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Irish Stuff & My Potato Recipe For The Starving

Well I guess I'll start my first post about Ireland since everywhere I turned, yesterday and today, there was a lot of Irish stuff. But this morning, I woke up with Middle East on my mind.

The Irish quirky stuff...Yesterday I walked to a library I haven't been to before because the usual one is closed Monday's. It was an older building and small (the new one) and I thought it was so quaint, with little historic houses around it and remnants of old gardens. It means nothing, but for some reason I decided to explore and go around to the back while everyone waited for it to open in front. And then I thought I should stand by this one tree to wait. So I did, and I didn't move and while I was standing there, I sensed this good energy. The wind wasn't blowing there either, so it was warmer. I sort of faced this white car and stood under this great big tree, facing the car and I didn't even see anyone inside of it. Then, someone got out, a woman, and wearing this t-shirt that said, in huge letters: IRELAND.

Anyway, that was interesting. The day before, on Sunday, I had gone to the Presbyterian church to stand in line for a breakfast with the homeless and one of the kids that was helping to serve had a sweatshirt on that said: Father Ryan. ?? I had thought, "What in the world is a kid doing with a Father Ryan sweatshirt on?" in a Presbyterian church of all things. And actually, I almost passed out from either being lasered or something in the food that morning. That was when my nails turned different colors afterwards and everything.

This morning, foremost on my mind was Middle East stuff. While I walked, too, I thought about the Middle East and how I think I was right that Osama bin ladin had been a victim of mind control research.

Then I got to the gym and saw news, including the Queen E. getting off the plane and wearing green and blue and I didn't like it because it made me think of the Pope's tartan, though if I think of it as colors of the peacock, I guess I like it. I thought, "If I were Queen, I would never consider a conversation to allow Catholics to be in the monarchy but I would consider the idea of allowing Northern Ireland to have their own land." I do not believe it is "discrimination" to preserve the safety and sanctity of a standard and I also do not feel that I need to lord myself over others who have made themselves my enemies in many circumstances (not that this is what she is doing at all or has ever done). Here is the line: You stay over there and I will stay over here and leave me and my family ALONE.

I would never budge on Christianity and having standards. I would not budge on having a Protestant standard, especially not after what I've been through. If you don't like it, move away. If you can be peaceable and want to live here, under the shelter of my rules then we will make sure you are given respect and tolerance, no matter what your religion is or your culture is about. But don't ask me to change my mind about our values and our beliefs. "As for me and my House, we will serve the Lord." (maybe not perfectly of course, but at least with our hearts and trying to do the right thing).

At any rate, I went from the news and eating oatmeal (I am living on oatmeal and potatoes now, for the last 2 weeks just like the Irish), to the sauna and sat in there doing my make-up where it was warm and this woman came in who looked Irish and was saying she is cancer free and I felt happy for her and we talked awhile and then she asked about me and I said I had been tortured, and my son as well, and I was trying to find support. She brought up forgiveness, which is something that was preached last night. I shared my thoughts. There is a time for "letting it go" and forgiving and a time for saying, "For 10 years I tried to extend peace and you refused the offer. You broke peace at every opportunity. And I realized I have disgraced God--how humiliating to God, that I begged and was subservient to the enemies of God. My son and I were innocent and God knows this and I allowed myself to be degraded by people who destroyed gifts he personally gave me and my son? How I have shamed and humiliated my God to go on bended knee, to people who kept refusing peace, for anything."

Then I got out of the sauna and stood at the mirror brushing my teeth and decided, "I will stand by the lap pool" for the first song and I made it halfway through. I went out there and the song that came on was something about hold me through the night, to keep the lonliness away or something and I was there for the ending. And as I stood there at the side of the pool I thought about the Queen's apparel today and noted the color of blue to the water and the green on the flags above and in the pool by the steps. There was this man who looked like Charles standing there when I entered. I saw he was wearing black swim pants. Then, the second song came on: "Jack and Diane" (little diddy, 'bout Jack and Diane...2 American kids doin' the best they can...) by John Melloncamp. And right after I thought about how the pool looked like the Queen's attire, this man who looked like Charles turned to the other side to stretch and I saw he had a whole stripe down one side that was green and blue. Which was only interesting in that I had just thought about the colors the Queen was wearing and thought this man standing there while "Jack and Diane" played reminded me of Charles for some weird reason. And I stayed for the song and then left.

OH! The reason I made this post to begin with! My first impression of the day!

It was Irish jig-footwork. I looked at my cell and it was at about 9:03 or 9:04 a.m. my time (time corrected for my cell being off by a couple of minutes) and it happened right at the start of this refrain:

"Oh let it rock! Let it ro-OLL! Let the Bible Belt come and save your soul!"

At the drums and then oh let it rock, I suddenly, not trying to "see" anything, saw someone breaking out into a jig. It was just with the feet and I thought, "What was that?" and then realized, thinking to myself, "I think it was an Irish dance step."

It looked like either tap dance or similiar jig or Irish or Scottish or something with just the feet.

