Monday, May 16, 2011

TASSC: Hate & Discrimination By Roman Catholic Nun

I had one organization ask me what the name was of another organization that was discriminating against me and I told her it was "TASSC." I then got curious and decided to look it up and see who is in charge.

A Roman Catholic nun is the director. Dianna Ortiz.

Now I know why I will get no help from them and before ever knowing her affiliation, I did try to ask for support and assistance and found they were discriminatory.

It only underlines and underscores the problems my son and I have had, with members of this church.

When I called, someone named "Jennifer" was answering. She acted like she knew me already and had a little bit of a suppressed attitude with me. She told me they couldn't help me because their organization was "international" and I was from the U.S. I said if their organization was international, that means U.S. too.

Then she said the Executive Director might call me. No one called and this has been urgent for me, so I called myself, several hours later and I was told no one was going to help me there and pushed off onto a "women's rights" group. I said, "I am a victim of TORTURE and I expect an agency that is against torture and international to take me seriously and not discriminate against me just because I'm from the U.S. If you're international, it means you take the reports of someone from any country."

Then, I go to the site and read Dianna Ortiz's wiki page and think, "Of all people, she thinks she has a right to refuse services to me, after begging for help for her own life, after winning $5 million dollars in a lawsuit against Guatamala and then later accusing the U.S. of being involved in her torture."

Of all things, THIS organization is refusing ME and MY SON services?!!!

To me it points to further indication that she and others know who is involved in my case and that it involves complicity with many members of their church. And so they have cast aside any kind of desire to identify with me, knowing they will be helping someone who has, with her son, suffered at the hands of their own friends and fellow parishioners.

And they dare claim the CIA was "in on" HER torture.

But she, or her group, somehow cannot help other Americans.

And honestly, I had nothing against this agency at all. I went to them for help and like so many other times, I was turned away. And then LATER I found out they are supported by a Roman Catholic ministry or member. This first happened to me in Portland, Oregon, when I went to some agencies for help, not even knowing they were Catholic--and I was turned out and then found out they were catholic.

It is their members that have held my son hostage. It is their members who first defamed me and tried to smear me to law enforcement and FBI when I had no clue. It is their members who organized to kidnap my son from me and then keep him from me. It is their members who have lied about me and put me in prison over and over, and pushed me out of work and housing and from legal representation.

If this agency, TASSC, is refusing to help me and they are working and lobbying against U.S. military torture laws and she believes the CIA was involved with her own torture, then it starts to look like my case with me and my son is less about being guinea pigs for U.S. military and more about being victims of persecution and violence from members of the Catholic church, who just "happen" to also have connections in the FBI, CIA, military, and medical professions. Oh, and some gangs.

It looks more like a problem with self-interested and rich groups that include Catholics, and their attempts to push torture of me and my son off to others for them to take the slack (not that certain others haven't been involved).

Her organization claims to be "independent" but it's not. It's supported by The Vatican.

I then went to another agency for help, and it's Human Rights First and again, belittling. They have a strong Catholic and also Jewish presence but not the best aspects of either. I was used and harassed in calling them. I do believe they may do some good work, and I also believe that they do not provide services I need, but for them to use my call as an opportunity to harass me or make a point is not in their own best interests. It will backfire--I promise.

I called them and they had no reason whatsoever to put me on hold to listen to their horrendous choice of music. They already knew, before I called, that they could not and would not, help me.
So there was no reason to put me on hold. They wanted to put me on hold to have me listen to the song that a Jewish woman had chosen to play in NY. Naomi Levin. It was some classical piece that was dark and grim about "final" matters, or that's how she described it. Talking over and over about "finalities" and "final things". Which really reminded me of how people and the news have described the rocket take-off as a "final" thing. Which is odd, because the rocket was originally chosen to take off on the day of the wedding. April 29th. I say it's odd, because when Jewish and Catholics were chasing me all over Walla Walla and Spokane, WA, the first person to greet me in Spokane was "Jonathan", who kept making a big deal about a "rocket". Over and over, the rocket theme from people who hated me and were trying to run me into the ground. How odd that the Middletons were thrilled with the idea of having a rocket take-off on this day. It was delayed or postponed, and I don't know why. On the news today, on CNN, they not only had some guy talking about it wearing William's traditional form, but then switched to a reporter with the name "Carol" to celebrate a successful launch. After all the harassment and being chased around and tortured, and then the inclusion of even "rocket" crap, I'm supposed to think the Middleton's haven't had their own special SWAT squad against me. I mean, this has taken Rothschild and Illuminati proportions. I had the absolute worst feeling in the pit of my stomach last night. I saw a headline of Kate Cruise pregnant but I thought about Kate pregnant and some kid coming into the world doomed. Or the kid was sealing the doom of others. Not that there isn't already some illegitimate child out there. I just had the worst feeling possible about any kind of Middleton child. I don't know why, but the marriage is not a big deal. A child, uniting that family to England and all other U.S. corrupt interests that are about, is. Which is exactly why a half-Muslim child would have been a real concern to some groups. Do you want the child of your enemy coming into power and position to take the microphone of the world? to abuse and use their position, power, and resources further? against your own kids?

Of course not. It's something that some people and some groups, will kill over.

Torture is the least of it.

And right now, this minute, I love this energy. At 2:35 p.m., because I said something true and right.

I didn't get a confirmation on the whole Irish bomb thing I posted earlier. I just wrote it, wondering. But with this, I get a very good feeling all throughout. The feeling of the Holy Spirit confirming I am speaking the truth.

I hope Kate Middleton does not get pregnant. If the launch was to celebrate the day of her missed period, rue the day.

Rue the day of molestors, torturers, and corrupt criminals who win victories through deceit, crime, obstruction of justice, and brutal politics. And rue the day that evil triumphs over good, whatever day that may be and whenever it happens.

I really don't know why it hit me the way it did, but a child by Kate Middleton put a very bad, bad, feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't know what is behind all of the weird confirmations I get that something is wrong with the backers, I have no hard and fast concrete evidence. It's just there and can't be ignored. And for some odd reason, there are people who agree with me and I don't know why in the world they would be agreeing with me unless they know something is up too. Or have more personal knowledge about some bad things that have happened.

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