research and also just out of gangster animosity and they mixed it up with people they know. The only people with a motive are Catholic and a few Jewish-American. No one else has a real motive unless it's research.

I had no problems at all when I worked for businesses that were not U.S. owned, either. I had no problems at the secured BP site in Blaine, WA. None. And that was after people were saying I was nuts. I wasn't nuts at all. And I had some protection when I worked at BP. There were not just some U.S. people there either, but international people.

The only places I've had problems are Wenatchee, a few Catholics in Canada, and then in TN, but only after the first month and right up to the Wedding, and in an area where people can move in and out and not be noticed (from other states) because they can look like tourists, and in a Catholic-Jewish dominated neighborhood. These are the only places I've ever had any problems. Oh, and Portland, Oregon-Mt. Angel where it all started. There are long periods where I found safety working for certain companies. Who maybe wouldn't have tolerated or allowed certain things to happen to me or my son.

My son has been used by the CIA already. He is in huge trouble and has been assaulted by mafia working for and with CIA. I am not lying. They've tried to turn him into a mind control project, at a young age and attempted to block me from protecting him.

My Dad has photos with cuts on his neck, my son has slices off his face, and I had very real images of someone beating up my mother and it wasn't my Dad. People deny things are happening if and when they are not safe. They deny because they are afraid worse might happen or no one will believe them. I don't deny it anymore and I'm on a fine line between reporting all the incidences at the moment they occur and being hauled into the loooney bin to shut me up.

It doesn't matter. Each and every incident will be documented. Maybe not with 911 in Knoxville, but if it's not 911 other state and fed people don't hear it. If it's only local it's easier to have buried, but I will document every single call to local there and if I don't have work I'm not staying in this state. Why stay here if I don't have work?

I asked this guy what is directly above, the one who works in military. Oh, this guy Cameron says he graduated with criminal justice.

So the plan was to chase me from the Greyhound station to the graduate of criminal justice. I asked him what is above this computer sttation and he said rooms were above. Someone keeps using a slow pulsing laser type thing, that puts a feeling of weight on you and comes in strong and then lets up and goes strong, stronger, and lets up, it's like a slow pulse.

Now this black man came over to tell me to get off bc I'm not registered. He's wearing a tie and white shirt and glasses and making a big deal now "to do maintenance" on the computer.

Something was going on here. And this guy Cameron needs to be checked out along with the black man in dreds, who is wearing a blue shirt and behind the counter to greet guests. It may have been him and he was here the whole time and facing me more than Cameron was.

assault and floor plan & persons

The same woman is behind me as was the other day when someone did something. She works at the cafe early mornings, after 7:30 or so. She is behind this computer and other attendants sit on the other side of a wall in front of me.

Because someone did something from an upstairs location I went to the 2nd floor and immediately above this station is a parking lot with an ashtray where anyone can stand and smoke outdoors (and do whatever else they want). The next one, 3rd floor, is a similiar parking lot and has construction materials laid out. Then, 4th floor and above, to the left of the elevators going in and to the right going out of the elevator, there are rooms, some which were occupied, others were not. There is also a barrista espresso area kitty corner which is possibly almost above the computer, I don't know if a room or if the espresso facilities are above.

It just happened right now and I believe it's an attendant on the other side of the wall. The barrista cafe woman downstairs is turned the other direction when it happened. So it's most likely a man who acts as greeter on the 1st floor. When I went to the coffee stations on the floors, a couple of times someone used technology and it's only possible if there were others above or below, or most likely to the side or across the hall.

The 13th floor is a penthouse only accessible though one of the elevators. It may extend across and over or under other rooms top or bottom, but I don't know the layout.

Once, while on the 7th floor, a woman named Angela, who was training a black woman wearing black and white with no name tag, I was in the cafe room and someone pulsed something and I looked out and she was the one closest and getting into the elevator. She had proximity, but since it happened at a couple of other stations, so did possibly other workers who have access to the rooms and maybe guests.

I know for a fact that some of the people here did this. They have to be workers or employees, some of them, because of the consistency in my being targeted when it's just me on the computer and then quitting when another person comes up to use one next to me.

They have no problem doing this to me, but quit before doing it to someone else.

There were 3 men as concierges or at the desks across from this computer. One woman at the cafe behind me and then the open spaces immediately above this computer on the other floors. I didn't check to see what might be below, but someone targeted my head on the right side of my head and that had to be from an upper story. And yes, it happened.

I want the people doing this to me and my son, caught and jailed.

I will write down the plates of some white guys who knew and were in on what happened to me at McDonalds yesterday when I have a chance.

Here it is. Enemies of me are enemies of my son and you are getting caught. Sucks to get caught, doesn't it?

Yesterday, one of the places where I was assaulted, briefly or not, with technology, I was able to track anyone involved and who had the interest in my reaction. 4 young white men came into the McDonald's. They were all together and then there was a black employee by the name of Tyrone. It was Tyrone, a black man wearing a bright yellow tee that was selling papers, or these 4, or a combination, also a black man who was there in a blue t-shirt and some hat that said Army but I wasn't thinking it was him because of this. They all acknowledged eachother but when I had someone use technology, Tyrone made a show by moving to one side and watching me and when it happened I immediately turned my head to look at the 4 white guys and sure enough, they were the ones interested in what my reaction was. They didn't have the technology on them, they were making sure it happened. I noticed them watching and when I went outside, I saw the man in yellow come out from the side of the restaurant, outside but that's where he came out from. One of the guys, who was wearing a "camelback" backpack, walked out to him later and gave him money (for a paper is what we think). With him was a young man wearing a t-shirt that said "10" and Ambassador on it. These 4 white guys were very clearly involved in my life and trying to get something out of using me. Their plate for Tennessee is 559 MZZ. I believe one of them was driving another sedan with Ohio plates but they decided to pile into one car. The Ohio plate number was FGHT4IT. They were parked side by side and when I was walking before I got to the McDonald's, the Ohio car passed me with some guys and they were all harassing and I noticed their plates even then and almost wrote it down. Then, when I went outside the McD's, I saw the same car with the same plates right there and it was white guys like the ones that got into the other car. The one with dirty blond hair and longish, with the camelback backpack was the one paying the "homeless" man for a paper. Tyrone, the black man who works there was there on the same day I got the bad Pancake Platter. He was in the back and I remember him. About the time they were going to leave, a hispanic or latino or ethnic looking man pulled up in a newer black SUV to smirk. I had an impression he knew the white guys. I am almost positive the Ohio sedan belonged to these guys because I didn't see any other group of men in the McD's that matched the same ones who drove by me whom I noticed because of how they were mocking me. I think they either swapped cars or had two. One went to the driver's side to go in and had his hand on the driver's door and then switched and went to the other vehicle. I had said to him in the store, when he put up his shoe in my face as I was walking by and kept doing things to offend me, I said to him, "Sucks when you get caught doesn't it?" They hadn't even made their assault on me yet. He froze. He was guilty as a _________. You call it. Then he sat down with his friends while the guys they pay did what they did.

Now, I'm going to expose who did something to me at the BP off of Rosa Parks Blvd and it involved a police officer. The officer was a Sgt. Campbell, or officer Campbell. The worker or employees at the BP were a black woman and a white man and the white man was extremely unhappy when I went out and took plate numbers off a white BMW where a professional white guy had nodded off to the Officer when I was being targeted while just standing there trying to warm up something I bought at a different store.

The officer that kept passing me and laughing, had TN plates GV 7761. He had dark brown hair and was younger, average build. Then, the next guy, officer came by and made a false "nod" as if for approval when he was insincere. The next cop I saw was at the BP but actually, I think he was the one who passed me on the heels of GV 7761. He had the same face and was overweight and he passed me to then park at the BP. When I got out to microwave my food there, as may have been expected, he walked over and stood behind me. I had no problems with anything when I was standing there until he stood behind me. Whether he was just enabling the workers and employees already there, I don't know. But he was in on it. The other people there were a black woman closest to where I was standing, and a white guy who just looked like he couldn't stand me. Then I noticed the Officer nodding off to a man who came in, who also nodded off to the white employee. He knew what was going on. He drove a white BMW with plates 467 ZRL (TN). He was a white man with brown hair, clean cut and professional. I went out to get his plate number and he made a pretense of innocence asking me to come over to his window and I stared at him, put my wrists together behind my back after taking down his plates and walked past him without a word.

This was extremely upsetting and disturbing to the white male employee who was involved with him and the officer. The officer also got very uncomfortable when the white employee looked over the cop, nervous.

