Monday, May 9, 2011

YMCA Theft & Surveillance & Telecommunication Problems

Someone cut the lock off of my locker last night.

This was unnecessary when one or more of their employees was already getting into my locker and stealing from me.

I repeatedly had someone stealing from my locker at the Y, taking everything from shampoo & conditioner (full bottles), to used up min-tubes of toothpaste, to make-up, to other small items.

In the last week someone stole all of my keys out of my bag. Including my post office box keys.

No one would take my safety deposit keys unless they wanted to access my box without drilling into it and being obvious.

All that someone had to do was steal keys for my safety deposit box and then know someone at my bank and use them, with or without a warrant.

I never left my bag unattended at any location where someone could dig through and steal my keys. Not only did they steal my keys, they stole cash from me--from my bag, and then at my locker at the shelter, they have repeatedly gotten into THAT locker and stolen items from there as well.

I am not positive, because it's possible I returned my son's tractor to reorder it and ship it through the store, but my son's tractor may have been stolen as well.

I know one of the women last night, started to get worried that I was onto her. She is Eastern Indian. There are others who I suspect at the Y, but the Eastern Indian woman hated me from the moment I walked in and was always watching me. On the night that Osama had been killed, she was wandering around to see where I was going and I've seen her nodding off to a lot of white professionals too. She drives a very nice car and doesn't need the money at the Y. I believe she is the type that would put surveillance in a woman's restroom, or at least I wouldn't put it past a woman from doing this, even in a private showering area. I don't know that there is anything there, but I had a distinct impression that shortly after I joined the gym, there was more than a little surveillance there and not all of it coming from even the employees.

I am positive she found out that I was onto her and thinking about her because I noticed in the last couple of days, a more concerned expression and knew she was wondering what I knew. For all I know, she has connections to Diane Harsha, who is with the Nashville FBI.

What I know, is that I was tortured at that gym. There were people there who were allowed access to use military technology on me while I worked out--jamming the machine in a dangerous manner, sending shocks through the headphones I wore (I am not kidding), and more. There's no way the manager, Ryan, didn't know what was going on. And they are directly across the street from the American legion.

Some of these people want to pretend to be decent people after what they did. They backed off and decided their efforts were not as important, after the royal wedding first and then almost completely after Osama was killed.

Some of the people who were so hateful and trying to cause distress and more open about how they felt about me have backed off recently.

A bunch of Catholic women who were always in there, saying horrible things, are now acting pleasant or saying nothing at all. A whole group that harassed and poked at me, non-stop, started backing off after the wedding, the killing, and then my blogging about what had happened to me at Logan's.

So after what I blogged last night, someone decided to cut off the lock to my locker, after first stealing from me from that locker and never needing to cut the lock off. Someone there knew the combination and was getting into my things on a regular basis. Which was why I threw out a couple of opened things and put them in the trash yesterday.

The only reason anyone would take my safety deposit keys is if they know someone at the Wells Fargo on 4th that would be willing to get into my box or let them get into it. They stole my keys so I'm going to have to have the box drilled.

I believe my safety deposit keys were stolen from an employee at Logan's.

Because right before I was fired, that was where I was missing them. I had them in a cubby with my bag and zip up and no one gets into that space unless they are a Logan's Employee.

I remember because I had the keys and I always checked to make sure I had the keys with me and they disappeared from my belongings at Logan's.

So it was a Logan's employee who stole my bank safety deposit keys.

This is the same place where I was harassed, degraded, tortured, and ridiculed on an almost daily basis. I really hope the people there rot. I kept my mouth shut and kept to myself the entire time, because I had no choice or other way to make money and what I put up with is unbelievable.

And they were Catholic and Jewish with a couple of Muslims. About 5% protestant, which I now think, given my treatment, was part of the problem.

They fired me from Logan's after they got my safety deposit box keys.

No one puts their belongings there except for a few other would be Elizabeth Arguelles, a Catholic woman who was hired on the same day I was hired--the one Ernie was always defending and whose husband made my steaks wrong all the time. The other people who put their belongings in that space were maybe a couple of the other back employees, and I guess since there were 2 boxes with employee materials in that spot, a manager or someone could have gotten into the space without being noticed.

It was impossible for a customer at Logan's to get into the space because it was a cabinet that belonged to the restaurant, a built-in.

I will double check, but I'm pretty sure. If it wasn't at Logan's, it may have been from a locker. I remember once my keys disappeared and then they popped up again in a place I didn't put them and then they disappeared and I knew someone was getting into my box. So I'm going to check dates on some things.

I also know that at Logan's, they treated me like an "Enemy of the State" because they were specifically rerouting police officers away from my tables. If police happened to be in my section, they would come over and swap it out from under me. Over and over. Jordan, Lisa, and Mo wanted to take the police. And Clyde, one of the managers who lied about me, once came all the way over to a different section and told the police to move from my section so he could put other people there. They never wanted me to ever serve police.

So either they had a problem with ME and had hired me for reasons other than normal work, or the police they were servicing were dirty and bad and Jordan, Lisa, Mo, and Clyde were in with them on the dirty work. In that case, if they knew these police were bad and they were sitting in my section, if they were worried I knew they were bad maybe they were concerned about how these guys got their food. Why worry? Did they believe I was going to do something to their food? Obviously, because they never once allowed me to serve police officers. Not once. I served people who were undercover, but only with the assumption they were undercover and I wouldn't know what kind of work they did.

Tell me something, WHY would a company even hire someone to be a server if they didn't want that server to deliver food to police or law enforcement?

I had police moved away from my tables about 70 times from the time that I started working there. The police, some of them, loved that Logan's. Oh they loved it as much as the Vanderbilt idiots that were always coming in.

It would seem then that their motives for hiring me were not to just give me a job, but to use me, torture me, get discovery from me, and allow others to degrade me.

And then I found out that I was in the Catholic-Jewish hood and working for a company that had an international law firm with ties to The Pentagon and a holding company with ties to the Vatican.

Now, as soon as I wrote this, a man from the hotel told me to get off of the computer, right after a young man who was tall and with dark hair came in to see if I was here.

They don't like to have me writing about this kind of thing.
I am at a library now and not going to spend a lot of time online.

But the telecommunications problem I had this morning was being totally unable to access the operator for assistance. I was going to ask about how to make international calls and start lining things up for this and the service was not putting me through. It was fine last week, and I got the operator about something else but it has been off and on. Then, I was put through to 911 twice when I didn't dial 911.

I was dialing for the operator.

Last week I had no problem getting the operator and this week, AT&T services "changed".

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