Friday, May 20, 2011

Open Letter To Obama: Why I Am Leaving You

I am leaving because I don't feel like living anymore. If I stay in the U.S., I will die.

When I look up this link to a torture victim advocates group, I read the accounts of all of these people, about how they didn't feel like living, and how they were persecuted and couldn't get any help, and that is what the leaders of this country allowed to happen to me.

I read an article about a man in Guantanamo who committed suicide and they just found him a week ago, and he had been there since 2007. I have no doubt in my mind, at all, that he was tortured the entire time he was there.

I fled the United States in 2007, and I was returned to horrific conditions, which no one could ever describe as "sane", legal, or good, and my son has been and is tortured.

Canada was not the right place and they had corrupt officials that colluded with corrupt U.S. officials.

After being literally persecuted for almost a decade, and blocked and smeared by corrupt officials and then tortured, along with my son, and having him kidnapped...

When I pray, down on my knees, for God to show me something "big" to get the attention of The President of the United States", and it happens, and I have a one-of-a-kind experience where my vision literally began to tunnel into his health conditions, upon my request to God,

I do not think consorting with Biden is a good idea.

Pardon me, Sir, but I not only gave this country a painting that showed the approximate location for Osama bin ladin, which happened after I closed my eyes and prayed to God first, to help me paint what I should paint, I asked God to show me any secret medical conditions of the President, years later.

When I made the painting, it was some kind of innocent effort, I thought, to "help". Years later, after being ruthlessly tortured and seeing my son tortured and how people covered it up, and after being falsely arrested and persecuted, when I get a message to deliver to the President, I expect him to listen.

I do not expect my President to go to the same group of people that are responsible for covering up crimes against me and my child. I expect him to take a very serious and personal interest and to request documentation and discovery that only he, as President, might be at liberty to request.

I am not a "psychic" Mr. President.

I have never practiced at being a "psychic" and I am not nearly as "good" as most of the military people and other workers who do this kind of thing. Some of the people who get the power they have, come by it dishonestly or through corrupt and dark sources. I have never wanted to sell my soul to the devil, in exchange for a little voo-doo.

I am a normal person and I make mistakes but I have, deep down, a heart that tries to listen to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and that believes.

I have been targeted for research against my will and this has been done in violation of the command of God that I am free and have free will. My son has been tortured, as have I.

Some things may be scientific "wonders" and then other things, are answers to prayer. When I prayed on my knees for God to please help me, GOD helped me.

I gave YOU the message.

What are YOU doing with it?

What you should be amazed by, is not that I am the "best psychic" or some "great psychic" or prophet, but that I am just a woman like anyone else who happens to believe in God and whom God has given a few answers to.

God would not have shown me what I saw, and shocked ME by it, if God didn't believe in me.

I have credibility with God. Anyone else that you listen to, if they come up against me and contradict me, they are picking a fight with this same God that gave ME a message to deliver to the President.

If someone told you not to believe me, and tried to convince you, "She just found the information somewhere or someone told her," No, no one told me anything and I found some discovery AFTER the fact, after I first blogged about what I saw and didn't know if it was right or not.

If you need a double confirmation, why don't you ask to see that painting I made? And look at the date, and decide for yourself.

How did I know Osama bin Ladin was in the mountains, at that time, when I have nothing to do with that country?

You have listened to wicked, immoral, and self-serving people. God wouldn't have shown me what He showed me, if He thought, "Nah, don't waste your time Cameo. Obama can't do anything."

No other "psychic" fed me that information either. It wasn't a "scientific wonder". NO ONE else was involved. It was me, and God. There was no disconnect inbetween the channels. I had a direct vision that came to me like some kind of phenomenal X-ray vision ability, and it came to me while I was being tortured in Wenatchee, living in a house surrounded by a bunch of cats and garbage.

When everyone had already told me, "It's too late."

I don't know who your advisors are, and what information they are giving you, but I don't believe they are giving you the information I have attained as a firsthand witness to corruption.

