Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Morning

I went to bed depressed and heavy-hearted. The whole night there was a battle between good and evil. I could sense both.

And I figured out what was wrong with the weird tunnel sound I was having sometimes. It wasn't my imagination--it was the wire on my headphones. When my Dad sent me a link to the name of the band his buddies are in "Rewired", I should have thought about it and got new headphones. Instead, I figured out that by yanking it up or twisting it, it corrects. I still need to get new ones.

I knew I was going to hear "Where The Streets Have No Name" today. I knew it by this morning. I thought I was going to hear it in the gym when I went to the sauna but no, it later came on with the Pandora selection mix. And I thought, "Yep. There it is."

Something cool happened today though. Last night I took out my curlers, and of all things, I turned to a psalm but didn't even "see" the one on the other side. I turned to psalm 109 and read it while curling up my hair. I did not even notice the psalm on the other side. It was psalm 110, "My Lord said unto my lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool."

I didn't even see it until I was in the sauna this morning, after watching some news, and did my make up and then decided to read the psalm 109 out loud there. So I did and then felt to move to the next one as I wasn't done. So I did, and all of a sudden, that's when I saw it as I read it out loud and I didn't even see it at all last night.

I also read from Isaiah last night.

This morning I woke up and turned to "The Exodus" and the story of how the Egyptians finally said, in the middle of the night, "Get up! Go!" and they were suddenly so excited, after enslaving them so long and using them, to have them leave and get out at once, because they had witnessed so many horrific things they knew God was part of it. They suddenly decided, and were so desperately anxious to have them leave, they woke everyone up in the middle of the night while it was still dark and said "Get your things and leave!" and they left so quickly, when they grabbed their bread from the pans, they took it before they had even added yeast. It happened that fast. On top of this, they not only told them to get out, that very night, and take their stuff, they were so compliant, they gave them anything they asked for--clothing, gifts, just whatever they wanted and said "Is this good? Are we good?! Now leave now!" They finally realized they did not want to test God any longer and witness another catastrophe. So they left and when they made their bread the next morning, they ate it flat because it was all they had to eat, and they cooked it without the yeast.

I took it, not as a story about Egyptians but anyone living under oppression who keeps warning their oppressors that natural disasters or other harm will occur if they don't let them go.

I sensed good energy while reading this. Then I randomly turned to the New Testament and it was the parable of the good seed.

Then I got up and asked God to direct my steps and stayed in bed until the last minute and rolled out after taking curlers out. I walked down the sidewalk and decided not to wait for the bus. Then, at one juncture, I saw the bus to my side and decided to take it the rest of the way. It must have been God's idea because if I hadn't, I would have missed the start of the Obama-Cameron speech.

I had no idea there was going to be a speech.

So I had walked half of the way and then took the bus the rest of the way and then instead of going through the main door I took a slightly longer way to the back and passed these little things like half moon shapes. I went through the doors, and then to my locker to get a granola bar and then to the t.v., and stood on a chair to change it from ESPN to CNN, at exactly 1:00 or 1:01. It was right at the start of the speech by Cameron. Well, that was London time, in the corner.

Then the cameron pans to both of them and it reminded me of the 2 dogs standing up on the wall and arching their backs. Not dogs of course, but I don't know, it was weird. And I thought, after thinking about groundhogs and shadows this morning, about their shadows on the platform. Really dumb stuff, of course, meaning nothing.!

Cameron said something about respecting cultural differences or ideas and I liked this part of his speech and then I was sitting there thinking how nice the weather looked and wondered if that's how it was usually and then Obama got up and said something about the weather and how this was typical. Answering my question basically. It's the first time I've seen Cameron in anything, like a speech or anything. I wasn't able to judge him one way or the other--nothing stood out really one way or the other. He was eloquent and that was my only thought. And I noticed Obama's tie because this morning I didn't focus on anything or really pray about it but I thought briefly about what his tie was today and I thought it was black and then thought something about stripes diagonally. It was dark grey with black stripes.

I didn't try to guess anything else. I thought about it and then felt too lazy and didn't want to.

I mainly thought how nice the weather looked in London. It looked like my favorite kind of day, sunny and mild with a good breeze. It's sort of the same over here though not as breezy.

I thought, at one point, that it looked like Charles Spencer was sitting there. I don't know if it was, but it sort of looked like him and towards the end I did a "silly" thing. I said in my mind, "Hi Spencer! Speeeeencer....Remember Stuart Little?"

