Friday, May 13, 2011

Continued Retaliation with Harassment and Torture

While Blogger was down, I had continued harassment and torture both today and yesterday.

It is coming from Catholic & other groups.

Yesterday I was at the Homewood Inn in Nashville, TN, and someone started something that affected my heart. The only person with proximity to me was a woman at the front desk with the name tag of "Jenna".

Then, the same thing happened briefly at the public library.

Then, it happened while I sat in the gym at the Y, and only one cafe worker (larger woman with dark curly hair) and another employee were next to me. I moved outside and instantly it quit. At the end of the day, it happened in the library again.

It was as if, for several days, everyone was over in Memphis on vacation with the flooding and then decided to go after me again when I posted my intentions to make my report of torture.

You can do whatever you want, because this report and claim is not going to go away.

When I said, there is no going back, that is exactly what I meant and there is NO going back. I stand firm in my allegations of torture.

Torture has been done to both me and my son and military and other forms of technology have been used, as well as primal brute force, to try to intimidate and silence us.

I will not be silenced. Not anymore.

For the first time, a few days ago, in chapel, I asked a woman what brought her to the homeless shelter and she told me. Then she asked me the same question and for the first time, ever, I said, "My son and I have been victims of torture."

It was the best and most freeing and incredible thing--to face up to, and state precisely the reason "why".

I then went on to explain that I and my son were targets for torture after several years of repeated vandalisms and harassment and surveillance. I told her when the police and FBI said they couldn't help, or didn't believe me, and said to "move" and after I'd been falsely arrested and persecuted and defamed, I fled the United States and went to Canada for political asylum. My initial idea was to check it out, and then make friends and raise money to leave Canada and go somewhere else.

But there were some in Canada who were corrupt, and they made deals with some in the U.S. who were corrupt. We were forced back to the U.S. and then a fraudulent CPS case slapped on everything.

I was so pressured not to talk about being tortured, that I started to back down on my claim. And I never should have. I should have stayed firm, no matter how hard it was for some people to "believe".

So it was an incredible thing, to be able to say, as a U.S. citizen living in the U.S., "I am here because everything was taken from us and we are refugees in our own country."

There is no other reason I'm where I am. It's not because I'm not smart enough, or attractive, or nice enough. It is because my son and I have been systemically and repeatedly tortured. Not just tortured, but brutalized, defamed, falsely imprisoned (me at least), and medicated and stolen from. Is it possible, at all, to who I should be and would have been, while being literally, physically tortured?

No, it is not possible.

The same people who torture me drive past me in new vehicles, men and women, and mock me. They laugh as they torture. This is the very definition of sadism.

Today, I had someone using something, even if it was mild, while I was in the women's locker room, and then, as I was on the telephone with a Presbyterian ministry person from NY.

I was in the Yellow General store when I got the call from a man who has worked with torture victims and now works at the UN. As I talked to him, it didn't matter where I turned, I was being targeted. And it felt like a laser. It was burning and affected my heart and if I turned a corner and was in a different spot it quit and then it was like someone focused on me or moved over to me again. I was walking all over that store, trying to get away from what was happening. This store has security cameras. It's the one on 5th street and this occured between 1:30 p.m. (approx) and 2:10 p.m. If it's long distance stuff, how come those who get close to me and are near me at that time know what's going on?

Out of ALL of the so-called "psychics" and fortune tellers and people who are able to see things, or predict things...if they are GOOD people, one would think they could testify to others to the fact that my son and I have been, and are being, tortured.

Today, it happened at the gym a little and then again at the library and then strongly at the yellow general store. Then, I was walking back from a store where I had returned some items, and to my left was a lot of skyscrapers and bridges. I suddenly, while on the phone with unemployment offices, had a strong blast to my left ear. Not my right, specifically to my left.

And I swore out loud, while on a recorded call to the Tennessee workforce. I said to the woman, apologizing, that someone had just blasted my ear, and said, "I know it sounds weird, but you know something is wrong when after this happens to you, 2 different men approached me pointing to their ears on that side. If they know about it, they're in on it."

So, going back to "What brought you here?"

Why would anyone swear, randomly, while on a customer service call, as an aside? This isn't something I would do, and I am not crazy. However, it sounds crazy when you don't know what the details are and you're ignorant to what kinds of reactions someone who is constantly targeted and tortured might have.

That blast to my ear was only possible through military technology. However, gangsters have this, mafia has it, and black operations will utilize even the corrupt for their own agenda.

I am still being targeted for torture and my son is as well.

I not only have photos that prove I and my son have suffered and have damages, I have my testimony.

