Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Euro I Was Given

The 50 cent Euro I was given is from Greece.

I just looked it up today to find out because I still have it.

Their motto is:

"Freedom or Death"

And I believe God wants me to pay special attention to this because while I was dusting off some change in my pocket, so I could buy some chocolate, I was looking at this coin and wondering still, where it was from. And then at the same time, another coin caught my attention--the back of a U.S. quarter and it said, "Freedom or Death".

Wait, I just pulled it back out of my pocket. It actually says:

"Live Free Or Die"

(I sensed incredible, good energy the minute I wrote the motto of the Euro down)

The U.S. coin and the Euro coin said the EXACT same thing.

They said the same thing!!!!!!

And, on the quarter that says "Live Free Or Die" it also says, "The Old Man Of The Mountain."

Oh my gosh.

I was sitting there, at the Y, eating my potato soup again, and I thought about having a piece of chocolate from the store where I know the Easter candy is discounted. So I dug into my bag and I pulled out some change and there was that old Euro I had forgotten about. As I was looking at it, I was staring at the face of the man and wondering what language it was. And then on the table, a quarter was face down and it caught my attention so I picked it up. I only picked up that one. It said, "Live Free Or Die" and I wondered which state it was from and it's New Hampshire. The year on it is 2000.

So I was contemplating "Live Free Or Die" and this "Old Man Of The Mountain" and when I got to the library I wanted to look up the origin of the Euro. I found it and it's Greece and then the first thing I looked at was the motto for Greece and it is "Freedom or Death".

Live Free Or Die

Freedom Or Death

Live Free Or Die

Freedom Or Death



It's not about Greece. It's the motto, the message.

The most bizarre thing is that at the time I was contemplating this, I was staring at this coin that...I don't really have words to explain how I know this is a big deal but I am not sure how.

I am saving these coins.

The Euro I have is from 2002.
The Quarter is from 2000.

I feel like this is one of the weirdest things that has happened my whole life. But I can't say exactly why. I just think it is symbolic and that God is in it somehow. God really does care, far more than anyone could ever imagine.

I am looking up New Hampshire. It is one of 13 states that rebelled against British rule during the American Revolution. On January 5, 1776, at Exeter, this state ratified the first independent constitution in the America's, the first to be free of British rule.

I am going to include the origin of the New Hampshire motto in a link. I also included the meaning of the Greek one in a link above.

Other countries have also used this anthem too, I think it's just how I noticed it::

Strange too, the symmetry, that I would notice on this day, and find on the front of the Euro coin, the same message that is on the back of the U.S. coin. And both are mountainous regions. It's just weird.

It says it's a "resolve against tyranny and oppression."


I think that I may have looked up the Euro before but I forgot about it. Because I wrote about a post about liberty or death and wore my blue dress with the white heels, and how I was symbolizing this with what I wore. But I forgot about it until now and right now it means more to me to think about, and in connection with both of the coins or U.S. and Euro currency similiarity. Especially because right now I am trying to get help for me and my son for torture and I'm finally willing to take a stand and not deny this has happened and is happening.

So for me, it speaks to me.

I am now reading the wiki on Patrick Henry on "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" which was the shout from the chambers before The Revolutionary War.

And I think I read it goes back to Scotland too. I guess The French Revolution as well.

By the way, this is no nod to the Greeks I've met over here because I only met bad ones in kahoots with Jewish, offering me, sarcastically, a job as a drunkard in an AA film (etc, etc). And I only add this because the same guy just jauntily bounced past. Ugghh.

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