Friday, May 20, 2011

Sexual Assault and My Family & FBI/CIA

My mother has been coerced to say things she doesn't even believe, over the phone so everyone can hear.


I had a very distinct image of my mother being beaten or dragged somewhere by her hair. Someone holding onto the back of her hair and it wasn't my Dad. It was in the past, but within the last month to month and a half. It happened before the Middleton Wedding.

Both my mom and my aunt were sobbing in the weeks before that wedding and God-awful things were happening to them at the time.

She just asked me, after I told her about being sexually assaulted and drugged, how did I know and then incredibly, she started making excuses for it, saying she didn't know which thing was true or not and was sure some of it was true, and then blamed me for writing about it.

I said I had all these things happening and what else did she expect me to be doing?

I have been defamed, harassed, assaulted multiple times, used for Army research, used by people in other countries, drugged, persecuted by religious groups, and my son has been kidnapped from me and held hostage while the most fraudulent and corrupt "CPS" case in U.S. history has been slapped over things to obstruct justice.

I said, "It's all about me? Of course it's all about me because I am writing about what is happening in my life and how do I have time to do anything else except try to defend myself and my son?" and I said, "So what would YOU DO?"

And she started to say, "What would I do? I would..." and I cut her off and said, "Wait. Before you tell me what YOU would do, put yourself in my shoes first, and first imagine your only child is taken from you and that you know they are being tortured and you are too, and after imagining being falsely arrested a number of times and lied about and defamed and assaulted, after you think about all these things, and how it feels, NOW tell me what you would do if it were YOU."

And she said, "I would fall down on my face before God..."

and I said, "I've already done that."

and she continued, "And read scriptures...and ask God to give you the love, and peace and whatever that you need..."

and I said, "I have already been on my face before God and I do pray and I read scriptures all the time. What do you think I'm supposed to do? You think I'm supposed to do this 24/7, like some kind of a nun?!"

I said, "What kind of PRACTICAL thing would you do?" and she had nothing to say. She had nothing to say, for me to do, because there is nothing possible that I could do.

And even my own mother can't imagine what I could do to change anything.

I've done this already anyway. I prayed and fasted for a month and a half when I got to Nashville, and in return for this, for being on my knees before God and going to chapel and reading scripture, in return, I had the Nashville DEA and FBI offices collude with eachother and D.C. offices to send me to a psych ward and be assaulted. After being assaulted and applying for my passport the very same week, someone hurridly tried to give me a job and I was tortured there and degraded as I have never been degraded at any workplace, in my entire life. The people I had to work with were only blocks away from the FBI offices in downtown Nashville and I never knew it. I was experimented with and punished with a variety of different technologies, and I was personally degraded and had them using me for their own psychic project and research. And those doing this, mainly, were Catholic. On the night before they brought in some people to harass me and lie about me, they had a man from England there. A few tables away from a woman from Colombia. She insulted me and I had to clean that section so I usually don't sweep while someone is eating, as others do, but I swept. And this English man acted horrified by everything.

Another English man was there all the time, and he had a British accent and came in with a nurse. He was Pro-Kate and I noticed several things about him.

Meanwhile, Obama is getting ready to sign another 4 years of the Patriot Act to allow anyone they want to be tortured, and experimented on, without any problem. They didn't even need the Patriot Act for that. They already have a law that states "in times of war" the U.S. and military can do whatever they want to U.S. citizens for research, without their consent, and they don't have to get approval from anyone. The Patriot Act is just a document that goes even farther.

The U.S. doesn't want peace. They want war. They want to claim they are in the middle of a war so their corrupt assholes who make money off of it and get away with torturing their enemies, have something to do.

If the U.S. had wanted peace, they would have taken Osama bin ladin up on his offer to negotiate. Did they do that? No.

The U.S. and CIA and the plutocracy at the top, wants war.

Do you know how rich the rich have become in the last 10 years?

The righ got SIGNIFICANTLY richer and guess what they were doing? They were buying UP your foreclosed houses. How many newspaper articles have already been written about the SAME thing? the smart people already know this and those who have the statistics know it's true. THE RICH got richer.

What happened to YOU?

