Thursday, May 26, 2011

Torture @ Library 2:49 p.m. & earlier

Someone has been using technology at the library again.

This branch has also hired new people recently, who are affiliated with both military and other government connections.

There are new hires here with this profile.

At 2:49-50 p.m., someone used something on me and pulsed it several times. I am downstairs at computer 5 and someone sitting to my right, in front of me a woman in a nurse smock with a child (I believe it was her) and that's it, for direct proximity. There was no one else behind me or to my side, or in front or back. In front of me is computer 4 and to my side is 6 and that was it. It was this woman, at 4.

After I started blogging about it, another woman (white) came over. Black woman in front of me, and black man in black t-shirt to my right side.

Upstairs, someone did this several times.

The other woman who walked over to her friend is also wearing a nurse smock. Red shirt and red pants of a medical personnel. They're Catholic.

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