Anyway, since I am discriminated against by the state and State actors in my own country, who love to abuse their positions, and because I barely have enough money for feeding myself, here is my surprise potato recipe for something quick that I concocted one day:

I have been eating oatmeal every single morning, for one thing. Nothing wrong with oatmeal. I have been having it with flax seed, or with fresh apples diced into it, or most recently, using sugar packets at the gym for natural raw sugar and encrusting the top with a layer. Day in-day out--oatmeal. Neeeeigh. With or without milk. Microwaved because I have no kitchen. Just lovely. Anyway, it's an energy food so it's good for you.

Then, I have been eating potatoes and sweet potatoes because I don't have money for anything else. I am having my own little personal Irish Famine. Which is what happens, when one is tortured even in the workplace, denied benefits and assistance, and worked against from every possible angle.

I can't eat eggs, and I used to eat hard-boiled eggs every morning. They're cheap and good for you. But how can I do this with no kitchen? and I can't keep eggs anywhere either. So I bought these Thai rice noodles that look like linguine, flat and long, and microwaved rice noodles with a potato (Idaho potato) in water, and after the potato was soft, I added Pace "hot" salsa for "tomatoes, onions and flavoring" and then got the idea of..."Mayonnaise." Mayonnaise because it has eggs in it. I don't know if I'm killing myself with it yet, because I read on the packets that it has the preservative "calcium disodium" and I don't know if it's a cancer-causing killer yet or not. The mayonnaise comes courtesy of the gym. I squeezed in about 8 or so packets of mayo and stirred. Maybe I added a squeeze of fresh lime too (think I did). Stir, voila.

It's not bad. The mayo balances the picante of the salsa.

This is how those who are Starved of Justice eat. Who are maybe Starved of Justice and Starved for Justice.

In the meantime, I am calling each and every agency I can find, for treatment and documentation and assistance for my son and I, to prove my claim and report of torture.

It's more "Real" than Hellmann's mayo.

I guess I could be using mayo for my skincare line now, and my hair too. Hell, it might be great for shaving cream, not that I can afford to shave, or need to, since I've been doped up with crap that keeps my hair from growing.

I guess I'll look up calcium disodium now to find out how bad it is. I mean, if it keeps whole eggs from going bad, indefinitely, that's a little scary, but then again, maybe mayo is good for you.

One day I ate the potato noodle soup and then had a whole bowl of red beets from a can. Some man walked by me and said, "Diana". ?
I had to switch computers because someone started using technology on me where I was at before. So I moved and it quit. Instantly.

I write this because while it thrills the souls of my enemies to hear about how I am degraded, it also helps to show others who suffer that they are not alone and I feel it will eventually underscore my claim of torture and persecution.

Yesterday, I asked God to show me just one psalm that would be something He feels for me or wants me to know and I got this psalm, last night, in the sauna, at the end of the day, after calling all these torture organizations and the last line is "God is my refuge".

I just looked up Hellman's mayo and it matches the brooch the Queen is wearing today, of a ribbon. Which also sort of matches a hat with a blue bow that one of Fergie's kids wore to the wedding. In the same color, with a large "O" beneath the bow.
I suppose I'll put out other impressions here.

At 8:40 EST, (I was looking at CNN clock) a.m. strong sense of sadness but feeling of prayer and energy of strength and prayer.

Then at about 8:43 a.m., EST, someone crying. Someone crying and to the point that I felt like crying but had no idea what it was about.
Then I looked up Victoria Beckham because I had wondered why Middleton would want to be friends with her. So I looked up her wiki and she's Catholic. I then noted, going from here, some byline about the Richies putting a bash together for William and Kate. They are also Catholic. From here, I wondered who in the world Steve Tisch is and when I saw his photo he looked very familiar, like someone who came into The Post Pub when I used to work there, but not sure yet. Steve Tisch, just looked it up...is Jewish. If I ran into him, it was when he had longer hair, not the short cut I am seeing online. I met someone who looked a lot like him, but I'm not completely sure, yet, that it was him. I would have to go back and look at a photo of an Australian businessman first.

So, first concern...of all the people to befriend, Victoria Beckham? not only is she described as "condescending and vapid", it's obvious she is not very values oriented, though I'm sure she is politically motivated. There is no doubt about that. What does she do aside from playing a soaps star and trotting her kids about in the latest fashions? All of that money and not a socially conscious bone in her entire body.

de plame. Something came to mind but I don't know what it is.
I asked God, show me something about what has been done by backers of the Middletons. I will have to say what I got is not at all a very good image or sure thing. I need to pray about it more and I would say it was blurry and not concrete.

But I saw ropes around hands. Ropes as in the kind that fray and they are sort of beige-straw colored, like...I don't know what it's called, but the scratchy kind. I sort of expected to see something more sophisticated but I kept seeing things that looked more like hostage situations or people being detained in some sense to be tortured or interrogated.

I am not going to be firm about any of it because I need better confirmation and it wasn't like some of the images I get where it's nailed and I just know it, without a doubt.

First I saw these ropes around a body, not just hands. Then later, I was still praying and asking God to show me something and then I saw them around wrists.

