Monday, May 30, 2011

James Cartright Ousted By Catholic Agenda

James Cartright should have had the post.

The reason he doesn't is becaue Leon Panetta wanted to squeeze into The Pentagon and squeeze him out.

Obama's entire line up has been Catholic and there is nothing that Cartright did that was "afoul" of the military. Even if I've talked about him, barely, it was personal and has nothing to do with how well he does his job.

If anything, he did a better job trying to protect people than anyone else and the simple fact that he might be connected to my name was enough to get Catholic zealots against him.

There was more than a "whispering" campaign. There was a concentrated effort to root him out. And it's Catholics behind it, and they are the ones advising Obama. More Catholics have come into power since Obama, to the exclusion of other good nominees, than in history.

Not only that, guess who the strategist has been in fighting the wars and keeping the country safe? It was Cartright.

Cartright also advocated for less troops, and less loss of lives, in the Middle East.

Panetta wants blood and to kill and he will bring in people next to him, that he perceives will not get "info" on him.

Panetta didn't want Cartright involved in his special sessions because Panetta doesn't trust Cartright. Why not? Because Panetta is afraid that some of the crap he pulls shouldn't be noticed by anyone who had a "fling" with his group's enemy.

Panetta has supported fellow Catholics that have tortured and terrorized me and my son. He and others in top ranks in intelligence, have protected eachother and no one else.

The last couple of days, yesterday especially, I was harassed to no end by CIA and Catholic out-of-staters and then they had police positioned at The Catholic Center, which I was forced to walk past when the bus driver didn't stop to pick me up. I came up to this building and crossed to the other side of the street, not wanting to be anywhere near, and then 2 police officers in 2 separate cars came out of their parking lot and pulled me over to ask about my claim I was tortured.

I said if they had wanted to do something, they could have assisted me over an hour ago.

Panetta is going to bring the military and country down, not up, and I don't think Obama is getting good advice about who to switch up into things.

I can have a personal issue with someone and still see whether or not they are doing a good job with the military.

I think this is why I was having the bad feeling I was having.

I had a very bad feeling about something, and this is it. It started before Obama's tour and I knew something was wrong and it's that something was wrong behind closed doors. England knows it.

I hope he and his family just take off and help me and my son with what they know is going on, from a safe place. I don't care, I know when something is wrong.

By the way, I had someone using technology while I was at this computer at The Hutton. Until this woman came over and then someone quit. It's, I believe, one of the workers.

Yep. I looked him up. He's Catholic. Martin Dempsy is Catholic.

Obama was advised to skip over James Cartright, the person who should have had the job, and it went to Dempsy, who is a worse sadist than Hitler.

Dempsy has only been on staff since April 11. He moved into the line up knowing Panetta was going to recommend him. Ray Odierno,...I'll have to look the others up in a minute. Someone quit using the technology over here now, at the Hutton. But if it happens again, I'll note it up. It's 10:39 a.m. right now.

We have Panetta, at the top of The Pentagon, and then Obama moving in another Catholic, Dempsy, whom Panetta and Biden wanted. They intentionally organized things to shift to put this man Dempsy in power and one look at his photo tells me, "Cruel". He's not a good person but they put him next to Panetta because Panetta wants to keep his affairs within his Catholic church and The Vatican.

I think Cartright and his family should seriously consider a move to another country. I knew it. I knew it was Catholics because like I said, and blogged, after I first wrote something, they had a HEY DAY over here and wanted to egg it on and encourage it and when I saw this, I got disgusted. So they get their group to harass and provoke me, hoping I'll say worse, when it's their group that is totally power-hungry and corrupt and doing favors for eachother and none of the American people. They will put people at the front lines to kill them off, in their own country.

Obama has been looking depressed besides. Aside from an energetic shaking of hands in France, which looked at least like a good warm up to something, he has become less sure of himself. He came into office with some solidity and lately, comes across as depressed and not as self-sure. Whoever has been writing his speeches, some of them, is saying the same thing in a lot of them too, "about "we've been friends for a long time now."

Obama is less sure of himself, because he's been listening to Biden and Biden is not his friend. He may be VP and a political punch, but you need to start thinking about politics and think about the past, if you are going to frame your future. In the past, brothers and sisters killed eachother over the throne. Human nature has not changed and we have not evolved. We hide things, those of us who are corrupt, with more sophisticated technology, but that's it. Those of us who are not corrupt are always up against the same thing--money, pride, religion. You don't even KNOW who your friends are if you are in an elevated position. Your best friend may be the worst and most self-interested rat and you wouldn't know because you have never been down long enough to even find out who stands next to you, who splits, and who starts putting the cash into their bank account after pretending to be your best friend and bringing you down.

There are people who get close to you only to find out what's going on and have an angle for their larger group.

Obama has lost self-confidence because he is listening to others talk and not praying and trying to hear God himself. This means, as President, he should be cleaning his plate in the morning, to be on his knees or prostrate before God and turn off the cell phone. This means his wife does the same thing and that people who are advisors or got close through the journey, are put on hold while they make themselves the best possible receptacles for hearing the voice of God as possible. And gain strength from the christian brothers and sisters they left behind, who prayed for them and their souls and the country, and quit listening to the same people who all happen to be part of the same group: Regis, Biden, Panetta, Dempsy...what do these guys have in common? One powerfully corrupt church and no, the crusades are not over because my son and I have been living it in the U.S. because these people have blocked and obstructed justice.