Then the cop moved away from me and started saying to the black female employee loudly, started talking about how all he's doing these days is chasing down gangs and street kids. He even said something about dirty cops. He was going on and on about it and I finally said, "It's usually the people driving BMW's that are the gangsters, not kids, and it's the cops who talk about the dirty cops who are usually dirty themselves."

He left.

Frankly, if I'd had handcuffs on me, I would have made a citizen's arrest on his ass.

He drove a Nashville police car with the plate number 4213 and the number on his vehicle was 7272.

Why was he there? to be the first responder on the scene if I reported someone using "technology" on me? Yeah, cause he's the one I would need in an emergency.

My Dream about Cartright (being assaulted effects)

Yesterday everything was shut down for the holiday and it wasn't a lot of fun. There were some decent people around, but a whole bunch of others ganged together and were so obnoxious and harrassing--a LOT of people in from Virginia and then some other states too.

Today is calmer, I can already tell.

I was assaulted several times with technology yesterday but not on an ongoing basis. I went to this courtyard with trees and table and chair and did some reading but after about an hour, I left to get something to drink, and when I went back, someone started using something on me.

I caught one group of guys doing this, or a part of it, at a BP station and also at a McDonalds. I was followed, en pointe, to every single location I went to. I am not kidding.

Then I went to chapel and again, someone using technology and since no one was really in the same room I realized it was someone in the laundry room or, when the car started right outside the wall next to me, and things quit, I thought it could have been from someone across from me in the car.

It was all the time.

I felt concerned for my family and there were a lot of nasty CIA in town too. For what? memorial holiday? I also felt there was some rejoicing by a group, that I had not been able to get documents or a motion out yet, for some legal things, which I have yet to do.

I have people obstructing me from getting proof and documentation that I've been repeatedly medicated and drugged.

This morning is the first morning, since at least 2-3 weeks before "The Wedding" in April, that I noticed some normal hair starting to grow back. I've been checking every single day. But now it's thinner.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever I was drugged and I actually think it was either done at my workplace OR at the Holiday Inn Express before I went to McDonalds for pancakes that one day. This was the same day the English-accented man was clapping his hands together after I drank something from the hotel, when I think people were getting nervous about what I might write about and what I could "ruin" for them.

I was drugged that day.

I was very heavily drugged and I knew it on the day it happened. There were only 3 possibilities: McDonald's Pancake platter (something in the eggs or something), the Holiday Inn Express (where I was getting tea and a group of about 8 people were standing around, all professionals and highly observant of me...I had to fill up a little container with water and left the spot, leaving them there next to it, to get more water. All anyone had to do, was put something in the canister, which had an open lid where I was pouring fresh water). And then work. I believe I was given something while I worked at Logan's, but I don't think it's what happened on that day. I noticed feeling odd right after Holiday Express and especially McD's (where I went next).

I blogged about it, because I knew I'd been doped up. And then sure enough, the very next day, the hair that grows everyday wasn't there.

If I am coming out from the influence of medications and drugs, it's been extremely slow. For this to have affected my hair growth and horomones this long, means it's something very long-acting. The problem is, the hair is so much thinner now, I still know I have some kind of drug in my system.

If I go to the hospital, in this State, they just throw me in the nuthouse, potentially, without even doing a CBC. My enemies have made it impossible for me to prove what is happening.

I woke up this morning at about 4 a.m. or maybe even earlier.
Last night I had a dream about James Cartright and his wife and my son. It's the first time I've had a dream about any of them. I don't think about them.

In the dream, I ran into James, and throughout the whole dream, everything was dark. It was dark lighting everywhere. And it was an uneasy dream, like a shadow dream, where my situation was taken seriously for once.

At first it was just me I think. All of a sudden I had my son in my arms. I could feel how much he weighed and in my dream he was a boy, and I felt the weight of a 5 year old. Someone had left him in the middle of the night, with me. My son had a huge bruise and scabbed over gash on his forehead. It was on the left side of his head. In the dream I wondered what had happened and I was in present-time, with time being as it is now. I wondered, in my dream, if my aunt and uncle left him with me for safety, after he had been beat up. I wondered if it was enemies, finally done with him and dumping him off, to be with me at last. I didn't know where the rest of my family was but I guessed in hiding and that they wanted my son to be safe.

James was there and I can't exactly remember if he was with me before they left my son with me, or if he showed up afterwards.

When I had my son in my arms, and he was tired, I was next to James and he said we could stay at his house, for refuge. He said to stay low, or lay low, whatever that saying is. There was nothing romantic about it. He saw that my son had been beat up and I was only thinking of my son. We were downstairs and it wasn't a glamorous house, it was a regular house, spacious but ordinary. There were stairs that went up the side and his wife came down. They were together, living in the house and she said, "Hi, how are you, I"m _____" and then I said, "I'm Came...o" and then she froze and James shook his head, upset because he hadn't wanted me to say my name and in the dream she already knew who I was and froze up and said, "You can't stay here." If I'd kept my mouth shut, we could have stayed.

So I thought, what are we going to do. And then she saw my son and saw that his head had been bloodied. She stood next to me and reached over and put her fingers through his hair to see how bad it was in the back of his head because he had the cut or bleeding on his forehead but also in the back of the head, under the hair. She saw this and changed and she realized we had been in danger. After examining his head and having some sympathy, she changed her mind and decided to try to help. Not for me, but because she saw what was going on with my son.

Then, James started writing something down. Instructions of some kind. I remember they was something important about it when I was dreaming but can't recall what. It was written on a desk or some kind of surface downstairs. Next my son and I were on a bus or something but I don't remember, maybe just outside and meeting some other people.

Then, it was like my son was going to stay with me but everything was precarious and I didn't know where I was going to get work or stability. I can't remember everything, but at one point, we were walking back to the house where James and his wife were, and then I looked back because for a split second I didn't have my eyes on him and he had an umbrella with him. In the dark, at night, I turned and he was a few paces behind me and I said, "Where's your umbrella?" and I realized someone had swiped it in the middle of the night and they were still picking on him. I realized he needed more vigilance and that we were still being harassed and followed by someone and then I went back with him to see if the umbrella had been dropped, and instead, we found a pink ribbon, like a tie for a little girl's hair, and something else but I can't remember what. I only remember the pink ribbon on the dirt or walkway, and that someone stole my son's umbrella. It was lying in a straight or wavy line, not in a bow or anything.

So I picked him up in my arms again, feeling his full 5 year old weight, and we walked towards James's house. And then I woke up.

I woke feeling not very good about the legal situation and knowing I am at a severe disadvantage, when I cannot even prove I've been medicated and doped up. I don't have anything documented and some of my records have been withheld and I don't have evidence that I need, which is there, but I don't have it. I asked for some medical records and some things have not come in. I have to get them all over because someone has repeatedly stolen them, making it impossible for me to prove clear-cut motives. I also don't have some timelines and things in writing that I want to have in writing.

I wasn't thinking about any interpretation when I woke but now that I write it out I suppose I hope that some people realize my situation with my son has been serious and that they might put aside dislike to be fair to my son. If they only knew. I also guess, maybe the umbrella in the dream symbolized either people repeatedly stealing toys and things from my son, or that his protection was missing. And maybe someone stole his protection for themselves. The song "Umbrella" by Rihanna sort of comes to my mind.

It wasn't raining in the dream, at any point. It was just always nighttime and someone was always in the shadows.
I didn't have any problems with anything here at the hotel, the Hutton, until I started writing about my dream. Then the cafe opened, which wasn't open before, and I had the heating up thing start off and on. I also had someone do something from the floor above me, immediately above this computer, which is PC3, the one to the right not the left (left one is broken).

I don't know what is directly above this PC, on the floor above.

I'm not making it up and it happened a couple of times last time I was here.

It's not psychic work, and it's not me being delusional either, it's technology. I know it is just like I knew I had been medicated and doped up and found out the next day, that my body was evidencing this. My period was significantly lighter than usual, on top of everything. This only happens when I'm doped up on crap.

Otherwise, naturally, my hormone levels are normal and my periods are always normal as well.

Monday, May 30, 2011

James Cartright Ousted By Catholic Agenda

James Cartright should have had the post.

The reason he doesn't is becaue Leon Panetta wanted to squeeze into The Pentagon and squeeze him out.

Obama's entire line up has been Catholic and there is nothing that Cartright did that was "afoul" of the military. Even if I've talked about him, barely, it was personal and has nothing to do with how well he does his job.

If anything, he did a better job trying to protect people than anyone else and the simple fact that he might be connected to my name was enough to get Catholic zealots against him.

There was more than a "whispering" campaign. There was a concentrated effort to root him out. And it's Catholics behind it, and they are the ones advising Obama. More Catholics have come into power since Obama, to the exclusion of other good nominees, than in history.

