Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Officers Obstruct My Right To Travel & Free Speech

I just tried to get on a bus to leave this town and I was obstructed from traveling. Not only did they obstruct my right to travel, they violated my right to free speech in an adult, public environment (a bus station).

Zach, the supervisor, not only tried to keep me from getting a ticket, he looked worried that I might try anyway and said, "They are all sold out." He lied. Then he had police/security officers tell me I could not board the next one out of town.

There is no law against using a swear word to say, "I need to get a fucking ticket" when Officers are standing there not only allowing others to block you from bus 1, but then trying to step in while you're in line to buy a ticket.

Not only that, it was sheer harassment with use of police and intimidation. What they did was completely unnecessary and they only did it to try to keep me from buying a ticket.

It happened at the Nashville Greyhound station.

A black man named "Zach", who said he was the supervisor, headed me off, going out of his way to get into my way. He said, supposedly not knowing me, "You already missed your bus." I said, "What bus? I'm going to Knoxville, isn't that the Knoxville bus?" and he said, "Yes and it's leaving now." It was behind schedule and in no hurry to leave. They had just boarded more people who ran in and bought tickets right before I got to the door. He said, "No, sorry, you're not going anywhere." I said, "Can't I get on anyway? I have cash and it will take a minute." He said no and got sort of beligerant and haughty about it so I walked away from him, while he snickered and I said, "Fuck you" and just walked in to try to talk to someone or get a ticket. I never would have said it, if he hadn't made snide comments and let me know he was glad I wasn't able to get on the bus. I had gone online and the time was totally different. And not only that, this idiot KNEW I was trying to take that bus or he wouldn't have made haughty comments to me about how "You missed your bus" in the first place. He was being an asshole and looked worried when I tried to go in to just get a ticket anyway. This man did not WANT me to get on the bus!

So I stood in line and it still took 5 minutes for those buses to leave. I waited and was going to walk out and then I decided, no, I will get a ticket for the next one.

There was 1 person ahead of me the whole time. And a ton of people inside waiting for other modes of transportation so it was unusual for "Zach" to announce I was going to miss my bus. He knows about everyone's business? Or just mine.

Not only did he try to keep me from going in to get a ticket, he tried to DISSUADE me, saying, "There aren't any tickets left."

He was LYING.

There were seats left on that bus. So this idiot not only tried to hold me up from buying a ticket to get on the bus, he lied and said, "They aren't any seats left."

If you don't believe me, watch how many people get off the bus at the next stop the Greyhound makes en route from Nashville to Knoxville.

If you're going to lie to me to try to keep me from getting on a bus, I have every free speech right to mutter a "Fuck You."

So I stood in line, to get a ticket for the NEXT bus, and the doors fling open and these two Security Officers came out swaggering and one got up right to my face. Both of them staring at me, and one got about 6 inches from my face. I was on the phone and said, "I'm in the middle of a call." He said, "You can't talk that way if you want to be here." I said, "What way?" I said, "Okay, I don't need a lecture, I'm just getting a ticket." So this wasn't enough for this guy, Lt. "Trails" (and I didn't see his badge because he took it off so he could have been lying). The other security man was "M. Gambles".

I was trying to just get him out of my way so I said, "Okay, yeah, fine, I'm just getting a ticket" but he continued to talk and provoke me and was right in my face. He started lecturing about courtesy in these parts and on and on and I said, "Do you know what? If you were a real "Southern Gentleman" and knew where YOU were, you would be employing your southern manners when addressing a lady." (or something like that) and he repeated, getting closer to my face, "You will act a certain way where you are..." and I said, "And you, if you knew where YOU were, in the South, renowned for it's manners, would show me some RESPECT."

He looked slightly stilted and then started repeating the same thing AGAIN, and inches from my face, and I said, "I'm just trying to get a fucking ticket."

At that, he said, "She's not riding the bus" and he turned to me and told me to leave. I said, "You cannot obstruct my right to travel and buy a ticket." He said, "You're not buying a ticket and you're not getting on the bus."