They are ruining the country. Obama doesn't look happy at all and it makes me wonder if he and his family are suspeptible to torture and bribes and have been having to do what they're told to do.

I don't think he is pleased with some of his own choices, actually, and that's from reading his face. Every President grays in office, but getting depressed happens when you're trying to do the right thing but the wrong people have taken power and influence and you lose the focus and alignment with God.

If you are aligned correctly, you are not going to get depressed.

You might cry and have some bad days, but you are still going to keep the alignment and when you stand up against those who try to push you a certain direction, and if you lose, even if you LOSE, you are still aligned with God.

Who do you want to be aligned with? criminals and sadists? who pretend to be religious while they act like a mafia? Or God and your family and the people who love you and depend upon you to make choices that are in the best interests of everyone and not just special interests?

This is exactly what I saw from the Catholics, over here in Tennessee, GLEE. Glee when I said a word about Cartright. And I was right. The same Catholics that harassed me every day in passing who were collected in the same area, and who tortured me while I was at work and got protection from it by both jewish-american and Catholic friends, were giddy GIDDY when I started to trash Cartright.

You want a strategist?

Pick me.

I'll tell you who the fucking rats are. As much as this is an exaggeration, I have an eye for what is going down and I called it and I called it right. Months ago.

It's Catholics.

They are the problemo.

And no, I'm not saying I don't give credit to good people, or those doing good, whoever they may be, and from whatever religion, but this group has HAD it IN for me.

Look something up for me.

993 HNP Tennessee. This should be a Bronco, older style, on big wheels. This vehicle, which was parked next to me yesterday as some kind of memorial, is the same approximate make, year, model, of car that the teenage boys from Mt. Angel, Oregon, were driving when they tried to run me off the road in 2001. That was 2001. It's 10 years later, and there are Catholics still making something of the past and using it against me. They decided to hate me and have gone after me no matter what state I go to. This vehicle was driven by teenage Catholic boys or young men, who stole my signs and ran off into Abbey property when I was sitting in a public place, legal for protest. They cut a corner so close to my chair that it tipped over and I called police.

There is a police report in Mt.Angel, Oregon, for this incident. This is when I found out the catholic religious in Mt.Angel were the first to try to smear me in police records and hoped I wouldn't know about it. They put me under "investigation" and "surveillance" by making false claims about me while their own group harassed me, sliced my car tires, brought in people to pose as friends and get close to me, and get information on my family.

The guys driving the Bronco, would stalk me and pass back and forth. I moved. I moved all the way over to Wenatchee, Washington, from Oregon.

Someone started parading the same style, make, year, of Bronco around Wenatchee and even a few from Mt. Angel paid a visit once or twice. They were Catholic and it was like this ongoing theme to just have their group notice and feel they were winning something. They had people in Wenatchee start to defame me with no cause, who were directly related to the people that started things against me in Oregon.

Then, I go all the way over to NASHVILLE and who parks the same Bronco there as I sat and notice all these Catholics driving by looking at this particular vehicle and laughing and getting off on it? On this Bronco, the woman driving it had a christian fish, a "Lipscomb" sticker, and other stickers about ruling and catholicism. I walked over to get the plates bc I was onto the game or amusment, but I didn't even notice the stickers until I was closer. I wasn't going to assume it had anything to do with the Catholic church, but just as I said I noticed the Catholic community getting off on my trashing Cartright (so they could put someone who would cover their butts in and promote the RCC from within), I noticed that the same kinds of Catholics felt really amused by the Bronco. So I got up closer and sure enough, beaded crucifixes and mary memorabilia hanging from the rearview mirror.

Sorry, but the game is over.

These people have brought in one party after the other, to torture and terrorize me and my son and try to make a mental illness schick stick. They were the ones who started it and even if they had some Jewish who secretly wanted to encourage it, they were still the ones with the most to lose if I proved collusion to defame me to such degree that they were enabled to even torture me and my son without penalty.

I have met plenty of Catholics with great personalities. Guess what? great personalities combined with zealous political and religious motives, goes hand in hand. They are not going to be people you don't like. They might be those who like the most. But they will reel you in and at the last moment, cut you loose, and hope that no one discovers the original motive for reeling you in the first place.

This country has allowed all KINDS of stereotyping about Muslims and their beliefs and profiling fundamentals in their religion, and not done ONE thing about fundamental Catholics who have people in high places covering for them. Why? because it's Catholics at the top, making the rules and passing the laws and keeping it all safe and tight within their own circle and then handing down the other jobs, selectively, to others.

Here's a story. There is a story in the Old Testament about how this man who was a brother invited all these people into his house, and he came out weeping. Not just a little sad that all these people had died, but fully weeping. He was so good at his act, in crying and looking like he shared in their sorrows, that they believed his HEART was for their own heart. They believed his sympathies with their own sympathies. And then as soon as they trusted him and saw him weeping and went to help eachother, he took out his sword and drove it into their backs. As a huge army jumped out from hiding to also attack the others and take control.

Trusting those with a good personality and who appear to have a good heart or sentiments that are shared, is not the recipe to discovering what the truth is.

You have to listen to people that have been maligned and lied about, falsely imprisoned, and defamed and shot up with medications they don't need, to figure out what the motives are.

One minute, it's me, next, it's your family and your job, and after that, it's this entire country.

I want an investigation into public corruption by a Protestant FBI person and I want immediate 24-7 surveillance and protection of my son, by Protestants (from birth and with families from birth).

I am not lying and I am not mentally ill.

I would like to share what I know, what has been done to me.

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