Monday, May 16, 2011

impressions, dreams, and hazing

My dream last night, all I remember, was brief. I was filling out my passport application.

I had another impression, and I was kicked out of the women's shelter the other night because of hostile staff. That was after the preacher did something totally inappropriate first.

He came in and stood to the side of me, but just inches away. I was sitting in my seat and his belt was about level with my face. He was to the side of me and then I somehow intuited he was going to move over to stand right in front of my face.

(this is how the U.S. likes to punish me for talking about FBI/other corruption and the Middletons)

Let's see....the last time I was jailed, in Wenatchee, I was mocked about the Middletons and guards refusing to give me a bra, looking down my shirt and commenting to male guards, and doing anything and everthing they could to punish me and degrade me. They had arrested me on false charges and made me go before the public with no bra, when I asked several times for one, even one that was larger if needed, because they claimed they didn't have any in my size.

Then, I was stripped and told I would be thrown face down on a mattress, and held down, if I refused an injection I didn't need. (and all of this is after forcing me after work, robbing me of my talent by poisoning and assaulting me, defaming me and having me sleep outdoors with nothing). I was stripped in front of a bunch of women who didn't all need to be there and then injected with drugs that have altered everything to this day. I have never felt the same since, and I was paraded before a bunch of doctors and medical professionals, unable to even speak. I was degraded.

This has happened almost every single time I write something "they" don't like. So I am really quite "sure" that this must just be an AMAZING family to bring into a royal role, along with their murderers, torturers, and gangsters hailing from both sides of the Atlantic. Wow.

The other night, this preacher came in, and stood just a couple of inches away from me and then I intuited that he was going to move over to stand in front of my face, and if I had my head up, my face would be about 2 inches away from his crotch. I knew what was planned. So I put my head down and stared at my lap.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later he moved to stand right in front of me and then while he was talking, he made a pelvic thrust.

This man stood in front of my face, an inch or two away, and made a pelvic thrust and gesture for all to see. What did the staff do? nothing. They, or one of them, of course, had to make a call to invite him to speak that night.

I kept my head down the entire time and then after he made his pelvic thrust while saying he had to "get in" or someone was "in", he moved to the podium where he then got a phone call and he let his cell phone ring 2 times and then picked it up. He took a cell call in the middle of his "service" and said, "Hi, I can't COME right now because I'm in a service".

Everything this man did was perverted and colored with sexual perversion. I stood up and turned to leave to use the restroom and as I was sitting in the front row, I was able to see others around me. Some thought it was hilarious and they were smirking. Others were as shocked and depressed as I was. But those who thought it was great--it was a large number.

I went to the bathroom and then when I went back I stood in the back. The staff told me to sit down. But before I sat down I had prayed in the back, and I asked God, "Show me something about this man" and I was going to go to my Bible, which sometimes works, and then I thought, no, don't go to the Bible for this one. Ask God to show you." So I asked God and then all of a sudden I saw that preacher hunched over and staring at porn.

When I sat down, he was doing a question and answer with other and women were asking him things out loud and giving answers out loud. I looked for my opportunity and then asked, as he was talking about grace, "So does relying on grace mean you can look at pornography whenever you want to?" He suddenly couldn't speak.

I asked a question like anyone else, and it could have even been about myself, but Deborah went up to me and it was her and Terri (a catholic) who were in the back and she said, "Cameo you need to leave RIGHT NOW." She actually told me to go with her and then told me to leave the premises.

I did nothing wrong. I didn't accuse him of porn, though this obviously hit on something--by the way he acted. I had been humiliated and degraded by him in front of a whole audience and these staff persons punished me instead.

And by the way, it wasn't to be a "dis" on grace either, because it is true that his grace is sufficient for all things.

So after being degraded and humiliated publicly and then published for speaking out something God showed me, even if I did it discreetly, I was told I had to stay outside all night and refused a place to sleep. And then I was shunned by all of the other agencies that supposedly provide shelter when I called. One of them lied to me saying they were full and I knew they were lying. I was then harassed by the FBI that night, and tortured again as well.

Someone wanted an opportunity to have me kicked out, because then I saw how many people were lined up outside, to enjoy every minute and follow me wherever I went.

What is bizarre though, is that some people suddenly feel they need to pretend to be my friend, now that this wedding is over. I have even women from the homeless shelter suddenly trying to act like they're friends. Cecile, the woman who said something to mock me the day after the wedding, after I said something about one of the psychics there, "Kathy", wanted to introduce herself to me in a friendly way and shake my hand, I guess thinking I didn't remember her or if I did, she was now wanting to leave a different impression. This is happening a lot. People covering or trying to cover for their true character or animosity towards me.

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