Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Morning (ash begone)

I got a verse from the Y basket that had the top part of the verse cut off, the part where the person says, "I will ask forgiveness" but the bottom part was there, "And God forgave me". I got the part that said, "God forgave me."

Wouldn't it be great to edit the Bible the way some doctors edit medical records?

I put on Shania Twain this morning, thinking of something to listen to that I knew my mom likes. So before it even came on, I knew what song it was. It was "Any Man Of Mine."

I checked the volcanic ash situation and I had prayed that the wind would shift so it didn't blow over Scotland. I don't really know if the wind shifted or the volcano quit spewing ash, but I checked the news this morning and it sound like there isn't an ash problem right now.

I don't know why I prayed this, specifically, but I did. I heard that it was mainly over Scotland and disrupting their airports so I prayed specifically, "God, will you change the direction of wind so it's not blowing into Scotland anymore." And then yesterday I tried to find news online about Scotland, wind, ash, and there were no new articles when I checked.

I prayed this on Tuesday afternoon-evening, after I first read about it. And then I wondered about it on Wednesday morning when I watched the speeches by Cameron and Obama. I tried to look up news on it yesterday after the speeches, but couldn't find anything.

Then, just now, I did find something, first I found an article about German flights resuming (didn't know it affected Germany & found the article on CNN) and then I found an article on BBC about flights resuming in Scotland and it was posted afternoon (2:45 p.m. or so) ET.

I am curious to know when or what time the wind changed direction, if it did.

When I watched the speeches, and prayed for the flags to go the other direction and they did, I thought about the ash again and wondered it the wind had changed direction.

From what I can tell, looking at links, it maybe changed direction by Wednesday and then it quit erupting by Thursday. One link said something about how it changed direction and blew towards Greenland instead of Scotland. I don't think they had a lot of damage in Greenland though.

I will have to find out which direction Greenland is, opposed to Scotland. I guess it's the exact opposite direction? after looking, I think it's exactly the reverse of blowing towards Scotland.

I will have to find the time on the clip I watched of the Obama-Cameron speech, and where it was that I asked God to bring the wind up and do something with the flags. They then went from blowing to one side and then whipping to the other side and blowing that way. I think it was at 1:11 London time, but I will have to check it. I prayed at 1:11 and then watched and the flags changed. Obama was speaking, after Cameron talked, and I just wondered idly if God would do anything and I did make note of the time because of how the flags went from one side and then so quickly to the other side and I wondered about the wind direction for Scotland too.

I am trying to find a video of it, but I can't find it. I wrote it down while I was at the Y, 1:11 I believe, and then the wind did this with the flags at 1:12 (London time). Only 1 minute passed, or less when the flags went from being still to blowing out to the right and then suddenly changing direction to blow out (both of them) to the left. And then they were just whipping around like normal, in the wind (I mean, that was normal too, but I was paying attention bc I'd just prayed to see something "cool" with the flags that would be meaningful for something else).

It happened at 15:30-15:38 on the link I will enclose above. The flags went to from one side to the next side and I made a note of it. I guess it happens at the point where he talks about a "joint initiative" to support veterans and their families. So whenever that was, on London time. There isn't a clock on this clip.

It didn't represent anything about sides to me at all. For Obama standing there, they blew from his left first, to the right. I just asked God to stir up the wind when I saw the flags still for so long and then it did stir up a little bit but the only part I paid attention to was when they blew one way and then the opposite direction and I wondered how Scotland was doing.

Yo Ho HO And A BottleraRUM

Maties, I see a shift in thee wind o'er yonder! Sails out fore board, ships ahoy 'n' brang me thuh cookies. The ships ahoy ones. Wit the chocolate chips mate.

And I think maybe there was no Charles Spencer there, but regardless, I still sent that idea out to him and I believe it fits for him.
Last night there was a sermon that was played about how "it's not all about you" and how it's all about God.

It is all about God.

However, I am not lying or exaggerating when I write how my son and I have suffered and are tortured and have been tortured.

I'm sorry, but when a group tortures someone, THEY make it "all about" that person. And you never tell a victim of torture, who has a persecution and torture claim, "It's not all about you."

If it's not all about me then frickin' quit persecuting and torturing me and my son and make your actions all about yourselves instead of bullying others.

Anyone telling any member of my family to say to me, "It's not about you" or "You think it's all about you" or "You're never wrong"...all of this BS, is just BS and God sees right through it.

People are forced to leave their homes and locations, when they are tortured and no one does anything about it. You don't tell someone that "It's not all about you" when a group has put all of their money and resources into hounding someone, lying and defaming them, to law enforcement and doctors, and even newspapers.

And on the topic of my posts from yesterday, when someone asked if I'd ever written royalty and I said, of course not, she then wrote, "Good. You must never write to those people." I wrote back, "What do you mean *those* people?" She wrote, "They are not like us. And you must never, ever, write to them."

As if I would to begin with.

But first of all, everyone is the same inside, in general. And I have never once imagined myself to be inferior to anyone. Or superior. I am on the same level as many people I meet and I don't care who they are.

Which is another thing about me that I think some people haven't liked, that I feel secure with who I am, in general and this is part of the reason for their desperate need to tear me down.
my dream last night, was of Prince Charles. I know it was very long and intricate, but all I can remember is a little bit now. It was me, either observing or somehow in the dream, and Charles walking around outside in a garden

(I am writing this after hearing the song, on, "My My Hey Hey" by Neil Young. It made me think about this thought I had, about my older brother who died and asking God to show me some things about what happened. So then I remembered last night I had a dream about Charles and this song came on that made me think of that one singer he likes, who sings "Hallelujah", and the song was "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" by Bob Dylan but it's an older Bob and his voice sounds a lot like the other guy's voice.)

The only part of the dream that I remember at all, is Charles walking outside, and he bent over to pick up a book from the ground. It was called, "Boyish". I am sure there's not a book by that title, but that's what the title was in my dream and while I was still in the dream, I think it was about if he was having a girl and I said something with 'ish' in it and then we looked and I wondered what it meant but it seemed to be that he (Charles) was going to have a baby boy.

i just did a word search, "Boyish, title" and found one for "Godly Boyish" but it's a DVD not a book. It says it's written and directed by Cam Archer and it's about "2 boys who dream of a life in heaven together." from 2004. tagline is: "I'm close to God. I'm close to you..." I just cracked up hysterically laughing. it's about 2 gay boys who commit suicide together. I don't know why this is cracking me up, maybe at the thought of my having a dream with this and thinking it was going to be some nice sweet story about love and innocence or something G-rated and finding out it's totally different. Then there's a DVD called "Boyish Man" with the tagline: "Some people get paid to act childish." (2006). there are books too, different ones with other ideas, but nothing with just plain "boyish". I had the idea, in the dream, we were thinking about kids or something and then instead of it saying, "Boy" it said, 'Boyish'

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