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Assassination by Schitzophrenia & "Protest Psychosis"

I started looking up Harvard and other Ivies in connection with "students, schitzophrenia" out of curiosity.

I would like to know how many Ivy league or public school students who went to colleges affiliated with certain kinds of research, came out of it with a diagnosis of "schitzophrenia".

Just as I think something that is totally lacking in the welfare system with CPS, is the accountability for what the income levels are of those CPS targets, I feel we are missing out on a picture of what is happening to some of the better students.

So I changed my search from trying to pick out people who have not even realized what's happened to them yet, to finding articles that show historically how schitzophrenia and other diagnosis' have been used as a weapon, to ruin someone.

1712. Thomas Newcomer patents the "atmospheric steam engine".

I typed in "Schitzophrenia as a Weapon" and got an article about black men and how just as they were about to lead a civil rights movement,

It says black men are diagnosed with schitzophrenia at rates that are 4-5 times higher.

This means, if you have 5 men in a room who are white and diagnosed with "schitzophrenia", you will have 20-25 men in the same room who are black and diagnosed with "schitzophrenia".

In the 20s, "Schitzophrenia" was described as "emotional disharmony".

Which is interesting in that, probably, HMMMmmm, I will bet the schitzophrenics then were not talking about imagined pain and pangs.

You see, my dear, technology was not advanced enough yet.

No one with "schitzophrenia", in the 20s, was talking about sharp, searing pains to the stomach like Brandon Staglin described, nor were they walking around holding onto one eye feeling like somehow, the other half of themselves was missing. My guess is that certain drugs were not in the fore yet either.

And! there were no "schitzophrenics" talking about radars, non-lethal weapons, stun-guns, and my guess, is that it was even extraordinarily rare for any of them to claim to hear "voices".

This article says that from the 1920s to the 50s, "schitzophrenia" as a diagnosis, was not something people feared, and it was encouraged that the person was "nurtured". It was described as a mood disorder, not a "thought" disorder. One of "emotional disharmony."

So what exactly happened?

Hmm, right at the advent of CIA use of LSD experimentation with drugs on citizens, and about the time that unusual new weapons were being created, there arose, a "new generation".

At the same time that experiments WERE being carried out on U.S. citizens and others, all of a sudden, there were some citizens claiming they were being "assaulted" and "poisoned" and "seeing things" and "hearing things".

So what is this? This sounds to me like a BRAND new kind of mental illness that never before had been known to mankind until the advent of the Age of Technology.

My goodness. All of a sudden, we have a real live project happening here! It's a MUTATION! An abberation of human nature because rising from the ground, like bones assembling out of the dust, here comes an Army. The Ghostly Army Of The Schitzophrenics.

Every single time someone speaks up to protest, another pile of bones dissembles to the dust.

I guess while they were alive, they were a real threat, but they had a Code name:
The Paranoid-Schitzophrenics.

And we, of course, "We the People" are told we are not the doctors but the doctors and the media have failed in their duty to investigate and inform "the people" about the nature and history of things.

We have never discovered this absolutely strange phenomenon...the Evolution of the Schitzophrenic.

This subspecies appeared in the Sahara and the Americas (north and south) at approximately 1950 A.D.

We are looking for the fucking "missing link" fuckers.

Because we are trying to fucking figure OUT where these New People came from. We are looking at medical records from the 1920s and then at medical records from the 1960s and saying "WHOA! WHOA!"

What the HELL happened to Homo Sapiens?

Timothy Leary?


Aliens? is that why this whole Area 51 was cordoned off? They were holding all of the "Early Paranoid-Schitzophrenics" hostage there? and they didn't know where they had come from? The Smithsonian didn't have enough room?

I find it strange how "Schitzophrenia" has "evolved" myself. As does this author of the article "Schitzophrenia as a Weapon". One decade it's just an emotional thing and has nothing to do with "conspiracy" and "government abuse" and other ideas and then about the same time activists showed up, and technology advanced, we have a rare, "white" harmless disease becoming redefined as something the Black activists were afflicted with and shot up for, with what?


Which is what I was given, when I wasn't mentally ill, for arguing that no one had examined me and I hadn't had a blood draw and I shouldn't be there and wanted to call a lawyer. For "arguing" I was injected with Haldol.

