Sunday, May 22, 2011


I do not want to live in the U.S. any longer.

That doesn't mean I don't want to live, period. But it means living here is not living and I'm done with that. I am not going to "die every day" just to have a U.S. address.

I wake up every day, and I am forced to die every day.

It is my time to live.

There is only 1 thing that would persuade me to stay and that's if someone decent takes me seriously, questions not MY credibility but gives me the benefit of a doubt and starts an investigation into corruption and fraud.

There is some kind of other more bizarre corruption that has spread world-wide too. Like deaths for symbolic reasons and no other point at all. Like the "Robert Tractor-train" guy. Or the man who walked around in front of a security camera with just one shoe. Don't tell me it didn't mean anything. Some of these people are dying because of what they know, and others seem to be dying under the auspices of "suicide" that doesn't look like suicide at all.

Then, I have been thinking about what the men at Guantanamo are going through and how, if I'm tortured, what they also might be enduring, or other people around the world in similiar circumstances.

Then, the creepiest thing happened. Princess Diana again, out of the blue, and in connection to this song...

Well, I had just read the article about the Brookes man dying, of a supposed suicide. The man who composed "You Light Up My Life". I read this article on CNN and then decided to play Debbie Boone, who sang this song but I clicked on a version of "Can You Reach My Friend" and I got Sam Ocampo playing piano. As it was playing, I went to his website and I was scrolling down to find something about what his religious beliefs are or what his testimony was and as I did, Princess Diana's photo came up.

It was posted for the song "Smile" so I clicked on it and it played while the other song was still playing and made for this eerie sounding overlay. It was a photo of Diana in a straw hat with round diamond earrings and some other jewel center. They were round.

At any rate, I don't feel beaten down. I feel there are other places where I am going to be vindicated for things a terrible group has done to me here.

Some group has been incredibly obstructive within the FBI.

Their infiltration into the FBI has made it possible for the most heinous crimes to be committed against me and my son, with zero accountability.

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