Friday, May 20, 2011


I don't know why I care to write about music when this is going on.

But I liked the song called "The Kiss" from Last Of The Mochicans. I am listening to the classical station I made for my son and it's on the Scottish section.

I also like "A Highland Kingdom" by Highland Kingdom on The Royal Corps of Signals. (it's a medly). I like the first one because it's wistful.

I also think the sopranos on this opera are very good...Lakme by Leo Delibes, and I think the echo effect at the end is perfect. This is how they sound without the echo, very light, like a veil, and then it's just finer at the end with the echo. On Richard Bonynge.

I chose some opera for my son because when he was just a baby, I put on a video of The Three Tenors and he would sit through the whole thing, enthralled. He loved his cartoons, but I was surprised opera held his interest so well, and he loved it. It think he was more fascinated than anything. Up until about age 1 1/2. I remember playing it when it was fall and winter, before we left for Canada. He was about 12-14 months old and he enjoyed watching opera. He sat through an entire performance on his own, wanting to. I always sat with him and we held hands or he sat on my lap if he didn't sit next to me. I made a production of watching movies or shows with him.

Instead of just plopping down on the couch to watch, I made a point to fan out his CARS blanket and let him see it as I draped it across the back of the couch, and then fluffed pillows and made popcorn or snacks. I made it a special time, to even just watch a show together. And if sometimes he watched a short show when I caught up on email, I still fanned it out for him and then looked over at him as he would do with me while he was watching. If he watched a show on his own, it was only a few feet away from me, and never longer than a 1/2 hour. It was the most we were ever separated. I never turned my back on my son. Ever.

Figuratively, or literally. He was either in front of me, facing me, or we were side by side. I never had my back to my son. He was the most secure and safe feeling and happy kid out there.

Aside from our later torture, which was nothing I could control, we were extraordinarily happy.
I like "She Moves Through The Air"/rocking the baby/irish washerwoman/eavesdropper" from the Scottish Royal Corporals a lot. I also like the "Scotland The Brave" song by Scottish National Pipe and Drums and I like the drums. I could suddenly see my son drumming along to this, wearing some kind of hat with a feather in it. It's like some kind of folded hat with a feather? this is odd because I looked up scottish military hats and they are folded and some have feathers. It's not exactly what I saw though. I might find exactly what it is. It's very similar.

"Maggie Cameron" I like and after halfway through sort of made me want to cry. It's not a sad song either. By Arthur Gillies, from The Piping Centre 1997, Recital Series, No.3. I like "Atholl Highlanders/Bugle Horn/Killaloe" too.

I looked up Scottish hats and the closest thing so far is the "Prince Charlie Scotch-bonnet, Officer of Highland Regiments 1740s. But there is a man at the top wearing one hat that is different and it sort of looks like this one. It's folded but instead of folded and worn with the crease in the middle like the glengarry, it's a larger hat that extended a little to the sides and had a feather stuck in it, to the side. I found more of what it sort of looked like. Sort of like a General George Washington hat, but with a feather in it. Whatever it was, it was brown. A brown hat that sits sort to the side, and extends to the sides like a George hat, or up like a Prince Charlie bonnet, folded, and with a feather stuck in the side. Just had an impression of my son playing drums wearing a hat like that. some kind of bicorn or tricorn style folded hat with a feather stuck in it. or to the side. But anyway. Got the impression with that one song, the "Scotland the Brave" song. Might be something like the hat prince charlie one, from 1740s too or close (found on scottish wedding (scottish bonnets). There was no brim, not like one that sticks out as with a cowboy or baseball hat. The first drawing shows a man who is tall with a hat like this type, and then there is different kind farther down.

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