I am not bringing this up to discount legitimate cases of paranoid-schitzophrenia.

But more often than not, this has been a political illness, not a "real" one.

I am including links with the connection between "schitzophrenia" and "political assassination".

I am even looking at the wiki on "James Tilly Matthews", who was from Wales, as a bunch of hooey. As weird as his case sounds, he was trying to protect himself from being killed. This is a man who was clearly in the middle of politics, in the middle of a WAR.

Show me an example of a schitzophrenic that was not connected to politics or wars, or treason, or activism, in any way, and I am sure that I might have cause to believe. This case came up in 1797.

What he described, was actually fitting for some of the things that were being done in science at the time. And you can notice he is not complaining of pain or being assaulted by anything. I don't know, maybe he is. One thing I think is incredible, is that the man appears to be more of a Seer or prophet.

On one hand, his case reads like the case of one who IS a spy and is trying to save his own life by altering his story or faking things. But also, he is bringing up things that were already leading to the kind of weapons that would eventually be used in warfare around the world.

What is impossible to separate, is the fact that he was, indeed, in need of a good cover story. And yet, prior to HIM, we have no accounts?

I mean, for hundreds of thousands of years, there was no such thing, and then, again, at the advent of the Age of Industry or Technology, and in the middle of WAR, and new scientific developments, this just comes up out of nowhere?

Why is there always a tie to legimitate politics?

It sounds exactly like "protest psychosis" where someone doesn't like the protest so they diagnose "psychosis". I mean, this was documented, about Matthews, in the very late 1700s. Which is when...let's see what technology and things had come up then...

I think we should all know, since this "disease" suddenly showed it's face, upon the earth, in the beaming smile of our Welshman Mr. Matthews.

Aha. Mary Shelley gave us her prophetic version of a "technology-made-man" in her account of "Frankenstein" in 1797.

1712. Thomas Newcomen patents the "atmospheric steam engine".

This huge advent in science and technology, occured almost 100 years before our Mr. Matthews was accused of sounding nuts during the French Revolution. To save himself or partly written from some scientific knowledge, we'll never know.

1724. French Hoppfer patents the fire extinguisher, a form of combustion.
1724. Gabriel Farenheight invents the first mercury thermometer.

This would require knowledge of the properties of mercury, which, if you go to the wiki page on mercury, one can learn that at this time in England, the "short-wave and long-wave" properties were known and used for ultraviolet light. It was also used for electrical sources. Some forms of mercury are used in infrared and as semiconductors. This was known in 1724. It is used as an acousto-optical filters and in electrochemistry.

1733. John Kay invents the flying shuttle.

Makes me think some kind of special "coordination" and collusion was required for this. How symbolic.

Let's think about that one. It's a kind of loom it says.

1745. The first electrical capacitator is invented by E.G. Kleist.

A "capacitator" is a device used for storing an electrical charge. Please read wiki on "Capacitor". It describes exactly how what is done to me today was invented in 1745. I will include the link above because it's important. It was invented by a man in Germany.

1752. Benjamin Franklin invents the lightening rod. This enabled electricity to be contained and grounded, and the theories and knowledge of science were advanced enough to make it a household goods item. Imagine what the military was doing behind closed doors at the same time the public was shown just a small highlight of project work.

1757. The sextant, an instrument used to measure latitude and longitude, over the earth, is invented by John Campbell.

1758. The chromatic lens is invented by Dolland.

1761. The navigational clock is invented by John Harrison.

1769. James Watt invents an improved steam engine.

1774. The electric telegraph is patented by Georges Lesage.

Suddenly, messages are delivered, through electricity. And received.

This is the era of technology and science that even this man "Matthews" was involved with. So it's not completely out of the orbit to think he might have known about a few interesting developments for his time, and also be afraid of consequences from The Revolutionary Wars.

"Schitzophrenia" came into fashion with technology and science and was never even heard of before this time of technology and political danger and intrigue.

If they knew that much about science and technology THEN, 200 years ago, what do you think is going on behind closed doors now?

You have NO idea. Some of you, have NO idea.

The same things that have been done to me in 2010-11 very easily could have been done even in the 80s, to others, by interested parties.

I am not paranoid schitzophrenic.

I never will be.

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