Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Dream about Cartright (being assaulted effects)

Yesterday everything was shut down for the holiday and it wasn't a lot of fun. There were some decent people around, but a whole bunch of others ganged together and were so obnoxious and harrassing--a LOT of people in from Virginia and then some other states too.

Today is calmer, I can already tell.

I was assaulted several times with technology yesterday but not on an ongoing basis. I went to this courtyard with trees and table and chair and did some reading but after about an hour, I left to get something to drink, and when I went back, someone started using something on me.

I caught one group of guys doing this, or a part of it, at a BP station and also at a McDonalds. I was followed, en pointe, to every single location I went to. I am not kidding.

Then I went to chapel and again, someone using technology and since no one was really in the same room I realized it was someone in the laundry room or, when the car started right outside the wall next to me, and things quit, I thought it could have been from someone across from me in the car.

It was all the time.

I felt concerned for my family and there were a lot of nasty CIA in town too. For what? memorial holiday? I also felt there was some rejoicing by a group, that I had not been able to get documents or a motion out yet, for some legal things, which I have yet to do.

I have people obstructing me from getting proof and documentation that I've been repeatedly medicated and drugged.

This morning is the first morning, since at least 2-3 weeks before "The Wedding" in April, that I noticed some normal hair starting to grow back. I've been checking every single day. But now it's thinner.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever I was drugged and I actually think it was either done at my workplace OR at the Holiday Inn Express before I went to McDonalds for pancakes that one day. This was the same day the English-accented man was clapping his hands together after I drank something from the hotel, when I think people were getting nervous about what I might write about and what I could "ruin" for them.

I was drugged that day.

I was very heavily drugged and I knew it on the day it happened. There were only 3 possibilities: McDonald's Pancake platter (something in the eggs or something), the Holiday Inn Express (where I was getting tea and a group of about 8 people were standing around, all professionals and highly observant of me...I had to fill up a little container with water and left the spot, leaving them there next to it, to get more water. All anyone had to do, was put something in the canister, which had an open lid where I was pouring fresh water). And then work. I believe I was given something while I worked at Logan's, but I don't think it's what happened on that day. I noticed feeling odd right after Holiday Express and especially McD's (where I went next).

I blogged about it, because I knew I'd been doped up. And then sure enough, the very next day, the hair that grows everyday wasn't there.

If I am coming out from the influence of medications and drugs, it's been extremely slow. For this to have affected my hair growth and horomones this long, means it's something very long-acting. The problem is, the hair is so much thinner now, I still know I have some kind of drug in my system.

If I go to the hospital, in this State, they just throw me in the nuthouse, potentially, without even doing a CBC. My enemies have made it impossible for me to prove what is happening.

I woke up this morning at about 4 a.m. or maybe even earlier.
Last night I had a dream about James Cartright and his wife and my son. It's the first time I've had a dream about any of them. I don't think about them.

In the dream, I ran into James, and throughout the whole dream, everything was dark. It was dark lighting everywhere. And it was an uneasy dream, like a shadow dream, where my situation was taken seriously for once.

At first it was just me I think. All of a sudden I had my son in my arms. I could feel how much he weighed and in my dream he was a boy, and I felt the weight of a 5 year old. Someone had left him in the middle of the night, with me. My son had a huge bruise and scabbed over gash on his forehead. It was on the left side of his head. In the dream I wondered what had happened and I was in present-time, with time being as it is now. I wondered, in my dream, if my aunt and uncle left him with me for safety, after he had been beat up. I wondered if it was enemies, finally done with him and dumping him off, to be with me at last. I didn't know where the rest of my family was but I guessed in hiding and that they wanted my son to be safe.

James was there and I can't exactly remember if he was with me before they left my son with me, or if he showed up afterwards.

When I had my son in my arms, and he was tired, I was next to James and he said we could stay at his house, for refuge. He said to stay low, or lay low, whatever that saying is. There was nothing romantic about it. He saw that my son had been beat up and I was only thinking of my son. We were downstairs and it wasn't a glamorous house, it was a regular house, spacious but ordinary. There were stairs that went up the side and his wife came down. They were together, living in the house and she said, "Hi, how are you, I"m _____" and then I said, "I'm Came...o" and then she froze and James shook his head, upset because he hadn't wanted me to say my name and in the dream she already knew who I was and froze up and said, "You can't stay here." If I'd kept my mouth shut, we could have stayed.

So I thought, what are we going to do. And then she saw my son and saw that his head had been bloodied. She stood next to me and reached over and put her fingers through his hair to see how bad it was in the back of his head because he had the cut or bleeding on his forehead but also in the back of the head, under the hair. She saw this and changed and she realized we had been in danger. After examining his head and having some sympathy, she changed her mind and decided to try to help. Not for me, but because she saw what was going on with my son.

Then, James started writing something down. Instructions of some kind. I remember they was something important about it when I was dreaming but can't recall what. It was written on a desk or some kind of surface downstairs. Next my son and I were on a bus or something but I don't remember, maybe just outside and meeting some other people.

Then, it was like my son was going to stay with me but everything was precarious and I didn't know where I was going to get work or stability. I can't remember everything, but at one point, we were walking back to the house where James and his wife were, and then I looked back because for a split second I didn't have my eyes on him and he had an umbrella with him. In the dark, at night, I turned and he was a few paces behind me and I said, "Where's your umbrella?" and I realized someone had swiped it in the middle of the night and they were still picking on him. I realized he needed more vigilance and that we were still being harassed and followed by someone and then I went back with him to see if the umbrella had been dropped, and instead, we found a pink ribbon, like a tie for a little girl's hair, and something else but I can't remember what. I only remember the pink ribbon on the dirt or walkway, and that someone stole my son's umbrella. It was lying in a straight or wavy line, not in a bow or anything.

So I picked him up in my arms again, feeling his full 5 year old weight, and we walked towards James's house. And then I woke up.

I woke feeling not very good about the legal situation and knowing I am at a severe disadvantage, when I cannot even prove I've been medicated and doped up. I don't have anything documented and some of my records have been withheld and I don't have evidence that I need, which is there, but I don't have it. I asked for some medical records and some things have not come in. I have to get them all over because someone has repeatedly stolen them, making it impossible for me to prove clear-cut motives. I also don't have some timelines and things in writing that I want to have in writing.

I wasn't thinking about any interpretation when I woke but now that I write it out I suppose I hope that some people realize my situation with my son has been serious and that they might put aside dislike to be fair to my son. If they only knew. I also guess, maybe the umbrella in the dream symbolized either people repeatedly stealing toys and things from my son, or that his protection was missing. And maybe someone stole his protection for themselves. The song "Umbrella" by Rihanna sort of comes to my mind.

It wasn't raining in the dream, at any point. It was just always nighttime and someone was always in the shadows.
I didn't have any problems with anything here at the hotel, the Hutton, until I started writing about my dream. Then the cafe opened, which wasn't open before, and I had the heating up thing start off and on. I also had someone do something from the floor above me, immediately above this computer, which is PC3, the one to the right not the left (left one is broken).

I don't know what is directly above this PC, on the floor above.

I'm not making it up and it happened a couple of times last time I was here.

It's not psychic work, and it's not me being delusional either, it's technology. I know it is just like I knew I had been medicated and doped up and found out the next day, that my body was evidencing this. My period was significantly lighter than usual, on top of everything. This only happens when I'm doped up on crap.

Otherwise, naturally, my hormone levels are normal and my periods are always normal as well.

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