Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Officers Obstructing City of Nashville Liability

I called the non-emergency line to have someone assist me with not being discriminated against and blocked from travel and the dispatch person tried to tell me,

"They can do whatever they want. It's a private company."

I said, "It wasn't a Greyhound employee that blocked me from traveling. It was a police officer and he told me they work with YOU, with the Metro police."

She said, "If he's contracted to work for the Greyhound..." I said, "His job is not to decide who is able to buy a ticket from Greyhound and get on the bus or not. And like I said, he told me gets his licensing from TN, with the Metro police, and that you work together, which makes it an issue of liability with your police station and The City of Nashville."

I am not kidding you, all the corrupt people are out and about. I left the hotel computer, where some guy first sat next to me with red, yellow, and blue knives or utensils sticking out of his pocket, and then when I left some brown haired man smugly drove by in a Fed-Ex truck, followed by men in jaguars and sportscars, and some horrible man with plates 646. I don't know what kind of car that is other than government. I've seen sedans with 4 digits that are TN, but this one was black and white govt. style plate and only had 646 on it and some man who was getting off on what was going on.

Then there have been a lot of people from Maryland around today too. Tons of Maryland plates. HWV 165 Maryland. Another man from Alabama, with a normal Alabama plate, was driving a truck and was white and was so hostile and enjoying this so much, I just thought he's a total sadist: 11B4378.

Now there is an officer outside so I'm going to talk to him about these other guys overstepping their boundaries.

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