I could not believe it. Not only did the first guy "Zach" play dirty and lie to try to keep me from even buying a ticket, he harassed me and then brought out security to harass and try to provoke me.

There was NO cause.

Not to mention, my saying, "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" is not grounds for refusing to allow someone to travel. That would be a violation of free speech. I wasn't cussing him out or being hostile. I said nothing mean or negative to him. After he refused to leave it alone and get away from me, I said in exasperation: "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" and he BLOCKED me from my right to travel.

Then I called for police and they wanted to know my location and name and I thought, "No, there is no way, not until I document in writing exactly what happened and make sure that I document what happened just minutes before this occured too."

Minutes before, while I was walking to the station, this woman in a minivan from Alabama with license plates that said "Crimson Tide" made this huge to-do when someone blasted my left ear as I walked past. I looked over at the this woman driving by at that moment, wondering if it was her and then this other woman in the minivan was watching and noted the whole thing. She knew that it happened. And she was from Alabama. The other woman driving past was from TN and then when I left, I looked back and saw this other woman who had been parked in that location, get out of her car and she was looking back at me and from Michigan. I got their plate numbers. The woman from Alabama is like this ordinary looking mother in a minivan and there is something wrong with her because she knew what happened and played into it. Alabama plates wre 4A90T1 Alabama. The woman driving by when it happened, driving to my left side as this happened to my left ear, was in a vehicle with Nashville plates 695 YJK, or TN plates actually. Then the woman who had been parked there the whole time, probably right there when it happened but I did'nt see her because the other car came around, was in Michigan plates BRQ 8910. When I first looked around, no one could be seen in the carseat, on her side so she may have even ducked. But I walked away after writing down Alabama plates and then looked back and this black woman was getting out of the Michigan plates car and looking at me, and I thought, "How strange, because she's right there where it happened and she ducked so it looked like no one was in the car." This happened at the Walgreen's parking lot off of Charlotte Blvd. and approx. 18th. There was an American Red Cross station set up right there. I'm getting a really weird feeling about some of the people with the American side of Red Cross. They are not all good. Some are military. Check it out. Seriously. I went into a Red Cross drive in Nashville to find myself next to some Army guy and then being tasered or lasered or something. That was months ago, in November or December. Probably Dec. or Jan actually because for the first part of Nov. & Dec. nothing happened. That was when I realized not everyone working for The American Red Cross is a good person and they are not all on the same page either. Some of them engage in, and allow for human experimentation and actually, it crossed my mind when I tried to do the blood drive then, about Diana and what she got into. If anything, the Red Cross had people who also worked in the military who were keeping tabs on her and her interests and research. They are not all "humanitarian." I promise. In Wenatchee, the Red Cross tried to prevent me from even donating blood there. Remember? I blogged about it and the man in charge who was trying to put my blood in a different category or not allow me, was from Virginia.

There are CIA and military within the International Red Cross. Just as there are mafia in law enforcement and the intelligence and FBI fields, and they work together. If they didn't you would never hear about how the CIA hired "So-and-so" hit-man to do their dirty work for them.

In Wenatchee I had a bad experience with Red Cross. And that was after trying to volunteer to work with them too, and they turned me down saying they already had enough volunteers. So I had the weird incidence with collection of my blood in Wenatchee at the Wenatchee Valley Community College where they held the drive. Then, I went to the Red Cross to do a donation for free, in Nashville, TN after I went to a fertility clinic to check about being a surrogate mother (not for free). That's when I had someone hit me with technology there. In their front office. It was all games and I couldn't believe it, because I had thought I would be safe with the Red Cross. Next, I am walking past their little trailer, and this happened to me. What were they doing? Watching me from the inside? I mean, why did someone choose to do this to me in the parking lot of the Walgreen's where the Red Cross trailer was?

