Monday, May 16, 2011

"Irish Bomb Threat"

I think someone in the FBI set it up.

I'm sure I'm wrong and I didn't ask God about it but I thought, right after I say something about Middletons being backed by some Irish, there is a militant bomb threat supposedly from the Irish, made in London to make it appear that oh no, this can't be true because actually, LOOK! they are still trying to bomb London.


The people who would pull that kind of charade would be Americans in FBI intel who have supported the IRA in the past and wanted to put something out there for a smokescreen. I mean, I wouldn't put it past someone in the FBI to collude to do this, or possibly some other group.

And I thought this when I thought there was a real bomb that went off and then I found out it's just a "threat", so nothing even happened. "Coded" my ass. I'm sure it was coded: C.I.A.

Some kind of nonsense.

They're not going to be bombing now that the Middletons are in. They're going to pull on their apron strings for favors.

And yes, there is a large U.S. group that has been behind all of it too.

This I know...finally.

I just looked up James Middleton for the first time in my life. An article came up about his being coached by the same man who put the PM in his place. Cameron.

So I'm looking up Cameron. Instead of going to David Cameron I went to Samantha Cameron. I read, at the bottom, her inclusion or mention of her having some very indirect tie to "Catherine Howard", one of Henry's wives.

First of all, it's Katheryne, with a "K", not a "C". My great-aunt (my dad's side) told me as much and when I read about her, this is true and how she signed her own name.

Secondly, this woman has about as much royal blood in her blood as can be found in her bonnet.

Why the mention at all, I have no idea.

Most of the Howards, who I am related to, were Catholics. They are still staunchly Catholic. Somehow, my line escaped with their lives, and barely, and probably stand to be in possession of some of the estates if papers had not been destroyed or if we had not decided to be "free" in the States. Between this and the Sutton property belonging to my family, is it any wonder we're still targeted right and left?

My Granny (mom's side) told me her father was Catholic. He was a Catholic Breigenzer (from Minnesota, but originally Luxembourg and speaking Luxembourgish). I am entitled and qualified to say whatever I like.

I don't have anything to add about the Camerons. I know nothing about British politics.

I do regard Peter Hitchens as at least a sincere Christian and question Cameron calling him a "maniac".

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