Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Report of Assault (last 10 minutes)

I am reporting an assault with use of technology.

I was in the downstairs computer section, on computer 1, and nothing happened until a man in a blue shirt and with jeans sat across from me at a different table. A black man. There was a black man with a blue shirt sitting to the side of me, at computer 2. And then another black man with a black scarf over his head, across from me the other direction, at computer 10. Just now someone did something as I was writing and there is a woman across from me at computer 9.

While this happened, several people seemed to know what was happening to me.

I believe these people are mainly Catholic or doing favors for them (possibly Muslim in this case, or no religion). The white kids could have been any religion however.

There was a young white tall man and young woman with him in a dress and they were to my left side looking at CDs. They nodded and looked over at the black men as if they knew them. I got up and when I was going to follow the white kids out (because it quit when they left), one of the librarians who has hated me from Day 1 was right there. He has shaggy blond hair (works at the circulation desk in the main lobby) and he's younger. I have never once questioned my instincts about his hatred and disdain for me and I also noted his changed attitude after I was making discoveries about some things, after the wedding and the killing. "A Wedding & A Funeral". There is a security camera above this section of the library so someone can check it out. The white kids left at about 4:40-45 p.m. As I went outside, and others were around to anticipate I would try to track down who the people were, some older man who was "hefty" came into the library, grinning at the same time and I felt he had something to do with it.

It's only something that could be observed on camera.

I'm tired of being targeted, and having my son targeted and tortured.

Also, one of the sweetest little ladies, the nice mouse-keeper type, who works at the library was working to keep my cell phone from me the other day.

I left it behind and it was turned in to her and she knew it. There was no one else to take it but her. I went to the desk to ask for it and she lied and said no one turned anything in. I have no clue what religion she is. She sits downstairs in circulation by the adult fiction section where Express computers are.

When she lied and said no one had turned in a cell phone, I said I needed to make a phone call to let someone know I was going to be late to a place. Would she make a phone call for me? She meekly and mildly said yes, and with the nicest smile and wide-eyes. She looks like an angel. She looks like Niki-the-Bartender-From-the-Pub but with more innocence and wider doe-eyes. These librarians are killers I tell ya, like the postal workers and animal control people you assume are innocuous and then you find out they've been on killing sprees.

So this librarian said okay, she'll make a call for me, and as she had the phone in her hand, I said, "Actually, let me call my cell phone." She tried not to react but sort of did. I gave her the number and sure enough, my cell phone starts ringing from her own desk.

If I hadn't called my own cell, she would have heisted my phone!

This is Nancy-the-Nylon (not Nancy-the-Lion). She mainly wears nylon and polyester clothing.

So when my cell rings from HER desk, she started to turn red. I looked at her and she heh-heh'd and said "Oh, someone must have put it there!" There was no one else to "put it there" except for HER. She said her name was Karen, when I asked her today but I don't know.

I don't think it was the man on #2 next to me because when he left it still happened and he was there when it wasn't happening, but maybe he knew someone--maybe not.

A little bit ago it was, I believe, the woman across from me while I was on #2, and she was on #9 and then joined by a man. It quit when she left. Something else that was sort of weird though, was that when this other man with a black cap rolled his suitcase thing by, it did something but I don't know why it would be irregular.

I am figuring out, based on what is being done, that whatever this is, that's used, does not have to be manipulated by hand while it is used. Someone is able to turn it off and on remotely so the person carrying it doesn't have to use their hands at all.

I have been sitting here as it's gone off and then back on and then off for a period, and no one is using their hands to turn it off and on...which means all they need to be are carriers.

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