Not only that, guess who the strategist has been in fighting the wars and keeping the country safe? It was Cartright.

Cartright also advocated for less troops, and less loss of lives, in the Middle East.

Panetta wants blood and to kill and he will bring in people next to him, that he perceives will not get "info" on him.

Panetta didn't want Cartright involved in his special sessions because Panetta doesn't trust Cartright. Why not? Because Panetta is afraid that some of the crap he pulls shouldn't be noticed by anyone who had a "fling" with his group's enemy.

Panetta has supported fellow Catholics that have tortured and terrorized me and my son. He and others in top ranks in intelligence, have protected eachother and no one else.

The last couple of days, yesterday especially, I was harassed to no end by CIA and Catholic out-of-staters and then they had police positioned at The Catholic Center, which I was forced to walk past when the bus driver didn't stop to pick me up. I came up to this building and crossed to the other side of the street, not wanting to be anywhere near, and then 2 police officers in 2 separate cars came out of their parking lot and pulled me over to ask about my claim I was tortured.

I said if they had wanted to do something, they could have assisted me over an hour ago.

Panetta is going to bring the military and country down, not up, and I don't think Obama is getting good advice about who to switch up into things.

I can have a personal issue with someone and still see whether or not they are doing a good job with the military.

I think this is why I was having the bad feeling I was having.

I had a very bad feeling about something, and this is it. It started before Obama's tour and I knew something was wrong and it's that something was wrong behind closed doors. England knows it.

I hope he and his family just take off and help me and my son with what they know is going on, from a safe place. I don't care, I know when something is wrong.

By the way, I had someone using technology while I was at this computer at The Hutton. Until this woman came over and then someone quit. It's, I believe, one of the workers.

Yep. I looked him up. He's Catholic. Martin Dempsy is Catholic.

Obama was advised to skip over James Cartright, the person who should have had the job, and it went to Dempsy, who is a worse sadist than Hitler.

Dempsy has only been on staff since April 11. He moved into the line up knowing Panetta was going to recommend him. Ray Odierno,...I'll have to look the others up in a minute. Someone quit using the technology over here now, at the Hutton. But if it happens again, I'll note it up. It's 10:39 a.m. right now.

We have Panetta, at the top of The Pentagon, and then Obama moving in another Catholic, Dempsy, whom Panetta and Biden wanted. They intentionally organized things to shift to put this man Dempsy in power and one look at his photo tells me, "Cruel". He's not a good person but they put him next to Panetta because Panetta wants to keep his affairs within his Catholic church and The Vatican.

I think Cartright and his family should seriously consider a move to another country. I knew it. I knew it was Catholics because like I said, and blogged, after I first wrote something, they had a HEY DAY over here and wanted to egg it on and encourage it and when I saw this, I got disgusted. So they get their group to harass and provoke me, hoping I'll say worse, when it's their group that is totally power-hungry and corrupt and doing favors for eachother and none of the American people. They will put people at the front lines to kill them off, in their own country.

Obama has been looking depressed besides. Aside from an energetic shaking of hands in France, which looked at least like a good warm up to something, he has become less sure of himself. He came into office with some solidity and lately, comes across as depressed and not as self-sure. Whoever has been writing his speeches, some of them, is saying the same thing in a lot of them too, "about "we've been friends for a long time now."

Obama is less sure of himself, because he's been listening to Biden and Biden is not his friend. He may be VP and a political punch, but you need to start thinking about politics and think about the past, if you are going to frame your future. In the past, brothers and sisters killed eachother over the throne. Human nature has not changed and we have not evolved. We hide things, those of us who are corrupt, with more sophisticated technology, but that's it. Those of us who are not corrupt are always up against the same thing--money, pride, religion. You don't even KNOW who your friends are if you are in an elevated position. Your best friend may be the worst and most self-interested rat and you wouldn't know because you have never been down long enough to even find out who stands next to you, who splits, and who starts putting the cash into their bank account after pretending to be your best friend and bringing you down.

There are people who get close to you only to find out what's going on and have an angle for their larger group.

Obama has lost self-confidence because he is listening to others talk and not praying and trying to hear God himself. This means, as President, he should be cleaning his plate in the morning, to be on his knees or prostrate before God and turn off the cell phone. This means his wife does the same thing and that people who are advisors or got close through the journey, are put on hold while they make themselves the best possible receptacles for hearing the voice of God as possible. And gain strength from the christian brothers and sisters they left behind, who prayed for them and their souls and the country, and quit listening to the same people who all happen to be part of the same group: Regis, Biden, Panetta, Dempsy...what do these guys have in common? One powerfully corrupt church and no, the crusades are not over because my son and I have been living it in the U.S. because these people have blocked and obstructed justice.

They are ruining the country. Obama doesn't look happy at all and it makes me wonder if he and his family are suspeptible to torture and bribes and have been having to do what they're told to do.

I don't think he is pleased with some of his own choices, actually, and that's from reading his face. Every President grays in office, but getting depressed happens when you're trying to do the right thing but the wrong people have taken power and influence and you lose the focus and alignment with God.

If you are aligned correctly, you are not going to get depressed.

You might cry and have some bad days, but you are still going to keep the alignment and when you stand up against those who try to push you a certain direction, and if you lose, even if you LOSE, you are still aligned with God.

Who do you want to be aligned with? criminals and sadists? who pretend to be religious while they act like a mafia? Or God and your family and the people who love you and depend upon you to make choices that are in the best interests of everyone and not just special interests?

This is exactly what I saw from the Catholics, over here in Tennessee, GLEE. Glee when I said a word about Cartright. And I was right. The same Catholics that harassed me every day in passing who were collected in the same area, and who tortured me while I was at work and got protection from it by both jewish-american and Catholic friends, were giddy GIDDY when I started to trash Cartright.

You want a strategist?

Pick me.

I'll tell you who the fucking rats are. As much as this is an exaggeration, I have an eye for what is going down and I called it and I called it right. Months ago.

It's Catholics.

They are the problemo.

And no, I'm not saying I don't give credit to good people, or those doing good, whoever they may be, and from whatever religion, but this group has HAD it IN for me.

Look something up for me.

993 HNP Tennessee. This should be a Bronco, older style, on big wheels. This vehicle, which was parked next to me yesterday as some kind of memorial, is the same approximate make, year, model, of car that the teenage boys from Mt. Angel, Oregon, were driving when they tried to run me off the road in 2001. That was 2001. It's 10 years later, and there are Catholics still making something of the past and using it against me. They decided to hate me and have gone after me no matter what state I go to. This vehicle was driven by teenage Catholic boys or young men, who stole my signs and ran off into Abbey property when I was sitting in a public place, legal for protest. They cut a corner so close to my chair that it tipped over and I called police.

There is a police report in Mt.Angel, Oregon, for this incident. This is when I found out the catholic religious in Mt.Angel were the first to try to smear me in police records and hoped I wouldn't know about it. They put me under "investigation" and "surveillance" by making false claims about me while their own group harassed me, sliced my car tires, brought in people to pose as friends and get close to me, and get information on my family.

The guys driving the Bronco, would stalk me and pass back and forth. I moved. I moved all the way over to Wenatchee, Washington, from Oregon.

Someone started parading the same style, make, year, of Bronco around Wenatchee and even a few from Mt. Angel paid a visit once or twice. They were Catholic and it was like this ongoing theme to just have their group notice and feel they were winning something. They had people in Wenatchee start to defame me with no cause, who were directly related to the people that started things against me in Oregon.

Then, I go all the way over to NASHVILLE and who parks the same Bronco there as I sat and notice all these Catholics driving by looking at this particular vehicle and laughing and getting off on it? On this Bronco, the woman driving it had a christian fish, a "Lipscomb" sticker, and other stickers about ruling and catholicism. I walked over to get the plates bc I was onto the game or amusment, but I didn't even notice the stickers until I was closer. I wasn't going to assume it had anything to do with the Catholic church, but just as I said I noticed the Catholic community getting off on my trashing Cartright (so they could put someone who would cover their butts in and promote the RCC from within), I noticed that the same kinds of Catholics felt really amused by the Bronco. So I got up closer and sure enough, beaded crucifixes and mary memorabilia hanging from the rearview mirror.

Sorry, but the game is over.

These people have brought in one party after the other, to torture and terrorize me and my son and try to make a mental illness schick stick. They were the ones who started it and even if they had some Jewish who secretly wanted to encourage it, they were still the ones with the most to lose if I proved collusion to defame me to such degree that they were enabled to even torture me and my son without penalty.

