Tuesday, May 31, 2011

assault and floor plan & persons

The same woman is behind me as was the other day when someone did something. She works at the cafe early mornings, after 7:30 or so. She is behind this computer and other attendants sit on the other side of a wall in front of me.

Because someone did something from an upstairs location I went to the 2nd floor and immediately above this station is a parking lot with an ashtray where anyone can stand and smoke outdoors (and do whatever else they want). The next one, 3rd floor, is a similiar parking lot and has construction materials laid out. Then, 4th floor and above, to the left of the elevators going in and to the right going out of the elevator, there are rooms, some which were occupied, others were not. There is also a barrista espresso area kitty corner which is possibly almost above the computer, I don't know if a room or if the espresso facilities are above.

It just happened right now and I believe it's an attendant on the other side of the wall. The barrista cafe woman downstairs is turned the other direction when it happened. So it's most likely a man who acts as greeter on the 1st floor. When I went to the coffee stations on the floors, a couple of times someone used technology and it's only possible if there were others above or below, or most likely to the side or across the hall.

The 13th floor is a penthouse only accessible though one of the elevators. It may extend across and over or under other rooms top or bottom, but I don't know the layout.

Once, while on the 7th floor, a woman named Angela, who was training a black woman wearing black and white with no name tag, I was in the cafe room and someone pulsed something and I looked out and she was the one closest and getting into the elevator. She had proximity, but since it happened at a couple of other stations, so did possibly other workers who have access to the rooms and maybe guests.

I know for a fact that some of the people here did this. They have to be workers or employees, some of them, because of the consistency in my being targeted when it's just me on the computer and then quitting when another person comes up to use one next to me.

They have no problem doing this to me, but quit before doing it to someone else.

There were 3 men as concierges or at the desks across from this computer. One woman at the cafe behind me and then the open spaces immediately above this computer on the other floors. I didn't check to see what might be below, but someone targeted my head on the right side of my head and that had to be from an upper story. And yes, it happened.

I want the people doing this to me and my son, caught and jailed.

I will write down the plates of some white guys who knew and were in on what happened to me at McDonalds yesterday when I have a chance.

Here it is. Enemies of me are enemies of my son and you are getting caught. Sucks to get caught, doesn't it?

Yesterday, one of the places where I was assaulted, briefly or not, with technology, I was able to track anyone involved and who had the interest in my reaction. 4 young white men came into the McDonald's. They were all together and then there was a black employee by the name of Tyrone. It was Tyrone, a black man wearing a bright yellow tee that was selling papers, or these 4, or a combination, also a black man who was there in a blue t-shirt and some hat that said Army but I wasn't thinking it was him because of this. They all acknowledged eachother but when I had someone use technology, Tyrone made a show by moving to one side and watching me and when it happened I immediately turned my head to look at the 4 white guys and sure enough, they were the ones interested in what my reaction was. They didn't have the technology on them, they were making sure it happened. I noticed them watching and when I went outside, I saw the man in yellow come out from the side of the restaurant, outside but that's where he came out from. One of the guys, who was wearing a "camelback" backpack, walked out to him later and gave him money (for a paper is what we think). With him was a young man wearing a t-shirt that said "10" and Ambassador on it. These 4 white guys were very clearly involved in my life and trying to get something out of using me. Their plate for Tennessee is 559 MZZ. I believe one of them was driving another sedan with Ohio plates but they decided to pile into one car. The Ohio plate number was FGHT4IT. They were parked side by side and when I was walking before I got to the McDonald's, the Ohio car passed me with some guys and they were all harassing and I noticed their plates even then and almost wrote it down. Then, when I went outside the McD's, I saw the same car with the same plates right there and it was white guys like the ones that got into the other car. The one with dirty blond hair and longish, with the camelback backpack was the one paying the "homeless" man for a paper. Tyrone, the black man who works there was there on the same day I got the bad Pancake Platter. He was in the back and I remember him. About the time they were going to leave, a hispanic or latino or ethnic looking man pulled up in a newer black SUV to smirk. I had an impression he knew the white guys. I am almost positive the Ohio sedan belonged to these guys because I didn't see any other group of men in the McD's that matched the same ones who drove by me whom I noticed because of how they were mocking me. I think they either swapped cars or had two. One went to the driver's side to go in and had his hand on the driver's door and then switched and went to the other vehicle. I had said to him in the store, when he put up his shoe in my face as I was walking by and kept doing things to offend me, I said to him, "Sucks when you get caught doesn't it?" They hadn't even made their assault on me yet. He froze. He was guilty as a _________. You call it. Then he sat down with his friends while the guys they pay did what they did.

Now, I'm going to expose who did something to me at the BP off of Rosa Parks Blvd and it involved a police officer. The officer was a Sgt. Campbell, or officer Campbell. The worker or employees at the BP were a black woman and a white man and the white man was extremely unhappy when I went out and took plate numbers off a white BMW where a professional white guy had nodded off to the Officer when I was being targeted while just standing there trying to warm up something I bought at a different store.

The officer that kept passing me and laughing, had TN plates GV 7761. He had dark brown hair and was younger, average build. Then, the next guy, officer came by and made a false "nod" as if for approval when he was insincere. The next cop I saw was at the BP but actually, I think he was the one who passed me on the heels of GV 7761. He had the same face and was overweight and he passed me to then park at the BP. When I got out to microwave my food there, as may have been expected, he walked over and stood behind me. I had no problems with anything when I was standing there until he stood behind me. Whether he was just enabling the workers and employees already there, I don't know. But he was in on it. The other people there were a black woman closest to where I was standing, and a white guy who just looked like he couldn't stand me. Then I noticed the Officer nodding off to a man who came in, who also nodded off to the white employee. He knew what was going on. He drove a white BMW with plates 467 ZRL (TN). He was a white man with brown hair, clean cut and professional. I went out to get his plate number and he made a pretense of innocence asking me to come over to his window and I stared at him, put my wrists together behind my back after taking down his plates and walked past him without a word.

This was extremely upsetting and disturbing to the white male employee who was involved with him and the officer. The officer also got very uncomfortable when the white employee looked over the cop, nervous.

Then the cop moved away from me and started saying to the black female employee loudly, started talking about how all he's doing these days is chasing down gangs and street kids. He even said something about dirty cops. He was going on and on about it and I finally said, "It's usually the people driving BMW's that are the gangsters, not kids, and it's the cops who talk about the dirty cops who are usually dirty themselves."

He left.

Frankly, if I'd had handcuffs on me, I would have made a citizen's arrest on his ass.

He drove a Nashville police car with the plate number 4213 and the number on his vehicle was 7272.

Why was he there? to be the first responder on the scene if I reported someone using "technology" on me? Yeah, cause he's the one I would need in an emergency.

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