I look back on what happened in D.C. What happened? I went there to establish my claim of torture and obtain evidence. I had people come out of the woodwork to pressure me to put this aside and say it was my "imagination". If I did such-and-such, "You might get your kid back. If you say that, they'll call you crazy."

The only time they were even worried, when I look back on it all, was when I spoke the truth:

My son and I are victims of torture and persecution and there are corrupt officials working in tandem with mafia or other groups that hate me.

Then, I barely tried to suggest I was being tortured, when I was in Seattle, and I had more death threats and both my son and I were poisoned. Doctors were trying to cover it up. Doctors who knew the people that had poisoned me and my son.

Today, I looked up the difference between the Taliban and Al-Quaeda. And then I looked up this Egyptian man who was imprisoned over and over, and witnessed the torture of others. He was a man that Osama bin ladin followed and respected. Do you know what he was against? Guess what one primary thing he stood up against? Look up "Sayyid Qutb". I don't agree with everything that it says he's against, but note especially how he is against TORTURE.

He was against torture.

Did Osama torture anyone?

How disgraceful when American citizens call Osama bin ladin an "evil" man for plotting against some Americans, when this many "Americans" ARE, in fact, evil. If you support "torture" of human beings, I don't care who you are, you are not a good person.

With all of the things that they did, they did not target women and children. They went after, primarily, men and military. Even in this last blast, which was horrific, in Pakistan, it was WRONG and horrible! but they went after military men.

Show me ONE example where Osama bin ladin advocated torture of anyone. They did not even believe in torturing human beings, or having people suffer long, protracted times of pain and suffering.

Should Osama have been the FBI's #1 Most Wanted?

Or should Panetta have made the top of the list.

Panetta hasn't ordered buildings destroyed and people killed in some foreign country other than to ask the U.S. military to demolish Afghanistan. Panetta has top knowledge of what kinds of experiments are done to prisoners, both domestic and foreign prisoners. Panetta was privy to the details of torture and medical and military experiments, if he wanted to be, and he was the head of the CIA.

What was the first thing Panetta did? He went after a man who was going to expose him.

I hear about Robert Mueller, by the way, and how Obama wants another 2 years for Mueller. I thought, "He's been the head of the FBI for 10 years? That's about as long as my son and I have been persecuted and victimized." Why should he have another 2 years in office? Is he going to repair for what he's allowed already? If he has plans to right the wrongs, go ahead. I would only hope the next person would not be worse.

Now, again, I am definitely not advocating any kind of murder or killings. But I am just taking a closer look at things. The American media has not yet put up even 1 show or report about Osama surrenduring first. I don't know why they are not publishing this.

It also says that, according to the Islamic beliefs of Wahhabi, it is believed one only makes a plea, or supplication, to God, not to anyone else. Not to any man. So one of the forms of the plea, is, in extreme situations, to raise hands fully to the sky and extended all the way up. It is reserved for extreme situations in going to God. For most times, one only raises their hands up to about shoulder-height.

If they firmly believe it is wrong to make a plea to any man, and only to God, is it against their beliefs to raise their hands all the way up? do they feel they are violating what God would want? And if they lie on the ground, would they feel this is prostrating themselves for a human when this is reserved for a holy form of reverence to God?

I guess I wonder how he tried to surrender.

And I also wonder, if one Taliban or Al-Quaeda person capturesa another, or someone in their own religion, do they surrender to one another in a certain form? or is it just standard for anyone and everyone, the world over, to raise their hands all the way or lie down on the floor...naked for that matter.

I mean, did the Seals tell him the only way he could surrender would have been to strip in front of his 12 year old daughter? Was it necessary to tell him to strip when they had already captured him and had him in their arms? I mean, I take "capture" to mean he was physically restrained and caught. So did someone just hold him at arms length as another took careful aim to execute him?

I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM. I am not defending killings. I am for the right of israel to have their own state and the right of others to have their own states too. I am only saying, from my perspective, as someone who has been tortured, along with her own son, in her OWN COUNTRY, I am able to take a second look and closer look at things.

I mean, how is it possible for my son and I to have been through what we've been through, and suffer as we have, and my whole family, while living as American citizens in "America, land of the free!?!"

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Anonymous said...

How many broken bones, how many surgeries how many rapes how many torn ligaments or fingers cut off have you or your son have? You make a mockery of the word torture. Some of us that have been physically abused take offense that you write about your torture because you hear buzzing or the computer you are using goes off. Or you don't get state aid that you think you deserve. I know you won't print this because it is the truth. No one has ever hurt you except your own crazy mind your child is so better off away from you even your family knows this I dare you to print this and print details of real torture not mental craziness