I have met plenty of Catholics with great personalities. Guess what? great personalities combined with zealous political and religious motives, goes hand in hand. They are not going to be people you don't like. They might be those who like the most. But they will reel you in and at the last moment, cut you loose, and hope that no one discovers the original motive for reeling you in the first place.

This country has allowed all KINDS of stereotyping about Muslims and their beliefs and profiling fundamentals in their religion, and not done ONE thing about fundamental Catholics who have people in high places covering for them. Why? because it's Catholics at the top, making the rules and passing the laws and keeping it all safe and tight within their own circle and then handing down the other jobs, selectively, to others.

Here's a story. There is a story in the Old Testament about how this man who was a brother invited all these people into his house, and he came out weeping. Not just a little sad that all these people had died, but fully weeping. He was so good at his act, in crying and looking like he shared in their sorrows, that they believed his HEART was for their own heart. They believed his sympathies with their own sympathies. And then as soon as they trusted him and saw him weeping and went to help eachother, he took out his sword and drove it into their backs. As a huge army jumped out from hiding to also attack the others and take control.

Trusting those with a good personality and who appear to have a good heart or sentiments that are shared, is not the recipe to discovering what the truth is.

You have to listen to people that have been maligned and lied about, falsely imprisoned, and defamed and shot up with medications they don't need, to figure out what the motives are.

One minute, it's me, next, it's your family and your job, and after that, it's this entire country.

I want an investigation into public corruption by a Protestant FBI person and I want immediate 24-7 surveillance and protection of my son, by Protestants (from birth and with families from birth).

I am not lying and I am not mentally ill.

I would like to share what I know, what has been done to me.

Lasered So They Get What They Want & 29th Circle Wedding

Yesterday I did not have any problems all day--it was a great break, and everyone bad went the other direction, until afternoon. Then I was sitting at a bus stop and someone used something while driving by and I didn't have time to get all the plates. A woman sitting next to me wasn't doing it, but she was partly involved.

None of this involvement with military and gangster technology, is "God" and all attempts to use this to cause me to turn, move seats, change direction, and make someone happy about where I was forced to move to, will come back upon their heads.

The entire day everything was fine, yesterday, and then, once again, some group felt I was out of their control or not doing what they thought would happen, so they used technology on me while I sat at the bus stop and had the bus driver pass without stopping, to provoke me.

The bus driver who didn't stop, was the one driving the #7 bus at 1:45 p.m. from Green Hills mall across from the Walgreen's. I was assaulted and then 5 minutes later, while I was trying to write down plates of sedans and vehicles passing by, the bus driver intentionally drove off, leaving me there to wait another hour, which wasn't time I had when I was trying to leave town.

The woman who had been sitting next to me was hispanic and she knew what was going on because when the people she knew in the cars drove by, doing what they did, she put on an act as if she were the one. And she wasn't. I called for police and they arrived about an hour later, so it was pointless.

Then, I walked all the way back and took a shower and washed my hair because I'd had to walk several miles in the sun. I stopped at one point along my walk, to get water to refill in my water bottle and I didn't want to go all the way through a store or restroom. I asked God where a water fountain was and then I didn't know but thought, just go to Ben & Jerry's, and I did, and there was a water fountain right there. I've never been there before. I filled up with water and kept walking and knew too, that I had been intentionally forced to miss my bus and walk because some group had wanted this to happen to say, "And then she went to the Ben & Jerry's just like I predicted." I knew this, because earlier that day I walked past a scribbled out writing of a child or that looked like a child's and then I was at this water fountain and above it was the exact same thing, with less writing. It was the exact same style.

Not only had someone provoked me to be on my cell phone screaming and crying about again being assaulted and being fed up with it, which just made me look bad, they intentionally had me miss my bus.

When I saw the child's writing there, it was just another confirmation that I am being used and exploited and my son is not safe in this country as long as I continue to be asaulted and no one is held accountable, we are not safe.

It was the only time it happened yesterday--at the bus stop. I went to the library after the gym, to check email and then I asked this one guy if he was in the military because I already knew he was. He was the one with the guitar I'd wanted to stop. Even if he hadn't been wearing military stuff, I would have known. He said he was retired and I asked what he did and he said, "Coast Guard" and I said, "Right. And black ops." And he couldn't keep a straight eye to my eye when he tried to deny it. He said, "No," and I said, "Oh, okay." and walked out ahead of him already knowing I was right, and then I went to the Symphony center because I had read there was music that night, free concerts. But I got there and opened the door that, as it turned out, a large vase of red roses faced. I then moved to the left side of the counter where security was and he said it was last week but check the Country Music of History Hall building. So I smelled one of the roses and then went to the other building, walking through the door with white lilies facing. I asked what it was for, and they said it was a private event and I smelled the lilies, but they weren't as fragrant as the Madonna Lilies my Granny has talked about (they named one of their daughters, who died at birth, Madonna Joy, after the Madonna Lily).

I went to the gift store and looked around briefly and there was some video with a guy in military uniform on (hat with brim and military uni) and then I decided to walk past other doors and go to the stairs leading up. Someone started vaccumming. I hate being around people cleaning, in front of me, so everyone already knows this, and if anything, my curiosity was piqued more because I had a feeling they started the vaccuum for no good reason. I was halfway up the stairs when they started.

I got to the top, and it was a wedding party. I was already on the phone with Granny as I was walking up the stairs so I was chatting to her and then I walked in and thought, "What in the world did I just walk into?" and it was a wedding and they were taking photos. Instead of leaving I moved into the room and to face the bride and groom. I guess I ended up directly in front of the groom, where I was standing.

They faced me and I stood there, talking to Granny, and by myself. Everyone else was milling about and as Granny said, "Where are you?" I had just told her, "I just walked past all these white lilies that made me think of the Madonna lily you were telling me about and then I stopped and I was narrating my entrance, "Live", to Granny, "and now...oh my gosh, I am in some kind of room and there is a wedding and it's a circle room and, it says, "The Circle Be Unbroken" and then I looked again because the words around the room, at the top, were all mixed together, and I said, "Will the Circle be unbroken..." and at that moment, my cell phone died.

I was stunned because on the 29th, one month earlier, I had flushed my lovely thong down the toilet and didn't want to break it up when I saw it was in a circle. And then I had blogged "I ddeeeedn't brAKE thuh Cieeercle!" and then I kept thinking, "why in the world did I write that?" I didn't break WHAT circle and so I was online, of course, trying to figure out why this came to mind.

One month later, I was walking into a wedding on the 29th and standing across from the groom as he just stared and she looked fine at first and then sort of pissed. He just stared at me, not knowing me and I stood there thinking, "And this is how I was betrayed." It was like a symbolic walking-in-on your husband in bed with some other woman and it didn't have anything to do with them, but a community. On one hand I felt like I was walking into my community and then on the other hand, like they had betrayed me too. It just felt weird. Especially when then my phone ran out of charge at "Will the circle be unbroken..." and I'm standing there. I didn't feel depressed or have any weird emotions--it was someone else's wedding, but it was still odd. And then after the phone died, I stood there and looked to my left at some placard that said "Marty" which basically made me think of a Back To The Future theme that had been running all day. There were other little names I noticed. But I walked out and the usher said, "Hello" and it was fine, no disruption, they were just taking photos. I only glanced a moment. I saw "Robert, bill, marty, smith" and those were the names I remember behind me. I wonder what the names of the Bride and Groom are. I don't know. This woman taking the photos looked oddly familiar to me for some reason.

And then I walked down the stairs and looked back to see a few men gaping at me and I felt stunned myself and threw both my arms up in an "I don't know! don't look at me!" way and walked out the door.

The next sign I came to, after leaving, was "Remember the past, in order to plan for the Future."

Something like that. I came to it right after leaving, and it was posted or engraved on the side of a building to the right of the bus station. I then walked back. For whatever reason, I felt great. I mean, really great. Even though I had lowered myself by screaming after being provoked and other things, I felt great energy. I got a lot of verses of encouragement too. Everything was about choices. I mean, every single verse, without fail. Choosing not because something is great but few in number or weak. I don't want to get into it exactly. Chosen Frozen stuff. Then I read how Festivus betrayed Paul by leaving him in jail 2 years and hoped he would get a bribe but never did and although he liked Paul, he left him there and didn't try to help him out. It said, "He did it as a favor to the Jews." I thought about political favors that people do for eachother and how many injustices to me and my son, on this account. Because of greed and wanting to gain political favor rather than do what is right in the eyes of God.

