Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama's Room

This clip of Osama watching himself on T.V. is weird in the sense that I had a desk that was similiar to that one and that's what my t.v. looked like too. And I had my outlet for all the plug-ins that way as well. The T.V. is almost identical, in shape, size, and kind, to the one I had when I was living in Wenatchee with my son, on Methow and then in East Wenatchee.

I had the same kind of desk and same kind of t.v. and arrangement and everything. It is really, really, reeeeaaaaaally weird to see this.

He and I look like we were living in the same house. I am not kidding. It's the exact same thing.
The board on the top of the desk looks like my keyboard. And I had a machine for voice recording like the machine to the right of the desk.

I wrote my Mother's Day posts and this one, to Jay Z and Mr. Hudson's video for "Forever Young".

I really think, truly believe, the American people will never know the whole story. Never. I think we should all be careful to believe everything that we read or what is given to us to believe.

I know how it is to be defamed, and I'm sure others out there also know how it feels.

Tomorrow I'm going to indentify people that tried to burn me yesterday.


Ivan said...

That is most certainly a bizarre coincidence!

Mama said...

Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow if you keep getting drugged and poisoned by every one you may die soon