Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OB-Gyn Confirms My Childbirth "Not Normal"

After certain doctors and medical professionals defamed me and called me mentally ill for saying my childbirth was extremely traumatic and abnormal, I got more discovery today.

Those doctors and that hospital have known all along, that what happened to me and my son was abnormal and they knew they had lied to cover it up.

I met an OB Gyn in the gym today and after she said what she did, I asked, "Do you recommend C-section in general, or vaginal delivery?" and she said vaginal and then I asked her if fracturing a pelvis and breaking tailbone and prolapse with not being able to urinate were examples of a "Normal, spontaneous, delivery". She said no. She said, "It's not uncommon to break a tailbone but all the other things added, would not make that a 'normal' delivery."

So according to her, it would be abnormal.

I then asked, "Would it be spontaneous? is that what you would call spontaneous?" and she said, "Spontaneous means it was without any kind of tool or instrument or intervention." I said, "What if a vacuum is used?" She said, "Then that would be an 'operative' delivery, not a spontaneous one."

I basically found out, without a doubt, that any OB Gyn would have known my delivery was not normal, and that it was a lie to say it was 'spontaneous' when actually it met the classification for 'operative'."

I found this out just today, and right after God brought to my mind a few things...

So basically, what Wenatchee medical professionals wrote up as:

"Normal, spontaneous delivery"

is, according to objective OB-Gyns, an

"Abnormal, operative delivery."

What came to my mind last night and this morning, before I even me this OB-Gyn, was this thought:

"Cameo, if those doctors and people wanted you to suffer in such pain from migraine, when they knew you had extreme and severe pain, and they refused to treat you or even get your records when you asked, why wouldn't they also allow pain and suffering to you and your son, to make you sound mentally ill so they couldn't be sued?"

The same groups and individuals that wanted me to suffer in pain from migraine, allowed me and my son to suffer an excruciating amount of pain in childbirth. I have never heard of a childbirth where the midwife is pressing on your child's skull and stretching you for an hour before finally doing an 'operative' delivery and breaking all my bones and harming my son.

The same doctors and medical professionals, lawyers, and law enforcement buddies, and insurance companies, that would have no problem with my suffering in extreme pain from migraine, and intentionally have me suffer, knowing this pain was real...

These might be the same kinds of people that would force a traumatic childbirth and then allow worse harm to come to the mother and child to try to get her to shut up about what happened, and to invalidate her.

I had grounds for a MAJOR lawsuit against professionals in Wenatchee and they knew it.

Their best defense was to call me crazy and say it wasn't true, and take my son from me so I couldn't even sue, as his legal guardian, on his behalf.

This entire time, they and their buddies have tormented my son, intimidated family, and allowed the statutes to run, hoping they run out so I can't sue for my son's damages.

They are criminals and corrupt, and I have evidence to prove it.

This is the evidence that even my public defenders were trying to keep out of the record, because it proved I had damages they lied about and it also called into question any idea that I was mentally ill.

They wanted me to be tortured, with my son, to get revenge and to shut me up and discredit me. They used anyone they knew to do it.

When my son had a piece of his skin on his face sliced off, and I photographed it and put it online, it was done after I made a blogpost about how my son had a spot that proved "tinnea versicolor" and damages to my son as well as me, for untreated yeast infection that went systemic.

The same spot I had blogged about, as evidence, was then sliced off of my son's face. There have been gangsters working on behalf of professionals.

After I put the photo online, CPS and the Attorney General (Department of Justice's responsibility and "BIG Problem") wrote a motion asking the Catholic Judge Hotchkiss to ban me from photographing my son.

I knew someone would rub this in at the next visit, and sure enough, my son showed up at the next visit with a black eye. I asked him, "Who did this to you?" and he told me a man came around the corner and punched him hard, in the eye.

There were local police officers falsely arresting me and then confiscating my evidence that the State workers and visitation monitors (all Catholic, almost) were lying about the content of the visits with my son.

As long as my son is not under my guardianship, I cannot sue for his damages, on his behalf. I am the one who would do it and they know this.

It was old problems mixing with then new concerns and a motive to cover it all up, take my kid, and do whatever was possible to call me crazy so no one believed me. They tortured my son to shut me up and to shut up my family and when they thought I might have other help they did whatever it took to destroy this and invalidate me.

They have used their friends in medical fields, intelligence, justice system, and all categories, and they still don't want to get caught.

I don't care if you work for the CIA or the FBI,

Your time is up.

You had better prepare some of your husbands, friends, and brothers and sisters for jail.

For every attempt to keep yourselves from being sued for billions, and out of jail, you probably added another count to your record, and you are going down. I wouldn't do anything stupid in the meantime, because if you haven't already figured it out, another word for groundhog is "mole".

You're done.

