Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corrupt Doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital--New Discovery

I need to find a military doctor that is not connected to U.S. interests.

I would never go to a VA hospital, especially not when it's connected to Vanderbilt. A VA hospital would cover up what's happened, I wouldn't trust anyone there, and I don't trust anyone at Vanderbilt either, not after what they did in the ER.

Let me tell you again, what Vanderbilt did when I went there. I swear to you, this is what happened:

The DEA already thought I was going there. So did the Nashville FBI, and they're the ones who referred me to Vanderbilt.

I showed up in the ER and all I said was that I had bleeding that was abnormal and wanted to be evaluated because it happened after I ate something. I also stated I had hurt my knee.

The next thing I knew, I was in an examining room and 4-5 doctors around me and then this one doctor, without touching my leg or checking my knee, or even taking a blood or urine sample to see if something was wrong, came back in less than 4 minutes saying, "You are going with us to another room--I've signed papers for you to be admitted to a psych ward for evaluation."

This is Vanderbilt. This is supposed to be the top hospital in the U.S. This is supposed to be a professional medical center.

The doctor in charge didn't check my knee at all. Normally, one would pull on the leg, test the reflexes, ask if it hurts, and maybe do an X-ray. They didn't do anything!

As for symptoms of bleeding and poisoning, or whatever the cause was, and having abnormal marks on my nails, all they had to do was a urine or blood test. I believe they did, possibly, a urine test to screen for drugs. They did not take a blood sample.

Let me tell you why they didn't take a blood sample.

Oh crap.

It IS the FBI. Or some "interest" within the FBI or some kind of corrupt ring.

Because I was just writing this and it popped into my mind, just now, for the first time, WHY they didn't take a blood sample.

And crap, because it points to a knowing complicity and deliberate evasion of truth.

I suddenly realized why they didn't WANT to take a blood sample.

It is because when I tried to go to the FBI in Seattle, and they blocked my report after I was poisoned twice, I then went to Virginia-Mason hospital.

I complained of internal bleeding and when they did a CBC, after taking my blood first, it showed abnormalities. For one thing, the lab showed my potassium was so low, anyone could have ended up in the ER because the levels were low enough to be significant.

So then, when the corrupt persons there decided to call in a psychiatrist to try to say I was mentally ill and that no one poisoned me or threatened me, they called up "Chris" from the local psych ward. She sat next to me and said I was "psychotic" and she wanted me to go with her to a psych ward. I told her she couldn't take me there and if I showed signs of psychosis, she could but I didn't. I also told her I wanted her to include in her own file, THE FACT THAT MY BLOOD SAMPLE proved I was in the ER for "good cause" and that something WAS wrong.

She said, "If your potassium is low, eat some bananas." I retorted, "Yeah, a whole BUNCH."

But when she found out I had a lab to back me up, she knew she could get in trouble for involuntarily admitting me to a psych ward.

The FBI got wise, didn't they? at least the corrupt parties in the FBI got wise and alerted their friends: "When she shows up at ER, don't take a blood sample."

These people who have tried to repeatedly defame me and cover for crime, SET it up.

The doctors at Vanderbilt didn't WANT to take a blood sample, because if something showed up that was abnormal, they didn't want me to be able to use this to keep myself out of their psych ward.

Instead, they figured if I had no evidence, by blood sample, to prove something was wrong, it was easier for them to arbitrarily throw me into their psych ward to defame me, assault me, use me, interrogate me, and monitor me, in addition to "legally" administering whatever drug they wanted to use on me.

In fact, they were careful enough, to not even take a blood sample when I first arrived. They did no medical evaluation there and didn't take a blood sample from me when I was sent to the psych ward.

Instead, they waited until after they had injected me with several toxic drugs and forced me to take oral medications. After this, they took a blood sample, because then they knew if something abnormal turned up, they could blame an effect from the drugs they gave me.

They took a blood sample from me after I had been there about 3-4 days.

They didn't want to take my blood sample before injecting me, because if they had, and something was abnormal, like potassium again, it would justify my arrival and presentation to the Emergency Room.

This is so corrupt and sick I don't even know what to do.

These doctors not only put me in a psych ward without cause, they premeditated putting me in, and wanted to exclude my ability to use any evidence to contradict their claims.

They were dirty.

They were dirty, they were in collusion with some FBI persons in Nashville, and they were in collusion with Brad Uhl and the parties in Washington state that were trying to defame me.

They are all in it together and they are dirty.

Then, I decided after that, I was getting the hell out of this country and that there was nothing left here for me and they didn't want me to be able to leave without harming me further. So someone jumps up, with a job offer that's has so many conflicts of interest it's not funny.

Then I try to get my passport and the U.S. tells me to prove who I am to them. They tell me to prove who I am by submitting 5 different pieces of ID, knowing I don't have those items with me, on hand, and knowing that almost everything I have, including family photos, has been stolen from me.

If the U.S. had been able to block Catholics and Jewish from getting in the way of all my medical care and law enforcement, I might have had a report actually go somewhere and someone may have noticed that if someone steals from me, the U.S. takes my complaint seriously.

Instead, the U.S., under Panetta's leadership, has invalidated me and disgraced me.

By the way, a lot of the people driving by looking giddy that I was going to be admitted to a psych ward in Nashville, TN, were Italian. In very nice vehicles.

I'm sure they have no connection to Panetta, right? and I'm just sure Panetta has no connection to the mafia and to the Vatican at the same time.

I remember what was going on right before Panetta took his position. I remember I made some criticisms about John Kerry, who was up against George Bush Jr.. I later found out the whole family is Catholic and married into Heintz's who are Catholic and coming off the heels of my litigation against the Catholic church, I'm sure Panetta was the man who could cover all sins if needed.

Anyone who wanted to get at me, upon Panetta taking control of the CIA, had free reign. They knew they could do whatever they wanted, and coordinate their efforts within FBI, CIA, military, justice system--it didn't matter what. And ultimately, at the top was their backer. If they wanted to collude with some Catholic Canadians, that was also no problem. Panetta had an "in" with the Department of State and international matters as well. A few calls, if needed, if the FBI wasn't enough for finding "the missing child"...leave it to the CIA to work out a dirty negotiation and then use muscle to torture anyone that might have later talked about it.

English interest in me, for any reason, was a danger to what they wanted to do with me. They didn't want me to have anyone backing me for any reason, ever. They wanted to neutralize me, if they were ever worried someone might figure out I was not lying about what happened to me and my son. They wanted to defuse me perhaps, by totally discrediting me.
I thought it was strange that Vanderbilt just threw me into a psych ward when they didn't talk to me more than 4 minutes. I thought it even weirder that the doctors who showed up didn't want to take a blood draw and analyze a CBC first, even though I kept requesting this.

I then talked to the nurse in charge or administration head, before they drove me to the psych ward and assaulted me. I said to her, "I have not had any blood drawn and you can't say whether there is something wrong or not."

They didn't correct this first. They were using the absence of a blood draw to their advantage.
I'm making sure I get all of the names correct and I'm citing all of them for what they did.

They tortured me, further tortured me, and made it look legal.

These people have tried to make everything they do, that's criminal, appear legal. They have used the law and bent it to their own whims, and committed and covered for crimes this way.

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