Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medical Record Tampering At Harrison Medical Center

In 2009 I went in to have my hair analysed for poisons after excessive internal bleeding.

As it turns out, I find out today that the ER doctor who came in, on contract, to see me, was a University of Washington Medical School student who worked as an engineer on CO2 lasers before going to medical school.

When I looked up the company he contracts with, it's West Sound Emergency Physicians and it's a little icon of a flipped over red fish. Which actually made me think of the red car on the track, in a photo with my son, where the car is belly up.

There is a direct link to what is happening over here to me and what they are up to over there.

As I was on the phone with Harrison Hospital, in Bremerton, Washington, they transfered me to all these wrong extensions and then put me on hold to listen to a heart attack ad they played, at the same time someone over here, at the library, zapped me with something more than once.

There are some criminals who, when they come up to the surface, are not going to be in good shape when they do. They will be belly up.

I called to get my medical record for my lab when I gave a hair sample.

When I called for this, in 2009, they made it impossible for me to obtain, and the diagnostics lab told me over the phone, that while the one thing I had been tested for, "arsenic" didn't show up outside of normal range, they DID find something else that was outside of normal range.

All of a sudden, now, 2 years later they are acting like there is no problem to give me my records and I thought, "How odd, because then, they were doing everything in their power to keep me from finding out where the abnormality was."

Someone must have tampered with, and altered the record, because when I called today and asked what was on the report, the woman told me there is only one thing listed, and the range limits. And that's it.

I said, "There must be a mistake because I was told other things were found that were outside of normal range, and someone at the lab where it was done told me this."

Now, at Harrison, they are claiming there is nothing but the 1 thing.

Not only that, I was told it was going to a lab that was halfway across the U.S. and I don't know what happened to that plan, because it sounds like someone in Seattle has it.

It was analysed, I'm told, by Dynacare in NW Seattle.

Which is exactly where I was poisoned, assaulted with technology, and blocked by Seattle FBI from making a report.

This would not be the first time my or my son's medical records have been altered illegally.

It happened to my son's dental records and I have evidence to prove it.

It also happened to my medical records from the University of Washington ER, where the X-ray showed a fractured pelvis and calcification from the injury and a doctor made the notation that it was from childbirth trauma and consistent with trauma from childbirth.

When I went back with my Ex, to get this record again, they had "edited" the notes to say nothing about the fractures to my pelvis being from childbirth trauma.

What is a clear match with pelvic fractures, is that I had a CT scan a few months after childbirth which noted "abnormal fluid" in my pelvis and that it needed follow-up.

No one did a follow up.

The CT lab which states I had abnormal fluid collecting in my pelvis is consistent with the fractures to my pelvis that appeared on normal X-ray at the UW ER. But a whole gang of criminals tried to cover this up.

My lawsuit of damages for me and my son, at this point, is now worth billions.

But it's worse for them, because they can be prosecuted under RICO and they know it. Obstruction of justice, fraud (tampering with records), collusion with intent to alter records illegally and defame me to keep from being caught, you name it. They can be held legally liable under RICO as criminals.

They put out "hits" on me and my son and defamed me and called me mentally ill.

But no one followed up on my injuries or the injuries to my own child.

And they have done disgusting things ever since, things that are disgusting in the eyes of God.

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