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Torture Tonight At Women's Shelter & Persons Involved

One of the staff members is immediately involved.

I freaked out, completely freaked out over the phone to 911 after I was tortured again, at this shelter, and harassed. I started crying as I was describing all the things that have been done to my son which I have witnessed, by members of the Catholic church and in government positions, and how the U.S. has allowed these people to block investigations and reports. And then I screamed "God damn the United States of America" because it is being run by a corrupt Catholic majority who have allowed gross, very serious and gross violations of human rights to occur to both me and my son. Technically, I don't "damn" (curse) the U.S. as much as those who are running it corruptly and who have allowed these things to happen. I believe that when this kind of thing is allowed, the U.S. gets set up to have innocent people bombed by other countries who know themselves what goes on and hear testimonies from me and believe me because they already know.

HOW can you expect other countries to give you respect if this country doesn't respect it's own citizens? Even ONE example of torture in the U.S., with someone as articulate and able to testify as myself, crying out over and over for U.S. intervention and accountability of the criminals, is ONE too many cases.

It is impossible to convince people in other countries that "America is Great" when they know something like this is happening to me and my son. They may not even like me at all--they may think I'm immoral or lazy, or rude, or just hate me for any number of reasons, and yet they believe me because they've already heard of other accounts from some of their own people. It's not like the U.S. is the only country with good intelligence. In fact, whereas in the past the capabilities of Mossad and the CIA have been touted, very recently, many, many, CIA agents have been canceled out by discovery, imprisonment, and a number of other things. Others have been enormous defectors.

Why does the United States have so many cases of recently discovered defectors? because they hear and know about stories like mine and for some reason they care and have a heart. They throw up, finding out what is happening and what has happened to me and my son. They have literally vomited. Some of the things done to me and my son are so beyond the scope of imagination for the normal American public, it is impossible to convince them about the magnitude of what's been done. But I know someone has seen or watched some kind of documentation and obtained some kind of report and they vomited. They vomited because it has been so shocking who is involved and so degrading. They know what has been used and how often. They know everything about it and when I and my son are the ones on the receiving end, there is nothing else to expect from me than a screamed and desperate cry for someone to investigate.

Harassment is no big deal. Torture is and they are doing nothing to stop it. It's laser and it's pulsed.

There is no security there even though they have a metal detector, it doesn't work. It only works for objects that are about the size of a laptop. I walk in with my metal cell phone, pocket change and any number of metal objects, any time, and it never goes off.

My brother said, "How are you being tortured if you can leave?" and I said, "I can't leave when I have been forced out of work and housing and then someone is torturing me at the only place where I can sleep at night."

I went to a hotel to write about this and it started happening here. I wrote the names down and descriptions of persons around when it happened and I'll mention them later.

It is easy to know where I would go and blog when I have been leaving my own laptop behind and using only libraries and hotels. There are not a lot of hotels in the area actually. Very few.

I will go back to the women's shelter simply to write down some more of the names of women who are there who have done things to me and who work as psychics for different people.

The staff knows what is going on and they are allowing it. Maybe not all the staff, but several there do know. I don't know if this shelter is working in tandem with the federal government because they get monies from them, but it's not strictly a religious shelter.

Twice I've had internal bleeding after eating something there, when someone poisoned my food, and it wasn't medications. There is no medication that causes bleeding like that. I wasn't on my period and it was internal bleeding that manifested from both "spots", not just vaginal and not just rectal. It caused cramping in my stomach and then bleeding.

One time after it happened I was then at a temp agency (which I've already mentioned) which is connected to London and Europe actually, and the people there were making references about it as if they knew. How should they know?

Both times that I had internal bleeding after food given to me at the shelter, I had the same woman who stays there as well, come down to the bathroom and stand around me. I wondered if she had something to do with it bc it was like she knew it had happened.

After one of the times when this happened, I had the white marks in my nails from it, and that's when I went to the ER and they didn't even do a blood test. I have saved these nail clipping for analysis with another government if the U.S. doesn't do it, through the request of a Protestant because that is the only way it will happen. I saved the sections with the white marks and let my nails grow longer before cutting them so I could show the before and after.

The internal bleeding from food at the shelter was minimal compared to what I experienced in Seattle, but it was still bad. It just wasn't 3-4 entire toilet bowls full of straight out bright red blood.