I saw someone holding a man by the shoulder somehow and taking the elbow far back and landing a punch to the face. I saw slapping of a face.

At some point, I saw waves lapping up on a beach (11:10 a.m.) and then I told God, not understanding it, "I don't want to see where Kate is vacationing, I want to see what the backers of the Middleton's have done."

I got very vague impressions of a woman throwing up, of someone tied up and bound by rough ropes, slapping and punching, and then suits and something about "negotiation". I also saw someone at some kind of switchboard. But all these things were vague. The thing that stood out the most, probably, was the person bound with rough ropes. This came up more than once and I wondered how and where in the world someone would even be able to do this, or get away with it, and how it was related to the Middletons or backing them and their daughter.

I just went to "photos, ropes" and the first one I clicked on that looks like the type of rope, is at:
"commons.wikimedia.org" and is for a JPG titled, "Supermacrorope". The second one I found and clicked on says it's a "salvaged length of rope" from "restless general store" by Etsy. Ships from the United Kingdom for $5. Anywhere else, $10. The third one I found at "Geograph: photograph at every grid square!" and it's No.6107, "Rope at Crail Harbour". I mean, whatever I saw might have only 2 or 3 or 4 cables, but it was the natural fiber kind of scratchy rope.
I randomly switched from reading this to going to Valerie Plame and looking up things and then for the first time ever, looking up Patrick Fitzgerald. Isn't he the guy in charge of public corruption?

I am actually very afraid, after seeing his photograph.

Oh crap. No wonder. Oh my dear Jesus Christ, he is Jesuit. He is one who is immediately involved in obstruction of justice with regard to my case and my son, Oliver Garrett. He is the one celebrated with a St. Patrick's day hoorah when my rights to my son were terminated.

I didn't even scroll down to read about him first. I only had to see his photograph and I knew he was corrupt. I saw his photo and thought, "Oh crap. He is hardened. And arrogant."

Of all things, I found Christopher Hitchens at the bottom of the page too, with a statement that Fitzgerald knew all along who leaked about Plame.

Which would certaintly go along with "corrupt", wouldn't it?

My son and I have been TORTURED in this country, and a man like Patrick Fitzgerald is the Jesuit who pays more homage to the Vatican and his fellow criminals than to justice. This is a man who is able to squash any complaint of public corruption, at any level. He is able to affect both the CIA and the FBI or the DOJs treatment of a case. He would be the one who could order people to NOT investigate.

One of the places I was poisoned, was at an Irish pub in Seattle, with Catholic Irish owners and bartenders. I then stumbled to find a hospital and was led there by a woman who, when I asked where she was from, told me "Ireland" or that she was Irish and then I later found out this same woman had allegedly defamed me to the hospital staff at Virginia Mason.

Fitzgerald wanted Middleton.

First, it was some "Irish" woman in Seattle, leading me to Virginia-Mason where they tried to say I was psychotic and mentally ill, after I was poisoned one place, and then I was poisoned at the Irish pub and called for an ambulance and it was Irish drivers in the ambulance who laughed when I said I had a metallic taste in my mouth.

There is a lot more.

This man is crooked. Get rid of him.

My family knows some Fitzgeralds too, because we stayed at their house (the mortician in VA), but I don't think there is a relation.
I like the Queen's cream, black and olive green ensemble. Just saw it and I really thought it was pretty. The other one was nice too, I am just overly sensitive to some things, half the time. I have worn green and blue together too, so no big deal, but lately with such treatment from some catholics lately, it rubs me raw when I think about the pope. I think she must have, for once in her life, been nervous to be in Ireland. I would have been. There are some good Irish and some very bad Irish (this I know, even in the U.S.).

I just saw she was standing in front of some hope memorial and yesterday I was at a Hope Garden for the first time.

I wandered through it after being at the library and facing the Ireland t-shirt. It was Irish this and that and then suddenly, taking a different route that I've never taken before, I came across a Garden called "community Hope garden" and I walked through it and pinched off some lavendar to rub between my fingers. I liked, ahhh...

I liked the little blue flowers that were sprouting up...my mother had them in her garden when I was little. The bright blue fluffy-feathery ones...They're perenials and come up every year, i want to say cornflowers but that's not right.

Oh my goodness, that's what they are. Cornflowers, or "Bachelor's Buttons" and the ones I noted are right there on wiki, featured in vivid green and blue.

This is one of the sentimental flowers I recall from my childhood. It grew in abundance and we had blue ones, and pale pink and fushia ones. White ones too? maybe? I just read the story about the woman who hid her children in fields of cornflower in Germany and like this.

What is so bizarre is how many things I do are in tandem with the Queen. I am not kidding. The other day I saw her wearing this pointed sun brooch and at the end of the day I clicked on "downtown Knoxville" and the exact same pattern from her brooch was featured on the web page. It was one of those very odd, intakes of breath moments. It was the SAME thing! It was the sun, shooting out rays in the same pattern as the Queen's brooch, over a billiard ball for the "Downtown Knoxville" site.

I almost left for Knoxville that night too. I was about to, to visit the FBI there but decided to put together something in writing first and then I thought I should hook up with a torture group first.

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