Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proof of Torture (me and my son)

The simplest way to get my son back is to prove we've been tortured.

I am, and have not ever been, mentally ill.

I have been tortured. And I witnessed the torture of my son.

I have, on my nails, right now, the same kind of grooves and warping, in a couple of places, that both my son and I had, at the same time, from damages of what was done to us both in East Wenatchee.

I have never experienced it as badly as I did at that time, with my son showing the same symptoms, but after working at Logan's with coworkers and others torturing me again, some of this evidence is showing in my nails again.

I have warping and a line of demarcation consistent with my body being heated from military technology.

I don't care how "crazy" it sounds.

These are the facts, and THIS is what has happened to me and my son.

I was tortured, along with my son, in 2007, because someone felt we were a threat and that I had gained the attention of someone they didn't want me to have anything to do with, or we were caught in cross-fire...it really doesn't matter. It happened.

And I have been defamed as crazy ever since, when I was a mother who was surviving torture and trying to protect her child from this.

Since then, I have been through other times of torture. It was very bad after my fiance left.

This is not a reason to want him back.

No one will torture me or push me to do anything that is not made in a time where I am able to make a rational and voluntary decision about matters of life and death.

My choice has been independence and freedom.

I do not accept the U.S. position of claiming I am mentally ill.

I reject and refute each and every instance where any local, state, or federal person has decided to defame me in order to keep up with an official position of DENIAL.

This isn't about a "CPS case". That CPS case was thrown in to justify and cover for crimes that were being committed against me and my son.

If I go one step back, farther, I could say, it's not about CPS, it's about the kidnapping of my son and public corruption.

But really, when I go to the ROOT of the problem, it is torture.

I and my son are victims and survivors of TORTURE and I am not talking about the humiliation, degradation, and persecution we have experienced. I am talking about literal and physical torture.

If the U.S. refuses to admit to, and investigate, the facts, there is NO place for me in this country.

I have been pushed into this corner with criminals trying to call me "crazy" if I talk about what happened to me and my son. They tell me, and prove to me, by jailing me under multiple false arrests, and stealing from me, defaming me and humiliating me, and then throwing me into a mental ward, that if I dare try to PROTEST and testify about my being poisoned, receiving death threats, and tortured, I will suffer punishment for this by being called crazy.

I have been lied to, and told if I keep saying these things have happened, I will lose my son.

I have already lost my son.

Criminals in this country have stolen 4 years of his life from me already.

And FUCK you if I am going to allow the same people who don't know how to hold up on their end of deals, to tell ME to lie about a TRUTH, which is that my son and I have literally been tortured.

If I am to be called "Crazy" for saying people have done this to us, and that military technology has been used, then instead of going back and forth with talking about this and then trying to ignore it and lay low...

THIS CANNOT be ignored.

I refuse to ignore this and keep quiet, and act like this is just an every day event in my life and something that I am to accept.

MY SON was a baby and he was tortured. He was then further abused and tortured and the State of Washington did nothing about it.

If I have ever sounded "mentally ill", at ANY given time, it is from a combination of torture, invalidation, being persecuted and degraded in such a manner that is consistent with being a POW, and being medicated and drugged repeatedly.

At different times I have been encouraged to say, "I was wrong. I haven't been tortured. Maybe I am just reacting to medications...maybe I'm reacting to stress."

This is not true.

From this day forward, I will never again allow anyone to intimidate or embarrass me into backtracking on my claim.

I and my son are examples of Human Rights Violations in the United States. If the U.S. continues to refuse to admit this is true, and continues to refuse the return of my son, this will be an evidence of their involvement in the cover up.

My dream that I had was not that I was "Queen of England" or something like that (not that, actually, anything is impossible). It was that I had a great responsiblity with the United States when I was older.

At this time, I cannot imagine this coming to pass but it is no reason for me to stay in this country and live here if I am without my SON, and without someone validating my claims. Even if I go to some other country and they don't believe me, it would almost be better than living in my own home country and having my own people reject me and lie about and invalidate me. It would be better to live with strangers who don't believe me, than with family (i.e., this country) that claims to care and lies and invalidates me.