Then, after roll call, there was no chapel and I asked God, after praying for all the countries and general stuff (which felt very full of the Holy Spirit), I prayed that now I would be directed to something that had nothing to do with me but was just something for me to know or read that would make Him happy that I read. So this is where I think I am off my rocker and that I need to pray more than do the "random" stuff because I ended up in Leviticus about "discharges". When someone is clean or unclean. (after, I might add, having grabbed a Neutrogena "Clean" conditioner that night). I just thought, "Of all things. Man's emissions and women's menstrual cycles". Sometimes I think my Bible is blessed and then I wonder what voodoo devil put their hands on it and screwed it up. So I am reading this, thinking, "Thank goodness we are in the NT now and don't have to wash and wait 7 days to be clean every single time blah blah blah..." and then this woman walks into the room saying loudly, "DOES ANYONE HAVE A PAD? I'm on my PERIOD and I need a PAD. I can't use tampons."

I should have said, "You unclean thing! How dare you enter my chambers so discharged!"

Anyway. I was sitting there, burying my head. And um, yeah, someone can testify to the fact that I was reading Leviticus and what section because this other woman came to my bedside and looked over at my Bible to see where I had turned to. And then she went back to her bed and this other woman busts through the door with her menstrual issue.

I actually thought, "How did she know I was reading this?"

Anyway, some things to keep to myself. Then I read another section too. But anyway, the point of that is lost on me. Obscure.

Anyway, I then went on to read other passages.

This morning I ended up reading about one thing and then psalms, and Oh! it was great because I read about direction. How David said to the Lord, "Where shall I go?" and God told him, "To Hebron." I think I read that last night or this morning early. And then I read about, at random, Aaron's ephod this morning, was the last thing I read. The description of the ephod, worn at times when making a request for direction to God. How there were yellow ropes and tassles and hooks for securing the front and back together and 12 stones enscribed with names of tribes, to remember when praying for their direction. Rows with jewels, in 4 rows (I think) with rubies, topaz, and ___ on the first top row, and turquoise, emeralds, sapphires 2nd, and I don't remember the rest from memory.

At any rate, when I read all this war stuff, I don't think about Israel vs Egypt and that kind of thing. I think about it as people who are trying to hear God and then their enemies. no matter who they are. And I prayed for good people, even those who suffer or are captured, or who capture others, to think about, instead of brutality, justice. Whatever that means, to be good in heart and have a new interest in God and to have stronger relationships and trust that they can have a real relationship with Him.

When you read about all the rules and laws for going to God through the priest, you start to realize how freedom in coming to God on your own, through Christ, is not something to take so lightly.
I prayed for a sponsor. And for my family and just general things.

And then today I had someone use technology on me in the dollar store for a short time when only 4 people were there, at about 8:30-8:45 while I stood at the microwave heating my breakfast, and then again on the bus and I was forced to move to the back because of it. I think there is something here too, where I'm at, which is why I'm leaving in a minute, but it's not strong. Just annoying.

I can tell.
Also, I am sure Obama or one of his camera crew guys is psychic.

And yes, her profile is exactly like my Grandma Dolores's when she was younger, and wearing glasses. It's uncanny. Really, really, weird.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1 Interesting Thing

1 interesting thing happened and I was offended at first but then thought anything that directs to reading scripture is good.

So I don't care what games are played, I asked God to help me and I have faith He will. I sometimes have to stop and redirect myself and pray to figure out what I'm to do.

It's not easy for anyone, but I'm sure God might give extra grace (or a double portion) to those who are tortured and medicated needlessly. I don't know...y'think?

I spent 3 weeks trying to get help or assistance from torture advocacy agencies in the U.S. and not one was decent. I found a man who is willing to do a forensic evaluation and that's it.

I have to get my phone reloaded and I have to get something in writing for investigation.

If no one in the U.S. investigates, I will not stay here.

My family knows this and all of our friends know this. And we are waiting for small things to happen, which, if they don't happen, will leave my enemies and many more innocent at risk than would be desired.

I don't think I'm a prophet, by the way. I wrote about reading about them the other day, but I don't think I am one. I think I am someone who is more honest than my enemies have ever been, and who is honest when it comes to things about God. I do fear God and fear what could be done in misusing his name, which is why I doubt most of the things that I get in images. Which is why I almost thought to write down what I prayed about Scotland wind.

I thought if I do, and nothing comes of it then it might be a disgrace to God or I certaintly don't want to attach his name to it. And so, if I doubt, I cannot be a prophet but I think God is building my faith in some ways, in showing or confirming things to me later at times.

And sometimes, even what the enemy plants out to mean one thing, God can whip right back in the opposite direction to imply something completely different.

How many times have my enemies scuttled for answers and new interpretations and explanations, to try to "correct" an impression some would get that might be "dangerous".

I went to a hotel and wrote a little, then to the homeless shelter and talked with a few people. There was someone there with a guitar who I would have talked to but I guess he has wanted me to talk to him first.

So I left and then took a bus to a bookstore, which, turns out, was closed. I was going to look up art. I wanted to look at paintings and art for awhile, and garden designs. It was closed so I got off the bus and decided to walk to take a different one to upload my phone account. I was followed all over the place. It was atrocious. I cut into the courtyard of a college to get away from all the people in cars passing and before I did I passed a white set of jaws. I thought it was some kind of a child's crown at first and then saw that it was a bottom set of fake sharp teeth.

I passed by and then cut through the courtyard and then this young man who was supposed to resemble William, I think, comes out of his dorm with glasses on, ahead of me and I just thought, "Oh great" and then, sure enough, it was this game and people driving by passed as he stood there by his car wanting others to see me approaching and there he was. What, as they predicted?

I wonder if they predicted I would read about Samson's jawbone that killed thousands? He walked past me and I didn't even look at him. Then I didn't want to proceed to the store not knowing if it was open so I turned back, and sat on the nearest porch steps and it was to the building the one man just went into. I prayed and asked God to help me focus on what to do and then I said, "Show me something about my enemies and the person for me?" and I got the story of how someone gave away Samson's wife to someone else and then said, "Take the other one, she's prettier." He didn't want her. So he got revenge and then they went after him and then he went after them again and finally they said, "What have you DONE?" We are under their rule and now they want to kill all of us. So he said, "I only did to THEM, what they did to ME." They said, "We have to turn you over" so he said okay but don't kill him. They bound him with ropes, and then led him out and when the enemy saw him they shouted and howled and whistled and couldn't wait. All of a sudden, the ropes fell like flax from his wrists and he stood up, grabbed the jawbone of a donkey and slayed 1,000 men. With a jawbone. Which is, my dear, a step up and quite above jaws dropping.

Before I even came to the part about the jawbone, I started to laugh out loud. I didn't even remember the jawbone part, but I was sitting there on that porch and it struck me as hilarious for some reason, that this other guy had just walked in the doors. It was the last place I would choose to sit but I did. And then there was this bike ahead of me and I thought, "What's that? William's bicycle?" and I couldn't see what kind it was but I just cracked up laughing and then continued to read and got to the part about the jawbone, and thought about how I had just passed a plastic set of jaws, and sobered up thinking, "That's weird."

Then I had prayed and decided what to do, go to a hotel to find out if it's even open and don't waste time, and I walked past the bike and looked and it was green and black and something else and had "2" on it.

I walked past and to the hotel and didn't have paper so I tore off the top cover of the New York Times Style Magazine, and wrote down my phone numbers.

I really don't care what they try to do to me, because God has the last laugh, in the end.

Morning Games With Military & Mafia

Again, I again had more evidence that my son and I need to leave the U.S.

They do not know when to quit.

I walked all along a sidewalk littered with crap (like Grover cartoon stuff) and then went to a hotel where 2 whitish men sat there, both assholes. Both Catholic.

As long as someone is there to use technology, they don't mind my using the computer, but if they don't have their main man there, who has been there to fry the hell out of me, they put people to sit there and force me to leave. The regular hispanic man wasn't there, who has been there each time something has happened to me.

There was a whole "group" of these people there this morning.

Then, they wanted to force me to ask about a guest pass, which I've done in the past with no problem, and wanted this man to bring up whether or not I have a laptop. Why? Because in the last few days someone has wanted me to start using my laptop again so it's even easier to track me and fry my ass.

Sorry about the language, but the BS I have to deal with is uncalled for.

During the entire chapel service last night, once again, as soon as they moved a baby that was next to me out of the way, passing it to a woman sitting behind me to the side, they fried me and it was laser. My fingernails on my left hand turned purple after I sat through it. Many of the people there knew what was going on and I did't have a great feeling about the women there giving the message. I had the feeling one of them also knew what was going on and there was no "Holy Spirit" with that. It was games.

