Thursday, May 26, 2011

Statistics Proving Catholics Run The U.S.

I said I would do it, and I will.

I am going to make my case and prove to the U.S. people and anyone in any other country that hasn't thought about it, that Catholics have been running U.S. intelligence and are running the U.S.

1. Declining Protestantism in the U.S.
1st link. The Washington Times, July 20, 2004.

This article states the U.S. lost it's Protestant majority status in 2004. That's for the general population, not even touching what was happening in the intelligence communities.

This article is dated the same year that I was visited by Catholic FBI agents who were covered for by Catholic supervisors. I have not even seen the FBI records, because they refused to release them to me, even though I've requested them over and over, through FOIA. They smeared me and haven't wanted to release the evidence to me until they thought they could try to "outrun" a Defamation case by me.

If they called me crazy in their records, without evidence, it's material I could have taken to a lawyer for a lawsuit. Hoorah. The FBI has refused to release the materials to me, until their Catholic community feels comfortable enough that the release cannot be used against them. What this means, is that they keep defaming me until they get enough of their medical people to falsely write me up as mentally ill and then if they think they have a diagnosis against me, as a defense for the crap they've leveled against me, then THEY feel safe. If I'm not defamed, where is my FOIA? and why have certain FBI members had a special interest in defaming me and keeping this ball rolling?

This article states the total number of Catholics is 25% and has been stable (see 2nd link). However, this is only true with regard to general population. While the general population hasn't changed, the numbers in intelligence fields and government offices, has risen dramatically. Which means, when Protestant numbers fall, and Catholic numbers rise in high or important offices, that control technologies, military, intelligence and justice systems, there is a new group that is being tapped into for support of the Catholics. The Protestant population fell in voting power.

2. The U.S. is 4th for Highest Number of Catholics.
2nd link. Catholic Church In The United States, wikipedia.

3. Catholicism Is Largest Denomination In United States.
2nd link. The Catholic Church is the largest denomination in 33 out of 51 states, including NY, CA, and the states where I had the most problems: Washington, Oregon, Maryland. The parts of Virginia where I had problems, where the Catholic majority locations.

4. Catholic Majority in Locations for FBI, CIA, NSA, FCC, Pentagon headquarters.
(first I will list the locations of the headquarters and then I will list the links for what the religious population is in that same location--no one is commuting more than an hour or so, and that's not counting the people located in various offices around the country and world but shows where some of the hiring powers and administrative powers are housed)
3rd link. FBI Headquarters address. 935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington D.C.
4th link. CIA Headquarters address. McClean (VA) Richmond (VA), Washington D.C., various.
5th link. Pentagon Headquarters address. Arlington, VA.
6th link. NSA (National Security Agency). Fort Meade, Maryland.
7th link. FCC (Federal Communications Commission). NW Washington D.C.

I will finish this later.

One note I will make now, is about, for example, the State of Maryland. Maryland has a very long Catholic history but while statistics are misleading, putting them at the general 25% of believers, almost all of Maryland's political leaders are Catholic: Governor O'Malley, House Speaker Busch, and Senate President Mike Miller.

I'll organize all of this and prove my point and prove this is why my son and I have been persecuted and tortured and been unable to get help and been smeared instead. After showing the U.S. exactly who is running THEIR country and who is ruler over THEM, I will then show exactly who has been torturing me and my son. But first I want everyone to have a broader perspective that is not "All about you".

I don't want it to be all about "me". It affects everyone whether you know it or not. And most people never think about it and instead, they wonder what is happening to America and who is screwing it up and why is it so corrupt? And we wonder who is paying who to cover up for crap we should all know about.

Like I said, it will not be much longer and someone is going to jail and any attempts to dig out now is futile. So do yourselves a big favor and keep your torture tactics to yourself and leave my family alone before you have additional counts added to your rap sheet, whether it's pristine now or not.

8th link. Of course it's not a cult. the CIA says so

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