After I showed up in Seattle after extremely severe internal bleeding, dizziness and almost passing out, my lab was abnormally low for potassium and another important mineral. The BUN was normal. It wasn't abnormal until a few days later. A few days after I was poisoned and had the bleeding, I then received a cigarette with poison in it. My hypopigmentation occured after this happened and I still have the tip of my tongue burned from it. My lab that was done after this, just days after internal bleeding, showed an abnormally low BUN. It's usually 7-18 and mine was 4. Very low.

For an idea, I got this from a site online called "understanding lab tests"

"Low BUN levels are not common and are not usually a cause for concern. They may be seen in severe liver disease, malnutrition, and sometimes when a patient is overhydrated (too much fluid volume), but the BUN test is not usually used to diagnose or monitor these conditions.

Both decreased and increased BUN concentrations may be seen during a normal pregnancy.

If one kidney is fully functional, BUN concentrations may be normal even when significant dysfunction is present in the other kidney."

I wasn't pregnant and I wasn't malnourished as I had been eating well and I hadn't had too much water. I was eating and drinking normally. It's a very uncommon condition and my BUN level was extremely low. Some other things besides "severe liver disease" (which can't be the case when my BUN levels were fine a week earlier could be...

Internal bleeding.

First the BUN increases and then it lowers after the damage sets in. It specifically relates to internal bleeding:

It was a Catholic Asian man who tried to kill me in Tacoma with arsenic poisoning. He was Catholic, they had Mary stuff in their car, and Mary icon stuff all over the Vietnamese restaurant we went to. He was fully Catholic and the Seattle FBI tried to cover for him.

Other things were done to me, and to my son. And Catholics within government agencies have blocked others from investigating.

I wasn't vegetarian then either. I was eating meat and I had a good diet and normal fluid intake. There is absolutely no natural explanation for why 1 week my CBC (complete blood count) would have a normal BUN one week and then extremely low, which is very uncommon, for no reason at all, but after my claims of poisoning and torture.

The other thing that can affect BUN is lasers. Which is maybe why the "laser doctor", the one who was working with CO2 lasers before med school, wanted to see me, out of curiosity. A BUN test "measures the levels of nitrogen in the blood." CO2 lasers affect nitrogen. Helium enhances lasers but carbon dioxide and nitrogen are the only gases required Whether it's CO2 lasers or other kinds, they alter nitrogen in the human body.

Here is one example of BUN after arsenic poisoning, and the main thing they look for is renal function (which is what BUN is about):

I don't know why there is space between the 2 3s because the guy otherwise writes his numbers correctly.

Here is another link, about arsenic poisoning symptoms and one symptoms is:
"Four people (3.8%) even presented with
‘‘bloody rice water’’ diarrhea." That's what I had. It wasn't even like blood, it was thinner and bright blood, and I didn't know until now that there is a description that exactly matches. It's from an article from Oxford:

Here is the description of the hypopigmentation that happened to me:
"Within 5–15 days after admission, five people
(4.8%) developed red papular eruptions, scattered on the back,
buttocks, abdomen, chest and arms, and two people (1.9%)
exhibited fine bran-like desquamation of the skin mainly on
the trunk. hyperpigmentation, keratosis,"

My son and I both had this happen, and I know he was poisoned as I was.

Catholics in the FBI covered it up to protect fellow catholic members. And then they tried to push even harder for a diagnosis of a mental illness against me.

I also had prickly nerve sensations by the time I showed up at the ER at Harrison (several days after I was poisoned with arsenic).

Everything that I read about in this Oxford article is what I had symptoms of. It says if you had the "bloody rice diarrhea" it wasn't a fatal symptom like some other symptoms. But everything else followed.

Someone covered it up.

It was supposed to be sent to a lab in the midwest and someone kept it in Seattle.

The only reason they covered it up is because the people who did it were Catholic and followers of Mary. It was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Tacoma that had posters of St. Mary and Immaculate Mary all over the place, near the restrooms and in the back. The man was a young man, a "ninja" type. He was with an Asian gang and had a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. A large one. The only other food I took from anyone was from some guys with Australian accents, at the hostel in Seattle. It is possible they also added something to my food but it would have been an addition to what the first guy did. And I had wondered why international people were following me all over the place and interested in me.

However, all of the odd responses from people came after I had tasted the soup at the restaurant and set it aside. I went to the restroom and they cleared it away when I came back and he had high-tailed it out of the restaurant and I said, "Where is the soup?" and they had already taken it away and dumped it.

Why would they do this unless they were worried I had keeled over in the bathroom and they had to get rid of the evidence? He was already running to his car.

I remember there were a couple of nervous and worried people looking into the window when they walked by while I was there and it made me think twice about having more than one or two sips of the broth.

