Monday, May 30, 2011

Lasered So They Get What They Want & 29th Circle Wedding

Yesterday I did not have any problems all day--it was a great break, and everyone bad went the other direction, until afternoon. Then I was sitting at a bus stop and someone used something while driving by and I didn't have time to get all the plates. A woman sitting next to me wasn't doing it, but she was partly involved.

None of this involvement with military and gangster technology, is "God" and all attempts to use this to cause me to turn, move seats, change direction, and make someone happy about where I was forced to move to, will come back upon their heads.

The entire day everything was fine, yesterday, and then, once again, some group felt I was out of their control or not doing what they thought would happen, so they used technology on me while I sat at the bus stop and had the bus driver pass without stopping, to provoke me.

The bus driver who didn't stop, was the one driving the #7 bus at 1:45 p.m. from Green Hills mall across from the Walgreen's. I was assaulted and then 5 minutes later, while I was trying to write down plates of sedans and vehicles passing by, the bus driver intentionally drove off, leaving me there to wait another hour, which wasn't time I had when I was trying to leave town.

The woman who had been sitting next to me was hispanic and she knew what was going on because when the people she knew in the cars drove by, doing what they did, she put on an act as if she were the one. And she wasn't. I called for police and they arrived about an hour later, so it was pointless.

Then, I walked all the way back and took a shower and washed my hair because I'd had to walk several miles in the sun. I stopped at one point along my walk, to get water to refill in my water bottle and I didn't want to go all the way through a store or restroom. I asked God where a water fountain was and then I didn't know but thought, just go to Ben & Jerry's, and I did, and there was a water fountain right there. I've never been there before. I filled up with water and kept walking and knew too, that I had been intentionally forced to miss my bus and walk because some group had wanted this to happen to say, "And then she went to the Ben & Jerry's just like I predicted." I knew this, because earlier that day I walked past a scribbled out writing of a child or that looked like a child's and then I was at this water fountain and above it was the exact same thing, with less writing. It was the exact same style.

Not only had someone provoked me to be on my cell phone screaming and crying about again being assaulted and being fed up with it, which just made me look bad, they intentionally had me miss my bus.

When I saw the child's writing there, it was just another confirmation that I am being used and exploited and my son is not safe in this country as long as I continue to be asaulted and no one is held accountable, we are not safe.

It was the only time it happened yesterday--at the bus stop. I went to the library after the gym, to check email and then I asked this one guy if he was in the military because I already knew he was. He was the one with the guitar I'd wanted to stop. Even if he hadn't been wearing military stuff, I would have known. He said he was retired and I asked what he did and he said, "Coast Guard" and I said, "Right. And black ops." And he couldn't keep a straight eye to my eye when he tried to deny it. He said, "No," and I said, "Oh, okay." and walked out ahead of him already knowing I was right, and then I went to the Symphony center because I had read there was music that night, free concerts. But I got there and opened the door that, as it turned out, a large vase of red roses faced. I then moved to the left side of the counter where security was and he said it was last week but check the Country Music of History Hall building. So I smelled one of the roses and then went to the other building, walking through the door with white lilies facing. I asked what it was for, and they said it was a private event and I smelled the lilies, but they weren't as fragrant as the Madonna Lilies my Granny has talked about (they named one of their daughters, who died at birth, Madonna Joy, after the Madonna Lily).

I went to the gift store and looked around briefly and there was some video with a guy in military uniform on (hat with brim and military uni) and then I decided to walk past other doors and go to the stairs leading up. Someone started vaccumming. I hate being around people cleaning, in front of me, so everyone already knows this, and if anything, my curiosity was piqued more because I had a feeling they started the vaccuum for no good reason. I was halfway up the stairs when they started.

I got to the top, and it was a wedding party. I was already on the phone with Granny as I was walking up the stairs so I was chatting to her and then I walked in and thought, "What in the world did I just walk into?" and it was a wedding and they were taking photos. Instead of leaving I moved into the room and to face the bride and groom. I guess I ended up directly in front of the groom, where I was standing.

They faced me and I stood there, talking to Granny, and by myself. Everyone else was milling about and as Granny said, "Where are you?" I had just told her, "I just walked past all these white lilies that made me think of the Madonna lily you were telling me about and then I stopped and I was narrating my entrance, "Live", to Granny, "and now...oh my gosh, I am in some kind of room and there is a wedding and it's a circle room and, it says, "The Circle Be Unbroken" and then I looked again because the words around the room, at the top, were all mixed together, and I said, "Will the Circle be unbroken..." and at that moment, my cell phone died.

I was stunned because on the 29th, one month earlier, I had flushed my lovely thong down the toilet and didn't want to break it up when I saw it was in a circle. And then I had blogged "I ddeeeedn't brAKE thuh Cieeercle!" and then I kept thinking, "why in the world did I write that?" I didn't break WHAT circle and so I was online, of course, trying to figure out why this came to mind.

