Sunday, May 22, 2011

Assault at Hotel (again)

I had someone use technology to assault me at this one hotel again. It was a white man and then a hispanic man, I believe. Or the hispanic man covering for the rich white assholes.

They were the only ones even close.

And when they left, it quit.

There were 2 men on either side of me when it first happened, and the hispanic man hadn't come around the corner yet. Both white men, both professionals and traveling (not local).

Then one left and the hispanic man came around and then it continued and I looked and saw he was standing outside of the window next to me and it was happening the entire time. When I turned and looked at him, then when he moved away it quit.

I started writing this and he stared at me, making eye contact, and then went to get a "caution" sign, I guess to do some cleaning.

It was at least one white man involved. A highly paid white male professional.

The hispanic man knows something or he wouldn't be playing into it, one way or the other.

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