Friday, May 20, 2011

Army Corruption (more from Judge)

At least it's documentation.

I got a letter from a Judge for the Fair Hearings, this is the Judge who hung up on me and refused to reconnect the hearing or get back to me when I repeatedly called and sent email.

This is the Washington State Department of Health and Social Services that handles Office of Administrative Hearings.

It is headed by an Army lawyer who is no doubt hostile to me.

My hearing was for disability and this Judge hung up on me before I even got to find out WHAT kind of disability benefits I was on.

Then their offices refused to connect me, and I went to VM several times.

I contacted their ADA person who told me to ask the Social Worker in WA and even though I sent email after email to Wenatchee, asking both Protestant Donita Weddle (Protestant I think) and Jewish Donna Titleman to please tell me what my benefits were for,

They both refused.

I got a decision, in writing, from Judge Kraybill, that proves how corrupt they are.

And I have plenty of email documentation to back myself up.

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