Monday, May 9, 2011

My Family & Angel's of Light

Someone keeps deleting my post. Just now it published that last sentence but someone was editing my post twice.

I wrote that my Dad had a slice/cut on his neck, and my Mom said he didn't or she never saw it. But it's there, and my Mom was poisoned, and I've had so many things happen--the only reason they wouldn't want to admit or say more is if they are afraid of law enforcement and the lack of response by FBI or persons who should be protective. If someone is dirty and it's pretty bad, up the chain, then this would be why people are afraid.

I was reading this verse, the other day, about how Satan masquerades and disguises himself as an angel of light

someone keeps editing what I write, and it's happened at least 12 or 13 times now.

Anyway, I thought about this verse in churchy terms, or spiritual terms, but this last time I thought about it differently (by the way, it's time to get rid of the mistress, you who are in bed with the catholic church--and I'm not connecting this comment to the middleton stuff either, but separately, for someone else). The verse says if Satan himself was disguised and masqueraded as an angel of light, and a servant of righteousness, why should anyone be shocked that his followers will do the same thing?

What caught my attention was the wording "servants of righteousness" and the equation with not just clergy but "public servants".

Is it so difficult then, to imagine that some of the people who even work for the FBI are corrupt? I'm not singling out FBI, but any organization that, on the face, seems to be about righteousness and justice and doing good. I always feel shocked, but this verse tells me, "Why are you shocked?" sort of as if to say, "Do you really think the Devil presents himself to the public with a pitchfork?"

Which is why I think some of the people who have been involved in what's happened to me and my son, must look pretty good on the surface and even for the next several layers. Which is why I think people are scared because if criminals who don't care what they do or say, are colluding with "angels of light", who will believe them?

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