If God didn't believe me, He wouldn't have answered my prayer. If God thought I was delusional, He wouldn't have answered my prayer. Why would God try to mislead The Leader Of The Free World, The President of the United States? God uses corrupt politicians and government workers and dishonest and wicked psychics to do that job. I would have no interest in misleading the President and God wouldn't answer my prayer if I didn't have credibility with Him.

I have God's ear.

God answered my prayer.

It was your choice to either listen carefully and look into things, or listen to your buddies, who do not have God's ear. Oprah, for one, does not have God's ear. I'm sure God could turn that around for her, and I'm sure she thinks she has an ear for God too, but God is not talking to her. God is also not talking to some of the people who have trashed me, or they would have held back, in fear of the Lord.

When a common, everyday woman with a petition, gets a BIG answer back from God, I would think you might want to pay attention.

Because maybe that woman, is not just asking for her son and to be heard, but maybe she also has a lot of very important information she could be sharing to someone who should know what is going on in his very own country.

My testimony has been trashed by criminals and corrupt officials and religious hypocrites. But I got a specific "Okay, here is something," from God and you can be a Pharoah or not.

After I gave you this message, which I know you got, through someone you work with...what has happened to me and my son?

And who was murdered?

I don't know why this just came to my mind, but a "murder" came to my mind as I was writing this and it has some very direct relevance to what I am writing.

From the time I got an answer to my prayer and tried to share it, I moved and I was fine for a little while, until some of your subordinates who work in the FBI defamed me again and had me thrown in the psych ward to be punished, humiliated, threatened, and assaulted with forcible oral and injected medications.

When nothing was wrong with me, with God as my Witness.

I was then given a job alongside coworkers that tormented me and tortured me and used me for their own psychic research and I can tell you one thing--their "gifts" are demonic. I worked with people who used me, insulted me, and tortured me. I was further medicated and drugged without my consent.

Now I'm lined up with a law firm that didn't think they needed to call me first, or talk to me before filing motions on my behalf. It is for the Appeal of a decision to terminate my parental rights.

Not only am I being screwed over on this, but the proper avenue for investigating corruption and crime is not being utilised, because you have allowed influential, godless and hypocritical liars to tell you what to do.

You pardoned people like Anna Cruz, and have allowed a little boy to suffer. I can give a whole list of "psychics" who were harassing me and aware of my being tortured, and who had some interest in the Middletons, for some political reason.

I have attempted to access a human rights group and a torture advocates group in the U.S., to no avail.

If you think, for one minute, that after having every single thing I have ever worked for in my life, stolen from me, with zero intervention by police, and then having all the other horrific things happen to me, as you stand either blackmailed or blocked by people who claim to be your bodyguards and advisors and VP--if you think that it is possible for me to live in this country, under these conditions, you are wrong.

God gave me an answer and I passed it along. I passed it along because that was what I asked for, was something to tell the President that would motivate him to BELIEVE me and intervene. I know in my heart, that it was God's will to do this, because I rarely ask for something so "grand" but I guess, God knew, in that moment, HIS heart went out to me and HE saw all the misery and suffering my son and I have been through. In that moment, God heard me and He answered me.

I am sure you can do something or God would have never allowed it to begin with.

I am leaving you because you are not listening.

"I am the voice of one calling in the desert, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.'" John 1:23.

Which I take to mean, "I have an important message and listen to God."

That verse was chosen random. It was the first thing I turned to and I'm not going to say it is supposed to mean anything. The one vision, I know meant something. I'm not sure what this would mean. And then I went to find something about this verse and I found this link, from another blogger, and I'll include it as the second link. I guess what I noticed was not the scripture so much as the painting of the boy child looking up at Jesus. And I thought about my son.

This is how my son might look to the President.

The next link I randomly clicked on was one about clergy abuse. I will include that one as well. The name of the organization happens to be "Voice From The Desert: supporting survivors of clergy sexual abuse and examining the cover up, causes, and the effects of that abuse in the Roman Catholic Church".

I am going to stop here.

Listen to me. Do not listen to the "religious hypocrites" that are mentioned in the article from the second link I included (from I Am, The Word, The Comforter). There are many powerful supporters for hypocrites who also happened to be religious, whose money went a very long way.
Thank You for your time.

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