No one started doing one thing to me, as I sat there, until after the baby was handed to Ana Cruz, who was sitting behind me. Basically, they didn't start it up until they had a total stranger hold the baby the whole time. There was the mother, a black woman, sitting to my left, and a white catholic woman to my right. Ana Cruz has been around before, on 2 other occasions when someone has done something to me, once at the bus stop station downtown and once or twice at the Starbucks cafe where I constantly had problems and the woman who said she went to catholic school with nuns was always there.

No problem until they moved the baby. Baby out of way, they fried me again. Then, when the service was over, I stood up and left and it was immediately gone.

Today, at the one hotel, they just were at a loss for someone there willing to fry me. And the 2 older white men (one with a foreign accent) sat there knowing already that I was going to go in. The one with a foreign accent, turned as if he was shocked, when the Grover or Elmo voice came on, which is the same cartoon I passed on my way, and I have people following me 24-7 to see if I go where they try to predict or force me to go, using technology and personality analysis. They track me around like I am Osama bin ladin.

I know for a fact that the CIA was using him for mind control. I have no doubt now. I wrote this and blogged it and then thought, after I found out the CIA was camped out there for 6 months watching him, "I was right". Those are just the ones we know about.

So this white man who was rude to me turned and looked when the Grover voice came on. I then sat and asked if he wouldn't mind if I used it after him and he said snidely that he wasn't going to let me "my name and room number." I said I wasn't asking for that and he said, "I'm not going to let you use it after me" and I said, "Well don't ask me to join the military..." and he got a smug little smirk on his face and then I added, "...or the mafia." Smile stopped. He didn't even want to look at me then.

He is someone who gets what he deserves his whole life. So I won't waste my time being upset about a petty man.
I asked God to show me something about whoever I will be with, if I am ever with a man again. I got nothing. I don't think it works that way. I actually got verse after verse, randomly, about Aaron, but start flipping through the Bible and see how many times you can end up on a page that has that name. But I put no stock in it at all. If God were to tell me something like that, he would show me the same way He showed me so-and-so looks at porn, so-and-so has a problem with his femur, so-and-so is wearing red (whether I believe it fully or not). And I landed on some good things, about a man, and money. But that was all random and no stock in it. I sort of quit after just a couple of minutes and then prayed and asked to show me something about someone who had been interested in me and I got the story of David, where he is just a poor man and he finds out one of the king's kids is interested in him.

He was originally to have one daughter and then Saul gave her to someone else. Then his daughter Michal fell in love with him (I guess from afar bc I don't think they had a lot of conversations) and asked to have him. So Saul didn't like it at all. He decided he would try to make it look like he was honoring his daughter's request but secretly hoped that David would be killed.

When David found out a king's daughter wanted to marry him, he didn't feel good enough and said, "But I am only a poor man!" I thought about it. He wasn't just a poor man from a poor family. He had been out in pastures with a bunch of sheep, in the middle of nowhere. For a long time. Then all of a sudden, he was in the military. But he wasn't from a significant family and no one was rich either.

So Saul thought no way I guess. He took advantage of David's feelings of insecurity and said, "Oh no problem. You can have my daughter and she wants to marry you too! and don't worry about not having anything decent we could marry ourselves into...all that I will require is 200 foreskins of our enemy. Bring me 200 (or whatever) foreskins from the enemy and she's yours and don't even worry about your background or money." Meanwhile, the idea was that as soon as David was out there trying to get the foreskins, he was going to be annihilated and killed by the enemy and "that would take care of that!" Saul wasn't going to do it himself. He also wasn't going to have his own people do it. He would leave it to their common "enemy" to take care of someone who was in the way. That's one surefire way to get rid of a potential problem. So Saul waited for the news that David was dead.

Instead, David showed up with 200 foreskins. Saul was shocked that he hadn't died and knew God was with him and had to honor his word or did. But he resented David even more and was even more jealous of him from that point on.

Strangely enough, I was thinking, after I read this last night before chapel...

Well, I read it when I was sitting up on a hill next to the James Polk memorial. I went there to sit on the grass and read this and thought about it while walking back.

So I was thinking, how odd because Saul did that to David, hoping he would be killed off by another group, secretly happy with the idea, and then later, David did the same thing when he wanted Bathsheba. Michal maybe loved him to a point, but she was also embarrassed by him. She didn't like his dancing before the Lord "with all his might" and maybe thought it was undignified. She judges him from worldly eyes, peer conscious, while God was secretely very pleased with him and his desire to do good and honor God, even if it meant abasing himself before God in worship. Then, she didn't want to show up when he asked her to. So he was onto Bathsheba, and when he found out she was already married, he sent her husband out to battle in the front lines, hoping he would be killed and he was killed. He then took Bathsheba to him and they were probably in love, but a prophet came to him and used a parable of something from his youth, about sheep.

He said to him, "There is a man who has a whole flock of sheep and he just stole the only sheep of another man, that was his pet and whom he loved." David said, "This man must die!" and was outraged that the beloved sheep had been taken. He had once been a shepherd himself and knew what this would be like. The prophet said, "The man is you. You are the man." And David repented so fully before God that God forgave him. There is more, but then I got to chapel and the message was:

"There are two women. One is the woman at the well who doesn't feel she is good enough, as a gentile, to associate with the jews. The other is the adultress who was going to be condemned but was instead forgiven. Pick one of them for yourself and think about them in 3-D"

And then she gave a message. I didn't pick either one of the women and didn't 3-D them either. I just listened to her message as the story of 2 women and lessons that are applicable to anyone, man or woman.

And then the whole time, practically, someone was lasering me and making their revenge on me. I am so tired of it. I really believe that God is getting tired of it too.

Last night when I came in, to the movie theater in the gym, it loops all day and I came in at the part where the man picks up a briefcase and then says something about "the lady of the lake." "When it all comes down to it, it's always about who gets the girl."

This is when I walked in and then I watched it to the end, and then watched the beginning until this point again and walked out while hearing this line for a second time, "When it all comes down to it, it's always about who gets the girl."

Or the boy, maybe.

Maybe it's all about who gets the boy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Movie

It's the first movie I've seen since November. Since I left Wenatchee.

I don't know when it came out but maybe 2009? I never heard about it or heard anyone talking about it.

The Y plays movies everyday and not once have I gone to watch one. It always feels like a waste of time to just sit there, to me, even if I do sit at a computer, I don't feel idle because my mind and fingers are moving.

But yeah, of all things, this is the movie I see after almost 5 months. I decided to see what was playing yesterday and then yesterday decided I would watch it, because I just felt like watching a movie, no matter what it was.

I also saw a book list for discussion groups at the library for the 1st time, the other day and on the day they were discussing John Locke's "Civil Obedience" (or disobedience? whichever one that is). They had a good line up of classics.

I am not here to watch movies and read books or be in book groups though.

I want to work, not be a guinea pig that people following around, hiring to experiment with and torture and then fire to have those who got info on you and tested their skills on, to predict what you will do with days that you have nothing to do.

Reading books and watching movies is great as icing on the cake, not the cake. The cake means you are not being obstructed from being productive and making money and this is what I have been up against.

I am hoping that some of the medications and drugs are slowly wearing off and that I might be back to normal in a few weeks. So far, the usual hair on my body that grows, is still not growing. To me, this means I got seriously doped up and my hormones are still not normal. Today I took the extra step of using bottled water for even my tea and tea, not coffee from a tank. I just thought, the other day, that when I was drinking tea in the morning and felt sick, maybe it wasn't the coffee that helped with effects but the milk that was in dry cocoa packets I added (to make a mocha).

So I had tea this morning with a ton of powdered milk and didn't feel sick, but I also ate soemthing and it wasn't empty stomach. I have wondered if calcium or milk helps with seizure stuff.

It was sort of surreal to watch the movie. I enjoyed taking a break to do it and should do it more, at any rate. The part that bothered me, wasn't seeing someone shot up with technology (though this caused me to close my eyes several times). The only part that was disturbing to me, was seeing the boys in the movie fight. Obviously, because I know what has happened to my own son is wrong. I know kids have beat up on him.

What did I think about?

I want to have someone from the UN do an independent psychical examination of my son without Wenatchee, Washington, or other doctors around. Someone should be investigating my claims, checking my son out, and not trusting CPS or other groups when my testimony is that it's criminally corrupt.

I am not making it up. It's corrupt.

I also have a lot of medical records to prove this, for me and my son, but my lawyers were all paid and persuaded to have them kept out of the public file where it would be evident to all.

I am not lying and I'm not deluded. It's true.

If the truth sets you free then why is the CIA blocking the truth?

Because they want me and my son to be their slaves?

Because if the truth were known, we would be free?

We want to be free.

This Morning

Last night I sensed people praying and had a good evening in that regard. I had no dreams, and slept all the way through, at least that's what I recall. I curled my hair and read several interesting passages in Old and New Testament and also prayed. I felt a lot of encouragement from what I got.