One month later, I was walking into a wedding on the 29th and standing across from the groom as he just stared and she looked fine at first and then sort of pissed. He just stared at me, not knowing me and I stood there thinking, "And this is how I was betrayed." It was like a symbolic walking-in-on your husband in bed with some other woman and it didn't have anything to do with them, but a community. On one hand I felt like I was walking into my community and then on the other hand, like they had betrayed me too. It just felt weird. Especially when then my phone ran out of charge at "Will the circle be unbroken..." and I'm standing there. I didn't feel depressed or have any weird emotions--it was someone else's wedding, but it was still odd. And then after the phone died, I stood there and looked to my left at some placard that said "Marty" which basically made me think of a Back To The Future theme that had been running all day. There were other little names I noticed. But I walked out and the usher said, "Hello" and it was fine, no disruption, they were just taking photos. I only glanced a moment. I saw "Robert, bill, marty, smith" and those were the names I remember behind me. I wonder what the names of the Bride and Groom are. I don't know. This woman taking the photos looked oddly familiar to me for some reason.

And then I walked down the stairs and looked back to see a few men gaping at me and I felt stunned myself and threw both my arms up in an "I don't know! don't look at me!" way and walked out the door.

The next sign I came to, after leaving, was "Remember the past, in order to plan for the Future."

Something like that. I came to it right after leaving, and it was posted or engraved on the side of a building to the right of the bus station. I then walked back. For whatever reason, I felt great. I mean, really great. Even though I had lowered myself by screaming after being provoked and other things, I felt great energy. I got a lot of verses of encouragement too. Everything was about choices. I mean, every single verse, without fail. Choosing not because something is great but few in number or weak. I don't want to get into it exactly. Chosen Frozen stuff. Then I read how Festivus betrayed Paul by leaving him in jail 2 years and hoped he would get a bribe but never did and although he liked Paul, he left him there and didn't try to help him out. It said, "He did it as a favor to the Jews." I thought about political favors that people do for eachother and how many injustices to me and my son, on this account. Because of greed and wanting to gain political favor rather than do what is right in the eyes of God.

Then, after roll call, there was no chapel and I asked God, after praying for all the countries and general stuff (which felt very full of the Holy Spirit), I prayed that now I would be directed to something that had nothing to do with me but was just something for me to know or read that would make Him happy that I read. So this is where I think I am off my rocker and that I need to pray more than do the "random" stuff because I ended up in Leviticus about "discharges". When someone is clean or unclean. (after, I might add, having grabbed a Neutrogena "Clean" conditioner that night). I just thought, "Of all things. Man's emissions and women's menstrual cycles". Sometimes I think my Bible is blessed and then I wonder what voodoo devil put their hands on it and screwed it up. So I am reading this, thinking, "Thank goodness we are in the NT now and don't have to wash and wait 7 days to be clean every single time blah blah blah..." and then this woman walks into the room saying loudly, "DOES ANYONE HAVE A PAD? I'm on my PERIOD and I need a PAD. I can't use tampons."

I should have said, "You unclean thing! How dare you enter my chambers so discharged!"

Anyway. I was sitting there, burying my head. And um, yeah, someone can testify to the fact that I was reading Leviticus and what section because this other woman came to my bedside and looked over at my Bible to see where I had turned to. And then she went back to her bed and this other woman busts through the door with her menstrual issue.

I actually thought, "How did she know I was reading this?"

Anyway, some things to keep to myself. Then I read another section too. But anyway, the point of that is lost on me. Obscure.

Anyway, I then went on to read other passages.

This morning I ended up reading about one thing and then psalms, and Oh! it was great because I read about direction. How David said to the Lord, "Where shall I go?" and God told him, "To Hebron." I think I read that last night or this morning early. And then I read about, at random, Aaron's ephod this morning, was the last thing I read. The description of the ephod, worn at times when making a request for direction to God. How there were yellow ropes and tassles and hooks for securing the front and back together and 12 stones enscribed with names of tribes, to remember when praying for their direction. Rows with jewels, in 4 rows (I think) with rubies, topaz, and ___ on the first top row, and turquoise, emeralds, sapphires 2nd, and I don't remember the rest from memory.

At any rate, when I read all this war stuff, I don't think about Israel vs Egypt and that kind of thing. I think about it as people who are trying to hear God and then their enemies. no matter who they are. And I prayed for good people, even those who suffer or are captured, or who capture others, to think about, instead of brutality, justice. Whatever that means, to be good in heart and have a new interest in God and to have stronger relationships and trust that they can have a real relationship with Him.

When you read about all the rules and laws for going to God through the priest, you start to realize how freedom in coming to God on your own, through Christ, is not something to take so lightly.
I prayed for a sponsor. And for my family and just general things.

And then today I had someone use technology on me in the dollar store for a short time when only 4 people were there, at about 8:30-8:45 while I stood at the microwave heating my breakfast, and then again on the bus and I was forced to move to the back because of it. I think there is something here too, where I'm at, which is why I'm leaving in a minute, but it's not strong. Just annoying.

I can tell.
Also, I am sure Obama or one of his camera crew guys is psychic.

And yes, her profile is exactly like my Grandma Dolores's when she was younger, and wearing glasses. It's uncanny. Really, really, weird.

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