Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Police Obstruction and Greyhound Obstruction

I asked the Metro police to call the security at Greyhound since they were the ones to tell me, "Send 'em over! we all work together!"

The officer, J. Orr, refused to call them or find out what was going on. He was with Metro. I told him they said they worked with Metro but he refused to do anything about it.

So I called Greyhound in Nashville and got "Cheryl" who said she didn't know who the security was with. What group. I asked her to ask a supervisor and she said her supervisor, who was right there with them, said he didn't know. I asked what the name of the supervisor was and she wouldn't tell me--she hung up on me.

This is not even looking like "police and security" working "together" as much as it looks like mafia working together. No one in their right mind acts like this or does this, and supports others who do.

I called Greyhound corporate and they gave me some customer service woman who said she didn't know why they would refuse service.

I asked for their legal counsel and the woman gave me customer service.

This is the same thing that was done to me in Walla Walla, and also several times in Nashville with bus drivers not saying I couldn't get on the bus, but driving right me while seeing me there and knowing I needed them to stop, or taking "cigarette breaks" for a half hour while on duty, making me late getting back.

These people don't want me to go to Knoxville because of a bet.

They bet money.

Someone put money on my leaving or not and I have officers who collude with mafia and have obstructed me from leaving town, while all they've done in the last several days is harass me and bring people in to use technology, and yes, they did because they didn't like how I said I was going to the FBI.

These idiots don't want me getting to someone decent in Knoxville because they already know they're screwed. My step to Knoxville is one step closer to a Protestant with integrity and they want to set their own crap up there first. I think they know already they won't set it up well enough if I get ahold of the right person over there.

I have known, ever since I got to Nashville, that even Nashville FBI didn't want me going to Knoxville FBI. In the meantime, in the last 6 months, I'd like to know who "transfered" over. It would be really interesting to know who decided to move to Knoxville for some "transitional" career move or just to "be closer to family" or whatever the excuse is. Kinda like Brad Uhl moving to the Nashville DEA from Florida when he knows people who have interfered with my life.

I have had an increase in motivated criminals wanting to discredit me, by using crap all over the place, because they are scared. They're worried that if they DON'T torture to discredit me, someone might believe what I'm saying.

And they don't like the fact I want to visit Knoxville. Even the corrupt officers here don't like it. And neither does Vanderbilt, because they have their own sick motives.

For some reason, if I had been able to get on a bus, it would have screwed up someone's plans or been part of convincing someone of a prediction made by someone that they're trying to alter and screw up. They think, literally, that they can change fate by one day.

I suppose that is sometimes true, isn't it?

Sometimes, just 1 day makes a difference, for some reason, and some people will ruin both heaven and hell, or try, to change something. I have people torturing me, to try to alter everything and they are not getting away with it. You are going to jail. Do you hear me? You are going to jail. To Jail, and even in your suit you're going. May as well tuck in the badge and passport, because you're going to Jail. You are going to jail for obstruction of justice, torturing through battery and assault, fraud, intimidation, public corruption, and collusion and you're getting tapped for money laundering and defamation too.

I'm going to Knoxville and no one is stopping me. If I die along the way, because the security and personnel at Greyhound harassed me and obstructed my right to travel, that will be on their heads.

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