I got to the gym and came through the back door to the front and caught some of the Obama-Tusk speeches. I felt a few times of good energy. I caught most of it, didn't know there was yet another speech, and came in right after the Polish guy started speaking. I thought of my mom a lot too because she predicted a lot of things last night that were true. She didn't tell me she was doing that, she just did.

She said, while she was on the phone with me last night, "The pen." Something to someone else about a pen while at the bank and then she said emphatically, "I'll take it!" and I said to her, "You'll take what?" and she said, "A 3 day weekend." ?? I don't know, something seemed weird.

Then I was at the women's shelter and I went up without getting my curlers. I had one bag at the gym and one bag at the shelter. So I was upstairs and went downstairs to grab them and to the office for a minute and there was a pen sitting there on the desk and the woman was on the telephone and I wasn't paying attention but while she was on the phone, I had no plan or purpose but I just took her pen off of her desk and put it in the "outgoing mail" box to the side. Right as I did, she had been in the middle of saying a sentence and I had just dropped it in the box when she finished her sentence with ."..the pen." She had just been in the middle of a sentence to the woman upstairs saying, "I will have someone go up with a pen." Something like that. And she got as far as "go up with (PLOP! I dropped it into an outgoing mail box) a pen."

And she stared, gaping at me and I said, with my chin up in the air, "Have a good night!" and turned, sharp military style, straight posture, and left and then thought, "Hmm, I don't know what I just did but that was interesting." And then I thought about my mom.

The woman at the desk hadn't said one word about the pen and I just took it, the only one on her desk, and moved it to a standing carrier for "Outgoing mail" and left. And it was never thinking once about my mom either. But I DID think about my mom later, and wondered if somehow she had known I was going to do this before I even did.

Anyway. I think someone had made something symbolic out of it maybe but I wouldn't know what it was supposed to mean, if anything, just a prediction I would grab a pen and I didn't know I was going to do it either. I thought about it after the fact.

Then I curled my hair up and felt great energy and then I got to the gym and when I went to my locker I discovered someone who works at the gym got into my secured locker that no one has a key to except for a Y worker, and made 4 cuts into the plastic bag that holds my other set of curlers. I wouldn't have even noticed, because I had already curled my hair up last night and wasn't going to do it again, but I looked at saw someone had did this and knew without a doubt someone from the Y is accessing my paid-for and secured locker. And whatever point they are trying to make by putting cuts into the bag, isn't appreciated one bit. Keep your hands to yourself or you will be caught. I showered this morning but I didn't get my hair wet.

Then I picked out some books (ended up taking 4) from the library and that's what I'm going to do. I'm just going to type out sections from these books and work on my speed and listening and learning what I picked out. I went at random, to a section and picked the first one out: Women in Congress (1917-2006), and then Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised) 10th edition on Parliamentary Process. I just picked these out at random, the one not because I'm interested in congress but in lives of people and I thought I'd find out what Congress is. Because actually, I don't even know. Then the next one was smack in front of me, and it's about parliamentary process so I thougth I'd look at this. I'm not going to write about these though.

If anything, writing excerpts of poetry, yesterday, wasn't truly just getting up my word speed. It had nothing to do with that and I was joking. What it did do is generate all these ideas for poetry in my mind. And if I am putting in excellent literature and poetry, I am going to feel more inspired to write. I had this very fun, rollicking poem in my mind yesterday but I only wrote down one line.

Then I went to the next book, from the poetry section and chose "The Oxford book of Christian Verse" chosen and edited by Lord David Cecil and then the last book I pulled out, after I pulled it out, it had this big UNIcoorn on it (Brewser's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable) by John Ayto.

I like this quote I've found from the women's suffragists for Congress. They are holding up a poster that says: "No self-respecting woman shoud wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her." Susan B. Anthony.

I will probably just skim this book and go to wiki for an overview of what Congress does and then look up other parts of government stuff later. I randomly opened up to a page for "Clare Boothe Luce". I think I'll just open to a few women's bios and highlight a couple of things and then mve on. This woman's photo is captivating. She has blond wavy hair and dark lips with eyebrows like bows and wears a striped shirt with a black jacket over it and a very large rose on her lapel. I especially noted how beautiful this rose looks. She was a Republican from Connecticut. She once described her philosophy as "America first, but not only." She was elected in 1942, having never held an office before. She had a few husbands and children, and wrote a Broadway hit called "The Women", a satire about idle, rich, women. Her interest in politics took off during The Great Depression. she worked as

(All of the worship music was about dying so I switched to my station I created for my son Oliver. And the first song is "Go the Distance" by Hercules.)

Anyway, there is too much about every woman to write about. The main thing would be that she was noted for saying exactly what she thought and wasn't afraid to do it, at a time when it was more uncommon.

The next woman is Ella Tambussi Grasso (1919-1981), Democrat From Connecticut. She has a pretty name (I like it, personally): Ella Rose Giovanna Oliva Tambussi. She was someone who was in politics a long time and for whom the office in Congress was just another thing on Capitol Hill but she preferred state politics. She worked on things like bringing up minimum wage, through the Fair Labor Act.

The next one is Sue Myrick (1941-). Republican from N. Carolina. She has fought a personal battle with breast cancer and has worked on legistlature to sponsor federal program funds for low income women to get medical treatment. She also supports prayer in schools, and is opposed to abortion. She left her post in Congress to take a position in Energy and Commerce Committee and focuses on cancer and brain disease issues. She enacted drug and crime fighting programs and welfare initiatives.

Ruth Hanna McCormick (had a motto of "No Promises and No Bunk!" She worked on Agriculture Committee. She got into politics when she was looking for decent milk for her kids and and was appalled by unsanitary conditions at dairies. She opened a dairy and then got into politics involving agriculture. She also organized women voters.

Deborah A. Stabenow (1950-) is a Democrat from Michigan. In 2000 she became the first woman to represent Michigan in the Senate. She worked on laws for protection against child abuse and neglect. She also worked to bring in computers to the poor, and organzied bus trips to Canada to buy cheaper prescription drugs. She has made healthcare one of her primary task. She also sponsored bans on drilling near Great Lakes, and has passed some bills involving tax cuts for jobs in the U.S.

The last one I'll note, which just happens to be another woman I turned to, is Millicent Fenwick (1910-1992), New Jersey Republican. The main thing about her, was how outspoken she was. She was called the Katherine Hepburn of Politics, and also had a title of Conscience of Congress. She got involved during the 1930s and was so fiscally good at managing money, she was able to return more than $450,000 in unspent allowances to the U.S. Treasury. She also returned $35,000 in congressional pay raises that made her feel uncomfortable. She was also known to be a careful observer of others, spending a lot of time watching debtes of others, because getting to know them and where they were coming from, and could better evaluate them and know who to trust. She didn't take money from special interests and said, "Nobody pressures me! And nobody has the right o...say, "we supported you, didn't we? You'd better vote for this. And after she said this, she lost. It was written about her, "She fought the good fight," and she went out the same way she came in, with class."

The second book has too much to write about...A lot of rules and form and procedure but I could mention the author. It's by a man named General Henry Martyn Robert, who wrote a book to give order to meetings, based on English Parliamentary law and the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a U.S. Army Engineer officer of Huguenot descent born in 1837. He was a private citizen who decided to write such a book after he and his wife were involved in different civil affairs and he thought it would make it easier for people to get their ideas out if it was organized in such a way that traveling from one location to another didn't make a difference in the ability to get the same things accomplished.

From the Oxford Book Of Christian Verse
(just writing out whatever I turn to):

John Skelton
Woefully Arrayed 1460-1529

"Wofully araid
My blode man for thee ran,
It may not be naid;
My body blo and wan,
Wofully araid."

Gavin Douglas (1474-1522)
From the Prologue to the Tenth Book of the Aenid
"O thyne inestimabill luf and cheryte!
Becam a thrall, to mak ws bondis fre;
To quykkyn thy sclavys, tholyt schamfull ded maste fell.
Billsyt be thou, virginal frute, that hereit hell,
And pait the pryce of the forbodin tre!

Thocht thou large stremys sched upon the rude,
A drop had bene sufficient of thy blude
A thousand warldis to have redmyt, I grant;
Bot thou the well of mercy wald nocht skant,
Ws to provoik to lufe the, and be gude.

Our all this, syne, thyne infynyte Godhed,
Thy flesch and blude, in form of wuyne and bred,
To be our fuyd of grace, in plege of glor
Thou hest ws geif, in perpetuall memor
Of thy passioun and dolorus paynfull ded.

