Sunday, May 8, 2011

Britain Reports Osama Surrendered--Kerry Says "Shut Up"

I just found another piece of evidence or report that states Osama bin ladin tried to surrender.

When I first read an article by CNN with Kerry telling us to all "Shut up and move on" I think to myself, "And this is why, Mr. Kerry, you are not the President."

We all have a right to know what happened and it does matter, because obedience and compliance to international law and treaties (and Presidential orders not to kill if there is a surrender), are as important as compliance to domestic law is.

Mr. Kerry, as a lawyer, and as some kind of Senator for Foreign Affairs, should know better than to tell the American people and international probes, to "shut up and move on."

You move on, Kerry, and we will let you know when we feel like shutting up.

According to "The Nation", a British journal, Osama bin ladin first offered to surrender. This article was written on May 2, 2011. It cites "British media" as reporting that Osama first offered to surrender himself to the Seals, and then possibly he "retaliated" when the Seals said or did ________ (fill in the blank because we don't know).

If this is true, that Osama bin ladin first was captured and had tried to surrender, it is violation of international law and disobedience to Presidential orders, to kill.

I knew that shooting was purposed and deliberate. I want to know the name of the SEAL who did it. And which other SEALS were involved who witnessed this.

If this is true, not only did this 12 year old daughter witness her father being shot right in front of her, she also witnessed her father's attempt to surrender first, on behalf of himself and his own family.

Do you know who I want to "Shut up?"

Panetta told the U.S. media, when asked what Osama's last words were, "I really don't think he had much time to say anything at all."

The British media reports Osama bin ladin surrendered. Where are you CNN?

Because so far, I'm reading reports from Al Arabiya and Pakistan and the British media, all which concur there was a surrender first, before the SEALS shot him.

So far, the main U.S. media outlets are not publishing any of these reports. Why not?

Did you, or did you NOT, have direct orders from The White House not to shoot if Osama bin ladin surrendered?

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