Friday, May 20, 2011

Quitting Appeal Lawyer

I am quitting the Appeals firm because they have refused to communicate with their client.

When I put in my request that they withdrawal, I am including information about other public defenders who I have been assigned to who did not do even the basic things to help.

This firm is headed by a Jewish man who is overseeing and I don't trust him.

He tried to push forward a brief, through Jennifer Winkler, without even having one conversation with me. Then they made it impossible for me to reach them, telling them they couldn't talk to me by email or phone. They are telling me I have to pay postage to even talk to them and they know I don't have this.

There was an article by the BBC about a mother bear that saves her cub from an Alaskan fishing net. Helllooo Rozollo. I don't think Chris Rozollo is Catholic. I think he was Jewish. He and plenty of other Jews, as well as Catholics, have tried to screw me over. I actually don't know. I know some kind of underground English were involved too.

If this was a firm that was honest and trying to help me get my son back, they would have communicated with me and if they couldn't get ahold of me, they would have let the court know they needed a continuance for getting through to reach me.

This article about the mother bear, shows her cutting through an Alaskan net to save her cub.
Then I found out this man, Koch, is from Alaska.

Any firm that disregards the wish of a client to at least talk to them, is a problem.

They said that they didn't need to talk to me and they just make a case off of the record. There is something wrong with that. NO lawyer is ever supposed to just "make a case" without even talking to their client.

They never talked to me!!!!

And then they tell me to pay postage if I want to write anything and when I told them about evidence that was withheld which I mentioned, they never brought it up.

There is not even one law firm, in the world, that practices by just writing up briefs and never talking to their client first.

Where is this ever done?

It's not done.

It is as if they are disregarding the fact that I am even a live and real person.

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