(could almost hear another woman reciting this last 2 verses with me, as if she has a personal copy or knows this verse)

Quhat thnkis dew, or ganzeld, Lord benyng,
May I, maist wrachit synfull catyve indyng,
Rendir for this souerane peirles hie bonte,
Sen body, saule, and all, I have of the?
Thou art my pryce: mak me thy praye condyng.

My makar, my redemar, and support,
Fra quham all grace and gudness cumis, at schort,
Grant me that grace my mysdedys til amend,
Of this and all my warkis to mak gud end:
Thus I beseik the, Lord; thus I exort,

From the begynyng and end be thow my muse:
All other, Jove and Phebus, I refus.
Lat Virgill hadl hys mawmentis to himself:
I wirschip nowder ydoll, stok, nor elf.
Thocht furth I write so as myne autour dois.

(I started laughing out loud because the song that came on while I was playing this was a "Silly Song" by Larry about "Cookies for Santa" and then I came to this part in the poem with the word "elf" and just cracked up laughing. It's a really great poem. I just put a part of it here)

John Keble
'Red O'er the Forest'
"Red o'er the forest peers the setting sun,
The line of yellow light dies fast away
that crown'd the eastern copse: and chill and dun
Falls on the moor the brief November day.

Now the tir'd hunter winds a parting note,
And Echo bids good-night from every glade;
Yet wait awhile, and see the calm leaves float
Each to his rest beneath their parent shade.

How like decaying life they seem to glide!
And yet no second spring have they in store,
But where they fall, forgotten to abide
Is all their portion, and they ask no more.

Soon o'er their heads blithe April airs shall sing,
A thousand wild-flowers round them shall unfold,
The green buds glisten in the dews of Spring,
And all be vernal rapture as of old.

Unconscious they in waste oblivion lie,
In all the world of busy life around
No thought of them; in all the bounteous sky
No drop, for them, of kindly influence found.

Man's portion is to die and rise again--
Yet he complains, while these unmurmuring part
With their sweet lives, as pure from sin and stain,
As his when Eden held his virgin heart...."

William Habington
"Welcome, thou safe Retreat!"
"Welcome, thou safe retreat!
Where th'injured man may fortify
'Gainst the invasions of the great:
Where the lean slave, who th'oar doth ply,
Soft as his admiral may lie..."

John Lydgate
"Vox ultima Crucis" (1370?-1450?)
Tarye no lenger; toward thyn herytage
Hast on thy weye, and be of ryght good chere.
Go eche day onward on thy pylgrymage;
Thynke howe short tyme thou has abyden here.
Thy place is bygged above the sterres clere,
NJoon erthly palys wrought in so statly wyse.
Come on, my frend, my brother most entere!
For the I offered my blood in sacryfice."

Charles Wesley
"Come, O thou Traveller unknown"
Come, O Thou Traveller unknown,
Whom still I hold, but cannot see,
My company before is gone,
And I am left alone with Thee;
With Thee all night I mean to stay,
And wrestle till the break of day.

I need not tell Thee who I am,
My misery or sin declar;
Thyself hast call'd me by my name;
Look on Thy hands, and read it there!
But Who, I ask Thee, Who art Thou?
Tell me Thy name, and tell me now..."

(I broke and digressed to find out who Gavin Douglas is and about the Aenid, because I liked what I read and was curious about him.)

Thomas Traherne
"Christian Ethics"
(For man to act)
How man is greater than even the angels, by faith and act"

Joseph Hilaire Belloc
"The Prophet lost in the hills at Evening"
Strong God which made the topmost stars
to circulate and keep their course,
Remember me..."

Going to Brewster's Dictionary of Phrase
"Hang in there, To." To stick with it, even when the going is tough. The allusion is probably to the boxing ring, where a boxer getting the worst of it may seek relief by clinging on to his opponent or to the ropes. After such a brief respite, he is better able to continue.
"No, no", said Simon. "I'll hang in there now that I've waited this long." Jeffrey Archer: First Among Equals, ch xii(1984)

Oaks, The. The "Ladies Race", one of the Classic Races of the Turf. It is for three-year-old fillies, and is run at Epsom the day before the Derby. It was instituted in 1779 and so called from an estate of the Earl of Derby near Epsom named The Oaks.

Sport. Sporting seasons in England. The lawful season for venery, which began at Midsummer and lasted until Holy Cross Day, used to be called the Time of Grace.

Displaced Persons. A phrase applied to the millions of homeless and uprooted people in Europe and Asia whose misfortunes resulted from the havoc produced by the Second World War and subsequent events. They were colloquially referred to as DPs.

I guess that's all I'll write for now, from the Unicorn book.

Then I had the idea to look up Chuck Colson, aka Charles Colson and found the devotional about "How Now Shall We Live" and something came up about "are we abolishing marriage?" but just looked around and enjoying the do-re-mi song from Sound of Music.

Looking for work and then maybe to read some old christian poetry.

I will write out what I got from scriptures last night and today.

Today I came across Jeremiah. The whole section where Zedekiah asks Jeremiah to have a private conversation with him. The prophet says okay and then Zedekiah (the king or ruler) asks him to call to God and let him know how things are going to "go down" and Jeremiah says, "Why do you want to know? You haven't listened to me in the past so why would you listen to me now? and he adds, "You'll kill me." Zedekiah said, "No, I won't kill you. I promise." So they made a pact and then after he tells him, Zedekiah tells Jeremiah to lie when people ask him what they talked about, because they both don't want anyone to know. Then just about all these things that happened, and it mainly had me thinking about respect for God. I read up the part where the remnant is taken back from Ishmael and they are trying to decide whether to stay there or go to Egypt and Jeremiah says stay where you are. But they don't listen and they leave and then Jeremiah is told to take 2 large stones and seal them in clay and then put them under the the pavement or walkway in Babylon (I think, something like that). I read up to that part. A few other random things. I read the part where James and John are asking Jesus who will sit on the left and who will be on the right and Jesus tells them this is only for the Father God to know and are they able to take the cup?

Last night, I read a lot of Elijah stories. It's what I came to. And then after all these Elijah stories, to the part where Elisha comes after him, after the cloud comes up from the water (which made me think of King Arthur stories). Elija, at some point, with all the running for his life, finally says, "Okay, I'm done now. I think this is good. You can let me die." And he fell asleep under a tree and when he woke up he found food there, given to him by an angel. Got said to him, "Get up and eat." (At that time there were 430 prophets of Baal and only 1 prophet of God. I think I read this story when I got back from getting my curlers, the part about how there was a contest and the prophets of Baal couldn't get their stones to light on fire and Elijah went so far as to mock them and then all of a sudden, he called on the name of God, and fire blazed out of nowhere, after he poured out 4 vessels of water to show how impossible it was, but that nothing was impossible with God. He said, pour out the first vessel of water. Now another, another. And then the fourth vessel of water was poured, and it spilled out, like a cup of overabundance, past the point of containment, until water was spilling out on the sides and down the altar. From this, fire blazed.)12 stones, it said, even burned.

So God tells him to eat and get up, and he got up and continued to walk, and found strength in the food and his strength came back. After all these prophet stories, and then New Testament references to children being the greatest in the kingdom of God, I found the part about Moses, where it says, "And ever since his death, never again was there a prophet like Moses, (who did not speak to him in shadows as we do, my paraphrase) but who saw God face to face and did not die but lived."

I also read from a little of the proverbs, here and there, and then this morning I was led to Ruth, not at random, but to look up Ruth. Last night, in a very different way, I had some impression of the name Esther spoken but it was different from I've ever had something come to mind (and I never "hear" or "see" things as in hallucinations or auditory ones...it's more of a "mind's eye" thing...). But I got something about kinsman-redeemer this morning after reading about Zedekiah and the remnant. So I turned to Ruth and first came upon this section (after going there intentionally, just let something stand out) where Boaz asks, "Who is that woman?" and one of his workers says, "It's Ruth," and then my eyes fell on "foreigner" but I didn't read anything, just saw it and then turned the page and pointed or looked to see what was there for me to see, and it said something about "kinsman-redeemer." Oh, it was this (just looked it up again), "Who are you?" he asked. "I am your servant Ruth," she said, "Spread your corner of your garment over me, since you are a kinsman-redeemer." The first page it was "Who is she?" and then it was "Who are you?" Which is how I came across it today.

That's what I read, pretty much, yesterday and today. More than that I guess, but that's some of it.

I was thinking too, some of the stories remind me so much of Arthur tales. Like Gideon is Sir Gallahad and L'Morte D'Arthure or whatever, reminiscent (hand rising from water with a sword) to the cloud coming up from the water ("What do you see?")

She looks my Dad's biological mom, thought this yesterday.