Saturday, May 28, 2011

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Movie

It's the first movie I've seen since November. Since I left Wenatchee.

I don't know when it came out but maybe 2009? I never heard about it or heard anyone talking about it.

The Y plays movies everyday and not once have I gone to watch one. It always feels like a waste of time to just sit there, to me, even if I do sit at a computer, I don't feel idle because my mind and fingers are moving.

But yeah, of all things, this is the movie I see after almost 5 months. I decided to see what was playing yesterday and then yesterday decided I would watch it, because I just felt like watching a movie, no matter what it was.

I also saw a book list for discussion groups at the library for the 1st time, the other day and on the day they were discussing John Locke's "Civil Obedience" (or disobedience? whichever one that is). They had a good line up of classics.

I am not here to watch movies and read books or be in book groups though.

I want to work, not be a guinea pig that people following around, hiring to experiment with and torture and then fire to have those who got info on you and tested their skills on, to predict what you will do with days that you have nothing to do.

Reading books and watching movies is great as icing on the cake, not the cake. The cake means you are not being obstructed from being productive and making money and this is what I have been up against.

I am hoping that some of the medications and drugs are slowly wearing off and that I might be back to normal in a few weeks. So far, the usual hair on my body that grows, is still not growing. To me, this means I got seriously doped up and my hormones are still not normal. Today I took the extra step of using bottled water for even my tea and tea, not coffee from a tank. I just thought, the other day, that when I was drinking tea in the morning and felt sick, maybe it wasn't the coffee that helped with effects but the milk that was in dry cocoa packets I added (to make a mocha).

So I had tea this morning with a ton of powdered milk and didn't feel sick, but I also ate soemthing and it wasn't empty stomach. I have wondered if calcium or milk helps with seizure stuff.

It was sort of surreal to watch the movie. I enjoyed taking a break to do it and should do it more, at any rate. The part that bothered me, wasn't seeing someone shot up with technology (though this caused me to close my eyes several times). The only part that was disturbing to me, was seeing the boys in the movie fight. Obviously, because I know what has happened to my own son is wrong. I know kids have beat up on him.

What did I think about?

I want to have someone from the UN do an independent psychical examination of my son without Wenatchee, Washington, or other doctors around. Someone should be investigating my claims, checking my son out, and not trusting CPS or other groups when my testimony is that it's criminally corrupt.

I am not making it up. It's corrupt.

I also have a lot of medical records to prove this, for me and my son, but my lawyers were all paid and persuaded to have them kept out of the public file where it would be evident to all.

I am not lying and I'm not deluded. It's true.

If the truth sets you free then why is the CIA blocking the truth?

Because they want me and my son to be their slaves?

Because if the truth were known, we would be free?

We want to be free.

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