I have no idea why I thought to try to project this to him either. I have no clue what I was saying. I don't know if stuart little means anything to him at all. I just had some idea of a little grey mouse, very small and cute and then said this to him, calling him from my mind...Spennncer! Oh SPENNCErrr...I'm talking to you Spencer...remember Stuart Little?"

Then I thought, why would I think about a cute little live mouse after I walked right by a dead grey rat? (I passed this on the way to the gym and I tried to not look but it stank). Then after I saw him, or someone who looked like him, I saw a different kind of small mouse that was alive and projected a thought to him which I'm sure he wasn't tuning into no matter where in the world he was.

This song on right now has really good energy: It's "History Maker (live), My Soul Sings (live from Bogota, Colombia). I clicked on it because it had such good energy and then this is where it was recorded.

This is weird. I decided to look up "Charles Spencer, Stuart Little" because I wondered what it means. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to him but I would sure love to know, since it came to my mind strong enough that I thought this out loud to him. With my search I found his wiki page and it had a byline of Castle Stewart but then it wasn't on the main page and I wondered what this was about. Then I found a byline that said the original name of "Spencer" was "Steward" or "Stewart". I have no clue.

I think someone is smiling right now though because I can't help smiling now too.

The next thing I just found is a Howard-Spencer link. Howards intermarried with Spencers. This is the first time I've ever read this. It's look... ""

I still don't know what that has to do with why this idea of Stuart Little came to mind at all.

But for the first time in my life, I am realizing I might be related to the Spencers? Maybe. That's sort of odd to read just now and never come across before. I guess it was the order of the Google today. I don't know, then I found something about Stuart kings.

I have no idea why Stuart Little, as in the character though. Sometimes I discover the strangest things that might come to mind, mean something after all.

Other things, at one point while watching I asked God to kick up the wind and "whip the flags around" and then a few minutes later, the flags went from being still to blowing to one side and then the next side. I don't know if the wind really picked up though. It was during Obama's speech. And then they started talking about air stuff while I was thinking about the wind. I wanted to see one of the flags then, lifted up from the bottom, like a Marilyn Monroe skirt but that didn't happen (I don't think but I couldn't always see the bottoms of the flags because we had a view of halfway up the flags). I asked for papers that some of the people in the group were holding to ruffle though, and for them to notice. But that could mean for anyone. I thought about it in connection with the man who looked like Charles Spencer, whether it was him or not.

I wanted to see how the two, Obama and Cameron walked into the doors together and I thought, "They are both going to do it at the same time, without one moving in front of the other" and they did. I was glad they did too.

I also thought it was nice to have their speeches outside on such a nice day.

I didn't try to guess anything about anyone. I sort of had this idea come to my mind that something was behind a flap to a suitjacket but I didn't know why it came to mind and I dismissed it immediately from mind. But it was some thought about the front of the jacket and where the flaps fold back over--the lapel. I wasn't trying to think of anything, just saw Obama talking and probably my imagination on where could someone hide something discreetly or something about the lapel came to mind but not necessarily with Obama or anyone and that's why I dismissed it from my mind right away.

Then after their speeches were over I went to the sauna and then got hot and decided to shower and did and then I thought, at some point, I don't know why I saw Charles Spencer to mind again but I saw this really hoity-toity look and sort of begrudging and eating my concoction of potato, salsa, mayo, and thai rice noodles, like not wanting anyone to know but curious about how it tasted or someone made him do it. And I laughed out loud seeing his expression. I don't know where in the world that came to mind either, but he had his head bent and this "look" and his head bent to try it, with a utensil. I think I was in the shower when I had this come to mind and there was nothing to make me think of it, but I did.

It still makes me laugh thinking of it.

I have no clue why I sense good energy, with that either, maybe it's just because I started laughing about it again and it's the rush of good hormones. 10:29 a.m. here now.
This song came on about "Looks like Love" by Needtobreathe on The Heat.

I then saw, at the beginning of this song, folded hands go behind a man's head and the head bent down. Interlocked fingers and clapsed and folded over the back of the head with elbows bent. No clue who though.

Anyway, won't make a lot of random writings today. I have to get some things done.

I do feel good energy for some reason. Not the super strong energy, but a level calm and some laughing.

Last night I felt terrible until I got a message out to my family: Pray 2 God. No Weapon formed against you shall prosper.
I thought the speeches were good in general. I don't know what I think about the Israel-Palestine thing because I don't know about it.

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