Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blocked From Justice By Another Catholic Torture Group

I just got another email from another torture victims advocacy group.

I noted the tone of the email that was sent to me, which was absolutely degrading.

I sent my response and AFTER I sent my response (which is actually uncanny, now thinking about what I sent), I looked up the founder and it's Rudy Perpich. The "only Roman Catholic" to be Governor of Minnesota.

So once again, I have been dismissed and degraded by an organization that is run by a Roman Catholic.

Here's the funny thing...My actual response, when I hadn't even looked him up yet.

I wrote, at the end, as the Catholic Church Sex Scandal came to my mind, and those lawsuits:

something about "If you are going to turn people away, maybe you could think of at least handing out little pamplets on how to get asylum outside of the U.S...taking a tip from David Slader."

David Slader is a lawyer no one would really know, unless they were Roman Catholic or maybe Jewish. And I thought I might need to clarify, but realized, no I don't need to clarify. I will just drop that name.

The next thing I knew, I was finding out that the founder of the organization is Roman Catholic.

It was CVT, which is in Minneapolis I believe.

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