Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photos of my son--Signs from Middleton Crew

I saw some newer photos of my son today, which was really nice for a Mother's Day present.

He looks so handsome. Granny kept telling me how handsome he was and I already thought he was good-looking, but he really is handsome. He's tall too. He has long tapered fingers and even his thumb looks long.

Maybe he's ambidextrous, but in these photos he looks like a leftie. He is photographed pushing a car into a track with his left hand and his right hand is resting on his lap.

That was something CPS criticized me over, saying, "You're delusional. You can't know if you baby is a leftie or not." I said, "No, I don't know this for sure, but I have reason to wonder because of A, B, and C."

They didn't know one single thing about child development except for how to best traumatize a child.

A mother knows her own child, especially when the mother is as devoted as I am. I paid attention to every small thing. And I don't care if he's a rightie or a leftie either. I just want him to be free to be who he is.

One thing I didn't like seeing, was photos of my son with one of his legs tucked under the other one, in the posture that I take a lot, while sitting, with one leg crooked and then tucked under a straighter leg. It's natural for me but is it natural for him or is someone telling him to do this?

I noticed my parents got him a CARS race track almost identical to the one I got him but it's a different theme. I might have to return it if it's the same thing. I guess we had the same idea there.

It also looks like he got a big Thomas book but it might be for something else. I got him a Thomas the Train compilation too.

I got 7 photos of him.

I am looking at the photos again and his feet are not looking okay. He has a bruise on his right foot and the big toe is bright red and it looks like he has been forced to wear shoes that are too small for him.

Which is something CPS would notice if they ever cared, and they do not.

My aunt and uncle would never have him in shoes that are too small for his feet. Only gangsters and corporate gangsters that work for the State would do this. His toe looks totally squished up.

My Dad and son are then sitting the same way in a photo and it's a photo where my son has pushed the Lightening McQueen into the chute and in the photo it's rolled over and is upside down. It's like a ramp and then a funnel/tunnel and then a strip where they can go and he has just pushed it into the ramp and the car must have flipped inside of the funnel/tunnel.

The bridges are disconnected in the photo.

And my Dad has a slice like the cut of a knife on his neck.

Reeaaaal nice family ya got there Middleton.

This is exactly why the people I saw on the bus were nodding and afraid when I said there are some serious torturers and murderers that have been involved in the backing and line up for the Middleton family.

Everyone agreed and every single time I have questioned myself about WHY I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, this is why:

I asked myself, and asked God, "Why is it that I feel positive and strong good energy whenever I write or even say there are torturers, criminals and murderers backing that family and that marriage?"

I could not figure it out, because usually, coming to this kind of a conclusion sometimes brings a bad feeling with it or I thought I might feel some kind of guilt in saying this. But I realized something--I feel no guilt or shame because the Holy Spirit has confirmed there is no guilt or shame. What I have hit on is "truth" and where there is truth, it has nothing to do with me anymore.

If I were saying things just out of spite or to try to get something for myself, and that was my motive, I would feel bad and I would feel guilt. If I were saying something that was WRONG, I would feel bad or a confirmation or check in my spirit that told me something is totally off here and you are wrong Cameo.

But when I asked God and queried myself just yesterday or the day before, I realized part of the reason I don't feel bad at all is because this is the truth. And the truth wants to set people free. And whenever and wherever the truth is spoken, whatever that may be, it is not going to produce feelings of guilt or shame or a check in my spirit or sense that someting I've said is wrong--it will do the very opposite.

It will confirm with the Holy Spirit.

Even IF I had a personal interest, this would be irrelevant if the fact still remains that this is true and the Holy Spirit confirms it.

I've come face to face with people who were killing and torturing on her behalf. They did it for her, they did it for her family, and they did it for political and drug interests that support her family.

This marriage was bad news, all the way through and I was too afraid to even look at it. I was also too afraid to even imagine how her gangsters actions were affecting my own family and my son. Me? I'm one thing. Seeing how others have also been targeted, is another.

Her uncle is not the only gangster in the family and they are tied in deeper than most think. I believe her brother is involved in the mafia. Somehow, William got mixed up in this. I don't know if he decided to marry her because he thought it would be in the best interests of some others and he could try to save some people that way, or what. I don't know if he was pressured or blackmailed or what. He should not have married into that family. Someone in the family, SOMEONE had to have some idea that something wasn't right. Or maybe a few of them were also blackmailed into it.

It is also true that someone is in bed with the Catholic church but I don't know who and I don't know in what regard.

I know for a fact that I am not speaking out of line when I say the people supporting that family and that specific marriage have hurt a LOT of people and they will not quit.

I had to deal with Middleton supporters in D.C., in VA, in Wenatchee, in Nashville.

Then all of a sudden, someone like Panetta gets really nervous about what Osama is doing and what he might know. I imagine the CIA and Pakistan know plenty about what has happened to me and my son, and to others as well.

No one, in these photos for my son's birthday, looks happy. The adults all look like they're being held hostage.

My Dad has a diagram for the track and how to set it up laid out and then the track for the car and a car flipped over on it. My son looks happy. And he looks a little bit better than he did in the photos from the birthday previous. He has a cute white and red Tiger shirt on and sports pants, like warm ups (black or dark grey) on and rosy cheeks and mouth.

When I started writing about Middleton's crew, some people left in a hurry, staring at me first, here at the library.

Yesterday, I said I would write about someone who did the "burning" with technology while I was waiting to go into the women's shelter. I was sitting by myself, on a curb and the woman who came out to approach me goes by "Tristan Reynolds". She flashed a pentagram tatoo at me while she talked to me but I didn't think it was a big deal. It was a star without circle but also looked more like a Pentagram. Then as I sat there I started to feel the burning sensation and the only people near me were her, a woman from Haiti (she is not a resident and does not have a green card, she told me) who speaks French and was making wisecracks about being "an alien" named Slims Bazil, and then a silver minicooper (larger size) of people who were talking about being "burned" while they had to know I was being burned. I wrote down the ID for the minicooper but I was in a triangle between these 3 parties. Tristan to my left, the car to my right, and Slims in front of me with a house behind and I didn't see anyone in the house. Regardless of whether they did it, one of them knows something was happening.

I will post the vehicle ID next time.

I am tired of each and every instance of torture and I'm calling Panetta out on it, and the thugs he's allowed to take control, and anyone else from this point on. And I'm not done with Logan's Roadhouse yet either.

You don't torture me or my son

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