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Catholic Majority Running U.S. Intelligence

I was about to write a new post about how this organization that claims to be for victims of torture refused to provide services and didn't tell me for over 3 days after stating they'd let me know the next day. Just as I was about to write about it, this song comes on and mentions the name of the woman I had to talk to, who went from being nice about things to hostile.


The song that came on was Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles.

Their organization is in Virginia and I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything.

"reminds me of you" by van morrison

First I was harassed by some of their hispanic intake receptionists and persons. Then I was finally told the person in charge of this department who I had to speak with was on vacation.

It has been almost 3 weeks now since I have been emailing and leaving messages, to agencies around the U.S., for help with services that I qualify for.

They are all turning me away. Some of them really only serve people from out of country, but many of these agencies also help people in the U.S. and they are being directed to refuse me any kind of services.

I waited while this woman, "Joan" was on vacation for a week and then she called me on Monday as if they might be able to help me. She took some information from me and while she did, I had someone using something on me at the same time. Half the time I don't know if some of these people are in on the torture of others and just hide their interest behind a wall of so-called "advocacy".

Which is actually something I would suspect the Physicians for Human Rights of. I don't believe all of them are interested in helping as much as in documenting what has happened, and effects, for their own sick and twisted medical interests.

So this woman Joan sound totally normal and then she didn't get back to me on Tuesday, as she said she would. I had my phone turned off after 6:30 a.m. and early in the morning, before 5 a.m., but she would have been able to reach me at any other time, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then I finally called again today, Thursday.

She told me oh, they couldn't help me and she wasn't able to leave a message (or even return my calls when I called on Tuesday & Wednesday during the day). She said, in a brand new snotty tone, which was completely different than how she had acted before, "We can't help you but my director told me to give you the name of mental health services in Nashville."

I said, "What is the name of the director that you talked to?" and she said, "David." I said, "David who? "David" doesn't tell me anything." She said, "Perry". I said, "P-a-r-r-y or P-e-r-r-y" and she confirmed the later and then I said thanks and hung up.

This was coming from Falls Church, Virginia and that was one area that I experienced a LOT of harassment in.

In fact, my memory of the kind of people who harassed me and followed me all over the place in Falls Church, VA, is so good that I called every other town branch before this one, because the Falls Church people were generally NOT a good group. In Washington D.C., when I was able to travel a little, there were plenty of good pockets of the area, but I remember the times, in minute detail, when I had to travel in the direction of Falls Church. There were nasty, mean-spirited, rich, and horrible, horrible people that direction. I didn't know why in the world it kept getting meaner and nastier the further away I got from Arlington and closer I got to Falls Church.

I just found my answer.


It just never changes, does it? It has always been Catholics, ever since a certain point, and they have the worst mobsters and gangsters and call themselves "christians" at the same time.

I just looked up "Falls Church, VA" out of curiosity. On wiki. The only notable was that it was the nation's most affluent area in 2002. However, not any longer, and why should that make the people so hostile and mean to me? They acted the same, over there, as they have in the Catholic hood of Nashville and in Wenatchee and other Catholic-influenced areas.

I then looked up "catholic population, Falls Church, VA" and found this link, which I posted. The statistics show this area to have a Catholic majority. At 43%.

Which explains not just "a lot", but quite simply, "everything."

Thank you God, for every gem you help me to uncover and find.

My son and I have been tortured by members of the Catholic church. They have been the worst offenders, even if some Jewish have also been involved at times, the Catholics are the worst.

Let me put it to you this way Hamas, if you're listening. Do you know what? Israelis, some of them, will treat you better than Catholics any day of the week, even if you have some of your groups aligning out of sheer financial mutual benefits for arms or whatever. In the Old Testament, there is a saying throughout that any alien is to be treated as an alien, but the Egyptians, if they live near, they are to be given more lenience. Why? maybe because they are brothers and intermarried with Solomon. I don't know.

But Leon Panetta is the one who instructed soldiers to waterboard your people, number 1. Number 2, Leon Panetta is the man who was responsible and in charge of CIA functions at these facilities and other facilities which allowed for the humiliation and torture of others.

If you think some of the Israelis are bad, you should look into who is operating and running most of the U.S. intelligence system, and it's overrun with Catholics. And they are the ones responsible for torturing others, because their mentality is that you are of Islam and they are of Jesuit heritage, and they will run an old-fashioned Crusade against Muslims as long as they can, and drag tolerant Protestants and unexpectedly sometimes merciful Jewish along into it.

And I don't have a lot of good to say about the American-Jewish community as they have stood by and allowed horrific things to happen to me and my son. Said nothing. Cheered and applauded at A Wedding & A Funeral I'm sure. I mean, it was one big festivity after the other wasn't it?

Jewish and Catholics will work together against what they perceive to be a "Common Enemy" and they went after and harassed and persecuted my family and my innocent son. They used people in high places and also perfect gangsters. They use women and women, as you know, if they can be persuaded to be suicide bombers in the Middle East, believe me, it is apparently not very "difficult" to get a Catholic woman to work out various forms of torture and revenge against a woman they hate and love to hate. The very same goes for Ephraim.

I looked up Arlington and it's 48% Catholic, which also explains some of the harassment in one direction. The part I was in, was closer to downtown D.C. I wasn't in the heart of Arlington but closer to the hub of D.C. and the embassies. Where I was, there was more diversity.