These are NOT all "good people." Some of these Red Cross workers are criminals. I am not kidding. They are criminals. Not the majority of course, but there are always bad ones. It was shocking for me to realize this.

So this is what just happened to me. I was assaulted with technology trying to walk to the bus station. Not only that, my workplace, Logan's, had withheld my paycheck from me even though they promised to mail it 2 weeks ago. They never did. I kept calling and asking where it was and then today, they tried to keep me from leaving town, saying, "We will put it in the mail to you and you can get it in a few days."

I said, "No, I was told I would have this money weeks ago and I am leaving today." So they had me sign some things and I would have been there with enough time if someone hadn't assaulted me and I hadn't walked back to write down license plate numbers.

I was on time. Except for being assaulted and then this man "Zach" tried to keep me from getting on the bus even if I tried and I was a little late, by lying and saying "No tickets are left."

I am tired of being obstructed by police or any other private party, from travel. There is no rule at Greyhound, that prevents someone from saying a swear word in an adult setting. I could understand it if someone was going on and on and disturbing the peace but that wasn't the case at all. I was not disturbing the peace--I was trying to buy a ticket.

It was bad enough to go into that workplace and see even one former coworker. They were, hands down, the trashiest and meanest people I've ever had to work with, in my life. In my LIFE!

If there is no "conspiracy" or group agenda, then why does someone who is just some kind of "supervisor" for Greyhound, how does he already know where I'm going, which bus I want to take, and then have a motive to lie about seat availability and then have police-security harass me?

It was uncalled for.

He, "Zach", probably knew the same people back at the Walgreen's, or was part of the same group that was attempting to delay me and assault me to create the delay.

Are they Catholic? I'll bet the woman from Alabama was. I didn't see anyting on her car to indicate this but just ssaying...

Here is a plate of 2 men in a large SUV that were horrible as well: 245 MLB TN. I say horrible, because after this happened at the parking lot with the women, I was trying to walk by and these guys drove by mocking me and laughing about what had just happened. All these people came out to mock and harass me. Today it was all the local Catholics and a few out-of-towners. No one else, aside from American-Jews who tried to use me in D.C., ever have had a motive. There was a Muslim "appearing" woman who drove by as well, who was no good, but just because a woman has a scarf on her head doesn't mean she's Muslim either. Another woman--953 XXV. Just obnoxious.

When I have police popping out of nowhere and then getting in my face and then telling me, "She's not riding the bus" or "You can't buy a ticket!" because I say "I just need to buy a fucking ticket" there is something seriously wrong.

Since when did that Officer run the Greyhound offices? He wasn't a manager there. He thought he could call the shots without talking to anyone else? After HE put himself in my face and personal space and didn't "drop it" but went on and on and on? He knows Jordan (from Logan's Roadhouse). He was just doing a favor for Jordan, not anyone else. And he knew he was provoking me and didn't quit.

The guys over at Logan's figured out I was leaving and they called up some buddies and tried to make it nasty for me. That's my guess, and I might be wrong, but it's not a bad guess at all.

This is not the first time I have been obstructed from travel and it's not because I'm rude, but because they have provoked me and tried to make an excuse. Today, I said "I just need a fucking ticket." In Walla Walla when the woman obstructed my travel, I hadn't said anything at all. She just decided she wasn't going to sell me a ticket.

I am really tired of this.

First someone assaults me to get a reaction going in the first place, and then that's after forcing me into contact with old employees, who I didn't speak to at all. I didn't say "Thank You" and I didn't say "Fuck You". I said nothing and just left. Then I was assaulted by women and then I had a man lying to me and harassing me and then calling in police to intimidate me and provoke me. I had had it.

Maybe my reaction wasn't one of patience, but God alone knows. No, my enemies know too, because they have been a part of this. This woman at the Hutton today didn't want me to leave out of town so soon, while she was typing in directions for The Red Cross. That's what she was typing in today.

If someone doesn't want me to leave, it's because the people who want to play games at my expense, decide they want to control where I go and what I do, to try to force some of their predictions true. I am tired of this. It's not a simple violation of my civil rights, it's criminal.

