Sunday, May 15, 2011

Malicious FBI Obstruction of Justice and Harassment

I think some of these FBI employees have just decided to treat me like the enemy.

I called this morning, to Washington D.C. after being lasered (literally) for a couple of hours, at a hotel, to the point of nausea and diarrhea. I have still been targeted for torture. I am not making this up. It happened at the Hilton Garden Inn and there were 3 male employees there during this time--could have been any one of them. It was too constant for it to be a guest.

When I left, I walked away and was still hot--my body felt heated up. And then I cooled down and was cold. Right now, I have my left hand with purplish pigmentation changes and my right hand with normal pink tones. The color under my nailbeds has changed and I have chills.

I tried to report it to the FBI. The FBI blocked and obstructed me, once again, from making a report. It was very gross obstruction and I was harassed as well, to the point where I broke down crying. The FBI is the organization that harrassed me and made me cry. Or their employees, and they should either be fired or the FBI as an organization should assume liability.

I called Washington D.C. the first time, at about 5:00 a.m. my time which was 7:00 their time. Or a little before this. The first man who answered said what did I want and I asked for the phone number for the Nashville FBI. Instead of giving me the phone number, he hung up on me. I called back and a different man answered the phone. I asked for the Nashville FBI's phone number and said the other man had hung up on me. He said, "There wasn't a different man. There is only ME, so it must be YOUR IMAGINATION." He had this horrible tone to his voice and just mocked me and he knew that another man had answered the phone first. I asked for the phone number again and then he hung up on me too. So I started crying.

I was being tortured and had just been lasered and tortured, and the FBI in D.C. literally blocked me from getting the local number. I don't have 411 on my phone. So then I got the number through 911 because I was so distraught that I had been mocked and ridiculed by an FBI employee. What did they think? that I would doubt myself?! or did they just enjoy harassing me by lying and claiming no one else answered the phone when they knew that I knew someone else had. Not only that, this second man played off of what I have written in my blog, about how some officials in the U.S. government have threatened me and told me to say it was just my "imagination" or people would say I was crazy.

I was crying, and called my parents to say there is no way I am able to live in this country if the FBI is corrupt like this. The only thing I had written that could have incited some FBI employee to say I was "imagining" things was what I wrote about the Middletons. So it seems to me that there are people IN the FBI who have been responsible for some of the things that have happened to me and my son, and some of them did it on behalf of working for the interests of the Middleton family. Who could that be? Catholics?

I then called the FBI in Nashville after someone gave me the number--the 911 operator. I called and the office was closed and it said to call Memphis. So I did and a woman answered and she asked what it was about. I had said a couple of sentences when she deliberately hung up on me. I called back and someone picked up the phone but put me on hold so the phone was running but there was nothing to hear, and no one saying anything and no background noise. I hung up and dialed again. Same thing. I did it again. I left the phone go on hold for over 4 minutes before hanging up. I ended up calling them 5 times and each time they refused to speak to me, or say a word and just instantly put me on hold. I was so upset I began to cry again and then I saw some women walking and said, for witnesses, "Do you see this on my phone?" and showed them and said, "This is the FBI's number and I am being put on hold with no one taking my call. They are obstructing justice and blocking a report again." Not only that they had just lied to me and harassed me. So they saw and they listened and heard what I heard--nothing. But saw the phone running on that number.

I then went to the local police and asked them if they would document the number of calls on my phone which my phone held because the FBI already knows I do not have a regular phone that tracks long-distance. So they knew ahead of time that I wouldn't be able to track my calls and have an account for all the times they refused to even answer.

