Thursday, May 19, 2011

Queen's Colors

No, the Queen's colors are not bizarre.

But this is getting to be bizarre.

I was in the bathroom at the library, after almost crying again after being harassed by some people when I was trying to get services for torture and persecution through a torture victims group.

I decided I should eat so I was in the bathroom and set my bag down by the ivory sink and of all things, as I was digging for change at the bottom of the bag, it was sort of dingy (my bag has been rained on awhile ago) and I turned on the faucet and put my hand under the flow of water.

After I had rinsed off my change, I was talking on the phone to someone, and as I talked to him, right after he had recommended I call Amnesty International and I said, "I would if I had the money, and maybe I will, but I don't think everyone in London likes me anyway." I was talking to this guy from the Presbyterian church when I noticed it.

I said this and looked into the sink and there was a black string and a vivid turquoise thread.

They had rinsed off of my money and stuck to the sink.

I saw a news clip this morning, of the Queen watching someone set down a cup of Guinness. The color of her turquoise outfit is the same color as this thread.

But I don't even have anything, any clothing, that is turquoise like that. The last thing I had with maybe a fiber or thread that color was a mohair style sweater from months ago that I got rid off and I don't recall ever putting it in my bag.

There was nothing else. It was the ivory sink, a long thin turquoise thread that was sort of wavy the way it came off of my money, and a curved black thread or string.

Yesterday, while looking at all the shops, I stopped at this one that had women's blouses in the window. The store was dark and you could only see the blouses. Something led me to the door, to look in and when I did, straight ahead of me was this arch of black fabric, in a canopy, draped over a vivid turquoise doorframe.

It was the first shop that I felt led to look into. So I did, and straight ahead was this arch and draped cloth, and underneath it, it said: "Fabulous".

Then, this morning the Queen was wearing the same colors but I didn't even think about it until these threads and strings just came off of my money and stuck to the sink. 1 black string in an arch, and 1 wavy turquoise thread, the exact same color.

I didn't save them. I just left them and didn't rinse them down the drain. I just walked away. I mean, if it's odd, and means something, whoever already somehow knew, will know. I don't have to prove anything by "keeping" a couple of fibres.

I don't know what it would mean anyway. It's just a coincidence. But it's weird.

I thought it was good the Queen didn't taste the Guinness. She doesn't have to. I mean, it's safer not to, in general.

Isn't that odd though. My coins were greenish because of rain from awhile ago. They looked like something out of an old treasure chest and had fuzz or dust on them so I was rinsing the coins.

Oh my goodness.

I looked up the Queen again. On the monarchy site because I haven't visited it in a long time. I saw a periwinkle blue outfit and thought, "I thought it was turquoise!" and then clicked and found the one hat.

Someone wants to know what side of the sink.

Crap. Why do you have to know. It was clinging to the left side.

For some odd reason, I realized someone wanted to know what side and then when I clicked on the photo of the Queen looking at the Guinness, I noticed it is on a table with a split down the middle and the Guinness is placed on the left side. "Left" as in, as the Queen faced it. I'm sure it was to the right for someone else.

I just went to the store with the change and bought cheese for my refried beans. It's actually turquoise, not green. I thought it was green on the coins but it was turquoise and the thread was just even brighter. There was no green. And then as I walked into the store and took it out of my pocket, I got black all over my hands because I think black eyeliner was on it and had melted in my pocket. I mean, this was just change thrown at the bottom of my bag.

When I gave her the money for my "Funyons" and "Mozarella cheese sticks" I gave her too much and she handed back to me, 11 cents.

So I put the 11 in my pocket.

I had given her what I had but was still short the money so I reached in again and pulled out the one coin I had left in my pocket and it was a quarter. I gave her the quarter and that was too much and I had 11 cents given back to me.

Everyone keeps saying "Bye" to me lately. I don't get it. This one woman did and others have too. But who knows. Anyway.

How does someone know these things? I mean, I get the feeling someone somehow knows.

At any rate, I noticed our President's necktie today and it was the same color as this blue I noticed last night when I sensed good and strong energy.