And do you know what? No one wanted to get my name and address when I called after being assaulted with military technology, but they DID want to get my name and address when I called about being obstructed from travel. Why? Because they don't want to document emergency calls, especially when I have some plates and evidence, but they DO want to document what might sound like "non-emergency" calls.

I wonder why. I just don't know! Maybe someone else knows? Hmmm, I am thinking hard, but I need your help too.

I have a right to buy a ticket to leave town. Period, and if someone stops me or gets in my way and violates my right, they are going to be documented. If that means they get paid off while the rest of the country takes the fall for looking lousy and hypocritical, maybe the good people should go after the ones that think they are gaining favor by screwing me over. They're screwing over the country and its reputation, not mine.

I have been typing at the Best Western and someone has been here using something on me the whole time, and the only guys hre were a cook who is not here now, and some guy named "Cameron" who was talking about being in the military. Since he's been here, someone has used technology that affects my heart in a pressure sort of way. There is no one to my left or to my right, and it has to be from the area right above me.

My mom said "it's everywhere now" but that's only how it gets when enough of the same people rally up to do it all at once and track me everywhere to make it sound, if even for a weekend, like it's every single place I go to, and therefore less "plausible". It's not implausible and the same people who forced me to leave the bus station knew I would then document what had happened online. There are not that many places to go or guesses to make.

People have used me for mind control research and also just out of gangster animosity and they mixed it up with people they know. The only people with a motive are Catholic and a few Jewish-American. No one else has a real motive unless it's research.

I had no problems at all when I worked for businesses that were not U.S. owned, either. I had no problems at the secured BP site in Blaine, WA. None. And that was after people were saying I was nuts. I wasn't nuts at all. And I had some protection when I worked at BP. There were not just some U.S. people there either, but international people.

The only places I've had problems are Wenatchee, a few Catholics in Canada, and then in TN, but only after the first month and right up to the Wedding, and in an area where people can move in and out and not be noticed (from other states) because they can look like tourists, and in a Catholic-Jewish dominated neighborhood. These are the only places I've ever had any problems. Oh, and Portland, Oregon-Mt. Angel where it all started. There are long periods where I found safety working for certain companies. Who maybe wouldn't have tolerated or allowed certain things to happen to me or my son.

My son has been used by the CIA already. He is in huge trouble and has been assaulted by mafia working for and with CIA. I am not lying. They've tried to turn him into a mind control project, at a young age and attempted to block me from protecting him.

My Dad has photos with cuts on his neck, my son has slices off his face, and I had very real images of someone beating up my mother and it wasn't my Dad. People deny things are happening if and when they are not safe. They deny because they are afraid worse might happen or no one will believe them. I don't deny it anymore and I'm on a fine line between reporting all the incidences at the moment they occur and being hauled into the loooney bin to shut me up.

It doesn't matter. Each and every incident will be documented. Maybe not with 911 in Knoxville, but if it's not 911 other state and fed people don't hear it. If it's only local it's easier to have buried, but I will document every single call to local there and if I don't have work I'm not staying in this state. Why stay here if I don't have work?

I asked this guy what is directly above, the one who works in military. Oh, this guy Cameron says he graduated with criminal justice.

So the plan was to chase me from the Greyhound station to the graduate of criminal justice. I asked him what is above this computer sttation and he said rooms were above. Someone keeps using a slow pulsing laser type thing, that puts a feeling of weight on you and comes in strong and then lets up and goes strong, stronger, and lets up, it's like a slow pulse.

Now this black man came over to tell me to get off bc I'm not registered. He's wearing a tie and white shirt and glasses and making a big deal now "to do maintenance" on the computer.

Something was going on here. And this guy Cameron needs to be checked out along with the black man in dreds, who is wearing a blue shirt and behind the counter to greet guests. It may have been him and he was here the whole time and facing me more than Cameron was.

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