The U.S. media wants war. They talk about Al Quaeda and the Taliban like they're lining the players up for a brand new game of Risk. They are not afraid of war, they are looking forward to the next "game" because sports and having an athletic team isn't enough anymore.

They want to keep an eye on the next big fight.

I was tortured from the time The Patriot Act was signed. And then my son has been targeted and used by the CIA and gangsters while other strangers look in on it.

Alvaro wanted me to work in Las Vegas. Right. So I could be trafficked there? or be "in" with the Las Vegas crowd? He went from wanting to marry me and waiting for things to line up, to passing me off, through Mykal Holt, to Las Vegas. First it was NYC and then it was Vegas.

The U.S. media is not "scared" or afraid for their lives, anymore than the plutocracy that used their billions to run me and my son into the ground and bribed others to put me there and keep me there. They are looking for the new "big man" and the Next Good Fight. It's like a bunch of people in a bar, it is the Wenatchee mentality..."fight! fight!" and every single Friday, people piling out of The Clearwater and the other taverns to get their fix on a fight. And inbetween the bar fights, they relied on paying money to watch staged cagefights.

It's like riling up the black neighborhoods so the people turn out to fight eachother and kill eachother off. It's a simple, fast population reduction plan. Besides, the U.S. doesn't want people to assemble for another big Civil Rights movement, against the players and plutocracy. They want the people who have any energy at all, to fight eachother and stay occupied that way, because those holding the cards, don't want to be challenged by the masses.

And everyone knows I'm right but you forget about the truth now and then, don't you? You forget about the truth because you're too busy dealing with your own life struggles.

Which is exactly what has happened to me. They didn't want to have to deal with ME, so they made sure they could keep me down, and in the meantime, they want to pass laws like Extensions for The Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act has HARMED U.S. citizens, not helped them. And I have decided, NO, Mr. Mueller should NOT get an extra time in office.

What's next? We start giving the President of the United States "extra time" in office just because "we want to keep the same ole-same ole."

Mueller is responsible for wedding and bedding the Catholic church and all he has done, is instruct and allow the FBI employees to harass me under his control. Look at what kinds of CRAZY things some of these FBI employees have gotten away with, under Mueller?

You are Fucking OUT. Get the HELL out of the FBI.

And guess what? Next time, I want a PROTESTANT. I want a Protestant with some INTEGRITY.

Everywhere we look it's Catholics and Jews. And a few crappy Protestants who thumb their noses and take bribes to fit in.

The entire Supreme Court is Catholics and Jews.

I do not think the U.S. public has woken up long enough to even think about it.


And this is exactly how the rest of the intelligence and justice system adds up.

Are we better off? I don't think so. Since the U.S. lost it's morals and started electing buddies for every single position, we have gone DOWNHILL.

The CIA is full of Catholics and Jews. The FBI is almost entirely Catholic. Those who have taken the spots as Judges at federal, state, and local levels are increasingly Catholic and Jewish and almost all of the lawyers out there electing them to these positions are Catholic and Jewish. The FBI and CIA are directly setting up recruiting campuses from Catholic-only colleges.

Law enforcement is about 1/2 and 1/2, regular law enforcement. The Pentagon was one of FEW U.S. government agencies that was NOT infiltrated with someone Catholic at the top. And now we have Panetta.

My son and I have not been able to secure justice in this country because it's overrun with TWERPS. Frickin' TWERPS who want to run around carrying Big Guns and wads of cash. And while these twerps are running the CIA and the FBI, they are funding the IRA and the Taliban which they claim they have to "fight".

This country is "SO AFRAID" of the Taliban and Al Quaeda and the mafia, that the FBI pays employees to sit on their FBI phones and harass me until I am crying. They supposedly don't have enough money or funding and yet they choose to spend their WORK time, harassing ME.

Who is doing the frickin' HIRING?

They don't just cover up those who are corrupt and start fights, THEY start the fights.

The FBI and CIA are filled with employees that are going OUT of their way to PICK fights. And then they whine to everyone else that they don't have enough money. Anyone who is decent is side-stepping the manure on the way out the door.

And what are they saying once they're out? They're saying things like, "The FBI is corrupt."




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