Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my mom.

I thought about my mom and what things I am most thankful of, aside from having a mom in general, and the things that come with this, good and bad.

One thing I thought about was how, when I broke my neck, she sat next to my bed almost 24-7 until I left. She never left except to get something to eat and I couldn't talk or anything. I was almost comatose. I could barely move. My Dad was on his way too, and taking photos and lining other things up in the meantime, but my Mom was right next to my bedside the entire time, for a week.

She flipped through magazines and did a little reading but I really don't know how she made it through that week without being bored but she was there the whole time.

And I remember my Mom combing my hair out when I was little, with a brush and putting my hair into rollers. And then I always wanted to brush my Mom's hair when she sat in this kitchen chair at the table, the table we've had forever, when we lived in Moses Lake.

I also remember my Mom trying to defend me sometimes when my Dad got upset (it was rare).

I remember my Mom making Valentine's Day cookies for me and putting them into my lunch when I was in high school and I was embarrassed but all my friends thought it was so nice that my mother would do this for me.

I will think of more things and write more tomorrow, because I would like to write something better than this.

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