Sunday, May 22, 2011

YMCA worker deletes FBI numbers, leaves funeral home

My phone was left behind and I felt okay about it until someone picked it up.

When I looked at my saved contacts, someone had deleted all of them, leaving only 2.

1 for a funeral home and 1 for Wenatchee police.

I am not sure who did it, and someone who first picked it up could have done it, but they would have had to have already known what the funeral home was.

I called a funeral home because I was told they might have forensic investigators there who could do analysis privately. On my phone, it isn't listed "funeral home". It is listed with an obscure surname.

For someone to go through and deliberately delete all of my contacts, including FBI contacts, family, my law firm, and other numbers, and leave a funeral home number and Wenatchee police, is malicious.

The time that I felt the bad energy was when a woman named "Melissa" supposedly grabbed it and her husband is a security guard or works with law enforcement. Now I'm wondering if I sensed bad energy not just because my phone was picked up and "moved" but because someone was going through it, altering information and deleting it, or sharing it with others. I had thought later, "It was bugged" and that's what was done (as if telecommunications surveillance through NSA and others isn't bad enough).

I couldn't understand why I would have a "bad feeling" if it was only moved from one safe location to another safe location. So now that I see information was erased, it makes me wonder.

It's possible that someone grabbed it, and deleted numbers and then left it at the Y. And then maybe someone picked it up, even Melissa later, and there was a bad feeling because someone else figured out what I figured out.

But the fact is, someone maliciously had to delete everything and know they were leaving behind a funeral home number.

It was for Shopenhorst. And that's how it came up: "Shopenhorst". Someone deleted everything except for this and Wenatchee Police.

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