The entire Fairfax area, in general, encompasses both Arlington and then Falls Church. They are much, much, higher rates of Catholics there, than normal. Which, now makes a lot of sense. I looked up Jewish, and there are not higher rates of Jewish there. In fact, it's lower rates. It's a much higher rate of Catholics.

And time and time again, this is who has been responsible for smearing me and torturing both me and my son.

The FBI, by the way, is not recruiting from Protestant or secular or Jewish colleges. The people who have been in charge of recruiting have put their training sites on Catholic colleges. I did research about this before my son and I were ever tortured. I found out that out of all the colleges, there were a couple of secular ones and then all of these Catholic colleges that were supplying the FBI with the newest agents and intel.

Yep. I just looked it up.

I wondered if McClean, VA, where the CIA is, is also close to Falls Church. It is. I remember taking the subway from D.C. and from Arlington, to Falls Church and there were some nice people in certain parts, and then I had a lot of harassment near the Fairfax hospitals and in general.

It was very noticeable.

Also noticeable to me, is this fact: If the U.S. population is only 20% Catholic, on the whole, or so, then why is it almost 50% and the largest church, right next to all of our main Intelligence Headquarters?

People live in the general region that they find work in. So, what I have been saying, is that the FBI and CIA and intelligence is infiltrated and stuffed full of corrupt Catholics that have been defaming me, harassing me, and allowing torture of me and my son. Is it not true that they have the majority hold on the U.S. intelligence?

When is the last time the CIA released statistics on how many ugly Catholics they hire per year, and how many they've retained? I mean ugly to the core, on the inside, to the point of obstruction of justice, fraud, collusion, and torture and poisoning of others.

When is the last time the FBI divulged to the American public, how many ugly Catholics were working in their government offices?

And let's not mention the IRS, the ADA, and look at The Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court can't even hide it.

They're all sitting there in a row, like judges for an ice skating event holding up the signs:

Catholic, Catholic, Jew, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic.

It is impossible to hide ones religious affiliation as a member of The Supreme Court.

It is very easy to allow the FBI and CIA to become engorged and inflated by a huge Catholic majority mafia and have the entire public think we're still "The Good Ole Guys".

No, we're not the same old "Good ole Guys". We have a lynchmob of Catholics that have the majority in all of the intelligence communities. All of them.

And, true enough, they are all taking up residences in the towns that are next to the FBI headquarters and the CIA headquarters, and the other agencies as well.

THESE are my persecutors and torturers.

THESE are the Hamans that have allowed my family to suffer. And these are the same people who have deliberately SENT me to psych wards and psychologists to make false claims about me to discredit me, while they have been afraid of me all along for having some gifts from God that scare the HELL out of them. I guess it hasn't scared ENOUGH of the HEll out of them, because they are still the same corrupt, wicked, cruel, arrogant, and beligerant mobsters as they have ever been.

This is why I haven't yet had an investigation.

Because the FBI and CIA are overrun with Catholics-Covering-For-Catholics-Anonymous. CCFCA.

Then, I try to get assistance, from agencies like this one in Falls Church, VA, and wonder why I can't get help, and once again, I do a little research, and who is turning me away? The same people who are friends with the group that has paid and bribed others to smear me and torture me and my son.

I tried to find out who the CEO of this organization is and it's a Mary Agee, married to a Philip Agee, whose name ended up being linked to something I pulled up with Jesuit University in NY. But I don't know if this is right.

I will tell you what's true...I had incredible, horrible computer problems for the first time, when I started figuring out some of the catholic connection and began researching things on those I'd been involved with in Oregon and then Washington. I was finding links and I started finding connections to the FBI and CIA, jesuits and knights of colombus and other fraternal groups that were able to enhance their communications between towns and states. And this is when my son and I started being tortured.

I think the most important thing that I could do right now, is prove what kind of group has infiltrated the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon (now) and other agencies where I've had problems.

I have said that the U.S. intelligence is over-run by the Catholic community and they are recruiting more Catholics and it's true.

Since the FBI and CIA are not providing us with the statistics, even though they then scurry over to someone they know from USA Today to "Hurry! put in a pie chart to show how many Prostestants are in the House! or in Congress!"...

The American people do not who has been running this country.

Guess who?

The Vatican.

Aren't we lucky? England gave the pope his own special little tartan. What are we going to give him? The videotapes of the torture of Cameo and Oliver Garrett? No, let me guess. It was a candelabra.

Why not? I'm sure it will be something nice to add to the archives.

I am able to prove what none of the other journalists will prove, and this is that Catholics have criminals in their closets and they are hiding behind shirts at the CIA and the FBI. And if you don't believe me, all you have to do is look at some of the people who I have had to name already, in the past, and then look at how I am able to estimate how many live and work next-door to the main intelligence agencies.

It's Catholics.

And no, they are not representing "the American people". They have been representing their own church members, friends, and the Vatican.

According to wiki (not the best link, but 1 link), Protestants make up 51% of the U.S. population. It's not the 70% that it used to be. It's only half of the total population. 25% is Catholic, according to this statistic.

Oh, it's not 25% next to the CIA, FBI, or Pentagon. It's 50%.

The table is tipped so that a U.S. Catholic minority is ruling the U.S. with a gross majority in all influential fields.

I will be "done" when these assholes quit torturing me and my son. And they don't know when to quit or when to tell their gangsters to quit. I am exposing everything and doing it with hard facts and statistics for the American public.

We are the People.

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