Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leon Panetta Puts Hit On Elderly (my Granny)

Panetta is now in charge of The Pentagon, so we can go to him and ask him what's going on, now that's he's scuttled from the CIA over to the military.

I was talking to my grandmother and guess what new problems she started to have?

Laser and military problems with U.S. persons under Panetta's command.

She is telling me she's having strange heart problems like the ones I experience from the military technology. She has zero history of health problems with her heart and no one on my mother's side experiences this, ever. She doesn't have a bad heart and on both my mother and father's side, there is zero history of heart problems except with ONE person. Only ONE person has EVER had any kind of heart issue. The rest of my family has died after they're in their 90s or even 100's, from old age, and natural causes. There is an almost remarkable history for lack of disease or health problems in my family.

She said that as she was talking to me, she started having some strange problems with her heart and her lower back. My son and I had lower back problems because of technology that was used against us, and it caused severe pain in the lower back. Even if my grandmother is elderly, she is pain-free now, naturally, and has no lower back issues.

She never has heart issues.

The person responsible is Leon Panetta. I am like Daniel in Leon's den.

My whole family has been.

The same Catholic group that has persecuted me and lied about me and used people within the FBI, CIA, and law enforcement, to harm me, and defame me to even Protestants, went after my brother.

My brother and I were fired on the same day, or approximate day, on April 29th, 2011.

I didn't even know this until a couple of days ago. I had no idea. No one told me.

First they fired my brother, after telling him to spend money for pay for a broker or lender's license, and they asked him to pay money for the classes, and then they fired him.

They had my brother pay money to take classes for the test and then they fired him, leaving him in the hole.

After they fired my brother, the very next day The State of Washington zeroed in on my brother, and cleaned out all his bank accounts.

The State of Washington cleaned out my brother's bank account, claiming he owed them money for overpayment of unemployment monies. At one point he was claiming unemployment money and then he was hired. They later went back and told him he owed them money but they waited until 1 day after my brother was fired, to clean out all of his savings and checking.

My brother has never once lacked for work. He's never had to take state benefits for anything and just recently had to get a card for food assistance (not welfare but just food), after he had his accounts cleaned out by The State of Washington.

But of course The State of Washington isn't liable for crimes their officials have committed.

Does any of this sound odd to you?

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Anonymous said...

Cameo, Granny has been to the doctor but she refuses to take the doctor's advise. She has heartburn, they tested her for it. After all of the years of drinking coffee, it is now causing her heartburn and she's not willing to admit she has to quit drinking coffee. The week we managed to get her to drink only one cup a day, she did not have heartburn. She's not having heart trouble, the doctor checked that as well. Pat