Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liver Disease or Pregnancy--After Arsenic

Everything points to proof of arsenic poisoning except for the lab in Seattle. My levels there were something like .37 but I believe something was covered up.

My potassium and all other indicators on the original CBC done at Virginia-Mason showed I had at least lost a lot of liquid (and I did, through profuse bloody rice diarrhea that was expulsive and also vaginal bleeding).

Then, true to form, 1 week from the time of bleeding, I got hypopigmentation and then my CBC at Harrison showed the BUN to be very low. This is so uncommon and none of the common causes apply to me. It leaves only liver disease (hepatic failure) which is 1 result from arsenic poisoning, or pregnancy. There is no possible way I was pregnant unless hormones were still off from my miscarriage, almost 1 year later.

And that doesn't make sense before 1 week earlier, there was no problem with the low BUN.

Low BUN developed after effects of arsenic from combined poisons set in.

And then the FBI and doctors and Catholic cover-ups all knew this and that's why they didn't anyone to do a CBC on me in Tennessee.

It would have been the first CBC I'd had outside of Washington state. Washington state parties connected with D.C. and Tennessee parties to make sure that a CBC wouldn't work against them so they refused to do a simple CBC when I went in, after further poisoning and drugging attempts.

I either still have low BUN or I don't. Who knows what other things might have turned up if they had done a CBC before injecting me full of crap. I wonder what Haldol does to the BUN.

Yep. It's what I thought.

Haldol causes an elevated BUN.

What a convenient way to raise my BUN levels up and hope no one finds out. Maybe if they could inject me full of Haldol they could still say "Cameo is crazy" and raise the one thing that stands out as a major red flag against them, the unexplainable low BUN that indicates hepatic failure. Which popped up out of nowhere, 1 week following poisoning attempts and successes.

Yes, it says that what they monitor for after dosing someone with Haldol, is "abnormal BUN" (meaning increased levels).

Which is one of the reasons why they refused to take a CBC from me at Vanderbilt when I went in and why they delayed doing a draw until after 3 days of doping me up on this and Seroquel.

I asked for my lab results when I was there and they refused to give them to me, even at discharge. Then I asked again and sent a release and I've not seen them.

My other sign of low sodium goes with kidney and liver failure. People who have these failures also have low sodium in blood levels.

I will never, ever, marry a Catholic.


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