You lay a fucking hand on my son, do anything stupid, or ask anyone for money or don't back to my family what you have stolen, you will make it worse for everyone you know. God is on my side, and you have strength in numbers and money and that's it, and not even this will save you from the truth.

I don't care if you think they're domestic moles or international moles, your time is up and I am calling your number. (By the way assholes, not everyone in the U.S. government is stupid and corrupt your like your posse, either, which is why I am telling you to keep your hands to yourself and not do anything stupid).

You touch my family, mother or father, brother, or son or anyone connected to me and you will pray to God for the rest of your lives to forget what you did. You will search for mercy and not find it.

Here is my sign: I wanted to look up a scripture verse for you, enemies to me and to my family, and I asked God for something. I went to the 4th page tab and then selected the 3rd page tab and was thinking, "God, show them" and I landed on "Scriptures for Funerals."

Don't frickin' MESS around with My God.

I thought to God, "All the random scripture verses, if I type in "scripture verse" into a search, will be good things--God show me to something for my enemies" and this is what I landed on.

Thank you God. And on behalf of my son and his suffering, God even gave it to me in the colors yellow and green. I asked for something that was for our enemies and I got it in my son's favorite colors. Take that as a sign, that you are screwing around with a God that loves my son, whom you have offended by insulting and harming his innocent child.

You offend children in other families and countries too. I would quit now. The verse I landed on, for funeral scripture verses for my enemies, is one about how you should do what is good in this lifetime.

Pay attention while you are burying your dead.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

I would pay the most attention to the parts about how you might want to try pleasing God in this lifetime before coming to the judgment seat of the mighty God.

I found this, landed on it, "The Funeral Program Site"

Here's the next one I got for my enemies, which landed on, went I went straight to tab 7, "Scripture Verses For People In Recovery". I asked God to direct me and I didn't look at which section to select and ended up on "Honesty". I clicked on one of the scripture references, not knowing what it was going to say. This is, by the way, after some older man that looked like Judge Hotchkiss walked by.

Guess what it says?

Proverbs 11:1
"The Lord DETESTS dishonest scales,
but accurate weights find favor with Him."

Then, without asking for any particular direction, read one from Romans 12:17 about not repaying evil with evil. Which I definitely agree with. Repay evil with justice, not the same evil they practice, but true justice.

I asked for another passage for my enemies. I landed on one for cancer. I prayed and didn't look but asked God to lead me to show my enemies. I had the impression or direction to go to tab 12 and randomly select and it is "Scriptures for Cancer."

I'm not a believer that all bad things are punishment for wrongdoing. Good people have, sometimes, horrific things happen to them. Look at Job. But these are all links I landed on, at random, while asking God to show me something in store for those who have made themselves enemy to me and my son.

I would think, 3 out of 3, hmm, pretty good odds with God showing me favor in the random, through my prayers. Out of all the good links with good verses, the ones I got for those that GOD knows are my enemy or my son's enemy, I got:

1. Funeral verses
2. Verses for people in recovery (liars, and how God sees these liars)
3. Verses for cancer.

Bless the name of the Lord God who is Lord over all the earth! Thank you God.

I then asked God, "Show me something for my family" and I felt directed to go to tab 10 and I did and randomly selected and got "Water Baptism for your child". From the website of Robert Favero which made me think about Favor. It's a site for kids learning to memorize scripture and preparing for water baptism. I think he can be prepared by learning about faith in God and make his own decision to be baptised if he thinks of it or when he wants to. I was 9 when I wanted to be baptised, of my own free will.

I just asked for another passage for my family, and this time, didn't think of what tab to go to first. I didn't look and pressed ahead and just prayed that I would be led to the right thing. I landed on tab 13, on "Verses for Children, from hopeingod" and it's spring green. My son's favorite color.

Then I clicked on it and instead of just having verses for kids, it has a section advising parents about how to help children learn verses at an early age. "Foundation" verses, and "Fighter" verses.

The verse for the day, on this site is from Isaiah. For my son Oliver and my family, and anyone else who loves God,

Isaiah 40:28-29 (to recite May 28/29)
"Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might, he gives strength."


I'm not giving up! Are YOU giving up???!

(thinking of my son's words) I am not giving up. It's from hopeingod.org (bethlehem baptist church). After looking at the verses for children section I then clicked to the hispanic section, honoring both heritages of my son. It was the same verse at the bottom.

I sense good energy. 1:14 p.m.

I like this song, "Teardrop" by Massive Attack on Mezzanine. This is the second time this song has played and I sensed good energy but right now I really do feel a stronger kind of power coming through. I'm going to worship after this song.

I switched to worship by delirious & hillsong with 5 minutes left and decided to skip ahead to the 5th song, thinking of my son's age and the song is King of Majesty (live) from Delirious&Hillsong on "Unified: Praise". I tried to skip again but it wouldn't allow me to and the next song that came up is "All Who Are Thirsty" as I had 2 minutes left, by Kutlass, on Strong Tower.

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