There are criminals in this country, who have climbed into top positions in every place of government and if they are responsible for acting as the "angels of light" or colluding with "angels of light" who masquerade for doing what is right, this might explain why it has even gone this far.

It is not just U.S. nationals. The criminals who allowed torture of me and my son engaged others from other countries as well. However, the fact remains that if I am trying to obtain protection and justice from someone, or some group, it would be with the U.S.

1. I was tortured and my son was tortured.
2. I fled this country, under guise of vacation and also with idea to initially "check things out" for political asylum.
3. After several years of vandalism and theft and assault, with U.S. persons refusing to take reports and maligning me instead, I and my son were then physically victims of torture.
4. I have been falsely arrested a number of times, like a political prisoner; I have had my ability to travel blocked and impeded; I have been involuntarily detained not only in jails but in mental institutions when I had no mental illness; I have been medicated and drugged against my will. I have been refused FOIA, housing, work, unemployment benefits and refused tax investigation regarding my attempt to secure unemployment benefits. I have been refused continuity in my telephone and email services and had disruptions that are only possible to describe as harassment.
5. I have had other people, from other countries, validate my claims before anyone in the U.S. ever has. I have had validation that I have had damages from torture and I have also been validated for being followed and under constant surveillance.
6. My son was kidnapped from me and I was illegally and falsely arrested because of public corruption and collusion between U.S. officials and Canadian officials.
7. I was victim of a fraudulent CPS case and given public defenders who worked with the State to cover up for each and every lie and to insult my dignity and credibility.
8. My son's right to enjoy freedom with his mother has been repeatedly denied and his human rights to be free from torture and to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing justice will be done on his behalf, have been violated.

I absolutely, unequivocly, REFUSE and refute each and every lie from local, state, and federal workers, of any class, culture, or religion, used to defame, disgrace, and discredit me and prevent me from securing an investigation into the facts on behalf of my own son and myself.

My son will not change, and will not ever, under any circumstances, change.

I will NOT lie to satisfy the demands of others.

My son and I have been tortured.

There is no such thing as an "appeal" to a CPS case that is a fraud. The workers and Judges involved are corrupt to the core.

I called the FBI today to ask who in the U.S. is responsible for diagnostics and evaluation of evidence of torture. I mentioned an Iranian man who, when I described what happened to me and my son, said it sounded like satellite or remote technology, at least part of it. He said, "I can't believe the U.S. would do this to their own citizens." He believed me because he was an expert someone had tried to recruit for the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense deals with military technology and they wanted HIM on their team, to work with MRI and remote laser technology. He said the warping I described on my and my son's toenails and fingernails, along with our other symptoms, were consistent with technology capabilities.

I then went on to be a victim and guinea pig of other technologies and continued to be medicated, drugged, and assaulted, including at work, in my last job.

The FBI told me today that the people who would look into this would be military. Right. Like I am to expect anything from a Pentagon that is being run by the Sadistic Panetta.

If someone in the U.S. does not investigate and validate my claims, I will go to the military of another country, and have them evaluate my claims and explain to me what technologies were used and obtain evidence through my presentation of symptoms and effects.

I first went to the East Coast for blood analysis to show there were alterations in structure because of being tortured. Somehow, I ended up instead dating the Chief Strategist and military personnel who did nothing to validate my claims of torture or get my son back. I am not going to say it is their fault, but what I can say, is that someone in military should be able to figure out what has happened to me and my son and validate my claims. And someone in the FBI should be able to figure out that an investigation is necessary to examine public corruption of obstructing justice and my freedom of travel, and in deliberately setting me up to be jailed so my child could then be "legally" stolen from me.

First matters first.

1. Investigation of torture.
2. Investigation of public corruption to effect the kidnapping of my son from me.
3. Investigation of a fraudulent CPS case to cover for criminal actions of others, secure the story in the file and keep my testimony and documentation out of public record, and to discredit me.

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