I wonder if Obama has ever seen the watercolor I made of the mountains. I don't know if it was saved or someone just kept it or what. I sent it to the President.

I've made 2 contacts with the President: a watercolor and then years later, a plea for an investigation and the return of my son.

All I want is my son.
listening to the radio I made for my son with classical now. I like it. I liked the other one too, and picked out stuff I thought would be interesting, and funny, for the first one. I still have to make one with a mexican theme for him but will do it tomorrow maybe.

I thought it was so horrible those people were traveling like that, and so desperate. It made me wonder if the fighting is horrible, or what they're leaving for. Is it fighting? economics? I wondered what but was glad to hear they were treated well when they had to leave.

I looked at the Queen's outfits again. Just out of curiosity. At any rate, I was just noticing this beautiful head of a horse the other day. I am not crazy about them but I saw one recently, I think it was a clip from a show where this woman was recovering from something and was riding horses. Don't remember exactly. Anyway, I thought, "What a beautiful head." It wasn't even Arabian, it had a different kind of profile (I think it might have been quarterhorse or thoroughbred) and it was very dark and sleek and caught my attention. I think it was something about the mood of the horse too, maybe it's personality coming through. It was about the same color as the Guinness. Sort of a dark brown with black but caramel tones. Maybe it was from a photo or paper. I don't know but after it, I looked at a section of books with horses just to feel inspired but I didn't see anything I liked as well.
I was harassed again with regard to even getting unemployment today.

I had people mocking me over it and was told that I couldn't get unemployment because I had to have an average of two quarters together. They told me that it didn't matter how much money I made for a couple of months--that they are required to use 2 separate quarters and make an average out of them.

So basically, I have nothing.

I have nothing and I am not going to put up with living with nothing.

I have someone in Texas who will do a forensic evaluation of me for torture.

He said all he needs is a lawyer because, he said, he needs to know what parameters he's working with and what will be required from a legal standpoint.

Then this woman told me today, when I asked who submitted my wages, that it was someone who works in the wages department and has control over Logan's accounts and, she was quick to add, "He's not here because he's a reserve." I said, "What branch?" and she said, "Army." To me, this sounded like Catholic and Jewish crap whre they try to put torture and gangster work against me, off onto the Army. It's not ALL Army. I have been persecuted, for years, with plenty of documentation to show for it, and they have not all been military people.

I trust the man who would do the forensic evaluation. I think he would be objective and do a good job.

I don't see how it's possible to have a lawyer and all that ever happens is I'm mocked about how I need to get a lawyer. That's not possible. There is no lawyer who will take it, because they are all freaked out when it comes to powerful players or government connections. The good people who fight for others usually don't even have the kind of money it takes because they're using their money to do good things. They are not like those billionaires who put in their 5% philanthropy droppings and want everyone to see the pile.

This is so strange. I was just reading that French man was planning to see Angela Merkel, the next day and was on a flight to see her when he was pulled off the plane. And the woman was from Guinea.

Does this sound odd? It's like a weird play on "Guinea Pig". He is accused of being a pig (& more) to a woman from Guinea. He's going to be called Guinea Pig from now on. One way or the other, it sounds political. From any angle, it's political. If he did it--political. If he didn't do it--political.

And what am I? I am a guinea pig. Everyone knows it and no one says it. Not in the same way, but maybe when the preacher was thrusting at me, the point was that I am like that woman, the one from "Guinea" and that I have not been lying when I have said my son and I are tortured and I've been medicated and used as a guinea pig, literally.

This song is on that I love, love. I had to click over and see what it was because I haven't heard it before. It is "String Quartet No. 2 in D Major". Je adoresais questque voullay? qu'ell aime je tome. I don't know...gibberish that came to mind. I don't know French. parllez-vous francais? ah non. This song is by Alexander Borodin and I love it. J'taime. Plus.

I had to look up "ploo" "plus" to remember what it means. It means "More!" PLUS!
Very beautiful energy right now. 5:42 p.m.

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