Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Evidence On Nails

I thought I would add, the warping on my nails isn't noticeable if you're just looking from afar. You can't see it right now but if you feel it, there are humps and bumps that follow along these ridges which show up as more red. Where my nail is more red, the nails lies set in, flatter, and then there are whiter areas and these are raised.

When my son and I were tortured in East Wenatchee, it was so bad it was very noticeable to the naked eye. My son's toenails were totally bumpy and warped and curled even. I cut his nails of course, but even in Canada when they were growing out, they grew out totally warped.

The warping was always horizontal along the nail, not vertical.

My son is a victim of torture.

It is incredible to me that Panetta's mafia is so tightly run, he has people in almost every kind of agency trying to dispute this and discredit me.

If I start making a list of which doctors and psychologists and persons have been most involved in smearing me, it's Catholic and then some Jewish effort as well. Some protestants in Wenatchee joined in later, and probably because they are not christians at all, but just claim to be, and are selfish enough to do what they want, in their own interests.

Michelle, the social worker, I don't know if she is actually Protestant or Catholic, but I know she's corrupt. She is good friends with Marie Scanlon, another social worker, who had MY public defender's WIFE as one of her best maids or maid of honor at her wedding.

It came down to covering up, money, greed, and intimidation tactics.

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