The police said I had to take it to the FBI. They said it wasn't obstruction of justice or harassment. I said, "Maybe you couldn't classify it as harassment, but it is obstruction of justice when they know I am trying to obtain the correct number for making a report and then block me." The cops said nah and then I said, "What if you guys did that? what if I came to you with a report and you said, without even hearing what it was, 'we're not taking any reports from Ms. Garrett, no matter what they are." The cops said, "But we haven't done that" and I said, "I know, but this is what the FBI did." and then I added, when they said to go to the offices in person on Monday, "Not only did they obstruct justice, they did this knowing it would stall and delay the time for investigating if necessary and gave criminals time to cover up for what they did." At that one of the cops sort of looked up because something caught his attention about how, by refusing to take my report in a timely manner, they were allowing a case to run cold and wanting the criminals to get away with what they did, knowing evidence could be destroyed, concealed, passed off, or whatever was necessary. They didn't know what my full complaint was, they just cut me off to refuse any report at all. And I had just been tortured. Again.

After this, I did not see a point at all in staying in the U.S. other than to go straight to a center or counselor or worker for putting together a case against the U.S. for torture and political asylum, on behalf of me and my son both. I need assistance putting some materials together but I have more than enough evidence. I would like to have a forensic evaluation done on me and my son to further prove my claims, but even with what I have now, I have enough.

So the next thing I did was to call up a bunch of torture organizations and find out about their workers and counselors and when I know which one to go with, I am moving there for purposes of putting together my documentation against responsible parties. My first and primary goal is documenting the torture I've been through and that my son has been through. I am moving there to have this taken care of before I move out of the country.

I was feeling generally alright after leaving the Garden hotel, until I then stood in line with the homeless at the Presbyterian church. I didn't have to--I had money for food from a cafe, but I did it out of solidarity. I sensed some good energy there and then I was fine until someone zapped me while I was standing there and it was a black man wearing a green tee and grey hoodie who had been chatting me up that had his hands in his pockets and was moving around about the time it happened, but maybe to throw me off track from where it was really coming from. Then I remember, he had been in line last time I was there and the same thing happened.

Then, just now I had someone do something while I am typing and it caused me to suddenly almost pass out and just as it happened, this woman who had come over next to me, turned to stare at me hard. There is also a woman behind me and when she spoke she had an accent and I asked what it was and she said "Scotland". It is 9:59 a.m. A few men also came down and went around the corner to the other side of this room, wearing red and white shirts apiece, and shorts.

Someone is wanting me to black out or pass out to have me go to the hospital and be admitted again. They don't like what I am writing.

So I was at the food thing at the Presbyterian church and sitting there and all of a sudden started to get very dizzy and blurred vision like I would pass out. It's technology. I had eaten a bowl of fruit (same thing everyone had) and a wrapped up pastry and then half of a second wrapped up one that everyone was leaving behind.

Aside from this, I had a bag of Cheetos (the only one left and I am known to eat cheetos) at the Garden hotel. I was at The Embassy hotel earlier and then moved because I was cold.

I knew something I ate was wrong or something else was wrong, so I got up and left the Presbyterian breakfast. I was so dizzy that I called my mom. I told her about everything I ate and where and when I started feeling weird, just in case something happened or I passed out.

I believe this woman who stared at me when I had this latest happen may be Jewish. She took a seat directly across from me but at a distance, wearing a turquoise blue tank and black shorts. Her friend, the "scottish" woman is still sitting behind me.

Now, someone just did something to my right ear, the one that faces the outdoor window.

They are moving in on me because they are still afraid of me and maybe now more than ever. I am not backing down on the my torture claim and they know it. I think it's very odd to get the kind of response I got from the FBI today.

They didn't even know who was involved or what my complaint was about and they were blocking it. They didn't even know if it was their jurisdiction because they never asked.

What I know, is that it is their jurisdiction when it's a pattern of torture that spans more than one state. Terrorism is the right word and the FBI is required to investigate any and all forms of terrorism. They are also required to investigate public corruption and there is more than a dollop of that here.

After I left the place where I had breakfast and was dizzy, I looked at my hands and one was bluish-purple under the nails and the other was normal.

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I am going to st Thomas the week of the fouth of July actuly leaving on Tuesday the 5th I usually go alone for 2 weeks just to re energize do you have a passport?