I had the bleeding at the hostel, but from what I've read, it's a delayed effect.

I had several other things happen to me as well, so it's no wonder that a former laser specialist was curious about me. And I have still been attacked with these things.

My son has suffered far more than I have.

What is odd is that other people, who were not Catholic, didn't want me to prove any of this at the time I had to prove what was being done. What was THEIR motive in concealing these things? Also, it was strange because I was then poisoned at an Irish pub in Seattle and the Irish woman was the one who led me to the hospital for the bleeding episode, after a black man took me someplace where there were hispanics watching what I ate as well.

I was then with a public defender at an all Catholic firm, except for him and they prevented me from getting my medical records and did all they could to keep everything concealed. I am finding further proof...While the first articles I looked up said high BUN can indicate arsenic, that's just at first. From everything I am reading, low BUN happens later. It indicates "Hepatic failure" or "cachexia". Hepatic failure is indicated by low BUN. All of my symptoms indicated I had been poisoned so the lab done in Seattle is not accurate. Someone lied. Then, ooooOOOPs! After claiming I was psychotic, I had another lab done and it showed the BUN was off and other symptoms. All someone had to do was eliminate "arsenic" from the hair sample and claim it didn't exist or they only looked for a certain kind of element and not the full range. It happened. I know it happened and I'll never forget it and I manifested the full range of symptoms, in the time order in which they are expected to occur.

It was attempted homocide. I was one step away from being in the fatal range. Not only that, something that someone gave me later may have taken away the proof of arsenic because after I had the poisoned cigarette that burned my tongue, right after the food and bleeding, I had this metallic taste in my mouth and then a burning sensation in my body (digestive tract) until this man gave me something to drink (I thought it was just a shot of whiskey but it stopped the process of burning).

Someone replicated the same thing with my son because then I saw him later and he had the same pigmentation changes on his body that happened with me after I was poisoned.

I need to grab something to eat.

Tonight, I was sitting in chapel while someone used technology on me and fried me and they put on another Kate Middleton movie. Someone has done this twice. The first time, they had a movie with a Kate M copy and about how they were almost divorcing until some man started writing encouraging letters and they played it in two parts leading up to the wedding. Then, tonight, they played the second half of a movie about a football team and then turned up the volume, WAY up high, when the part about how the woman who couldn't get pregnant (who was a Kate copy) finally got pregnant. The message wasn't even about God.

It was like the whole message was about Kate Middleton, first getting through troubles in relationship to be married and then it was about her conceiving and being pregnant. And why play it on the 1 month anniversary, basically, of her wedding? In the middle of the movie one of the characters said, "I have 4 minutes to say a Hail Mary" and I thought, "Why are they talking about Hail Mary in a supposedly christian movie?" Is it only Catholic oriented movie-makers that are coming up with these atrocious productions?

I didn't watch most of it. I read Proverbs instead. And I had an impression of some woman so angry (don't know who) that it was very vivid in my mind. She was ripping and tearing fabric. Maybe it was paper but it was more like she was tearing out clothing of some kind. Furious or looking for something and tearing things over and over. I almost thought she was looking for something after I thought she was just mad. She felt betrayed and I thought maybe it was about a man and some other woman. It didn't look like plain white. It was more colorful material. I thought, "She thinks he is really, really in love with her and maybe he is."

This is the least of my concerns. My concern was that I was sitting there and being fried. I looked behind me and the only person who was there was the French Caribbean woman and she had been behind me the night before when it happened. Then, she is also in my dorm and it's happened a couple of times there, it's a different dorm and I've had some problems with that group, with someone using something there. She has a bunk immediately next to mine and then there is a woman who is former military who lied to me and said she was "Presbyterian" after first telling me she was Catholic before I started talking about what's been done to me by this group, again. There are some other women there now too. Ashley Talit (sp?), Kathy Bussy, Anna Cruz (who is either Mossad or UK or giving info to more than one group), Colleen Noble (nodding off to Anna Cruz and a few other women prior to and on the day of the wedding). I will go back there just to get the other names. One I had in my Bible and then the woman changed her name and I noticed, and I can't find the original one she was going by.

Hepatic failure following arsenic poisoning:


The only other thing that low BUN can mean is not eating right, and I was eating well. I had fasted a short fast maybe ? but I don't really think so. I don't believe I was fasting then, but maybe I did a one day fast. I don't think so. The only thing that explains it is renal failure and this is another reason why they didn't want to do a CBC in Tennessee and find out.

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