Sunday, May 29, 2011

Morning Games With Military & Mafia

Again, I again had more evidence that my son and I need to leave the U.S.

They do not know when to quit.

I walked all along a sidewalk littered with crap (like Grover cartoon stuff) and then went to a hotel where 2 whitish men sat there, both assholes. Both Catholic.

As long as someone is there to use technology, they don't mind my using the computer, but if they don't have their main man there, who has been there to fry the hell out of me, they put people to sit there and force me to leave. The regular hispanic man wasn't there, who has been there each time something has happened to me.

There was a whole "group" of these people there this morning.

Then, they wanted to force me to ask about a guest pass, which I've done in the past with no problem, and wanted this man to bring up whether or not I have a laptop. Why? Because in the last few days someone has wanted me to start using my laptop again so it's even easier to track me and fry my ass.

Sorry about the language, but the BS I have to deal with is uncalled for.

During the entire chapel service last night, once again, as soon as they moved a baby that was next to me out of the way, passing it to a woman sitting behind me to the side, they fried me and it was laser. My fingernails on my left hand turned purple after I sat through it. Many of the people there knew what was going on and I did't have a great feeling about the women there giving the message. I had the feeling one of them also knew what was going on and there was no "Holy Spirit" with that. It was games.

No one started doing one thing to me, as I sat there, until after the baby was handed to Ana Cruz, who was sitting behind me. Basically, they didn't start it up until they had a total stranger hold the baby the whole time. There was the mother, a black woman, sitting to my left, and a white catholic woman to my right. Ana Cruz has been around before, on 2 other occasions when someone has done something to me, once at the bus stop station downtown and once or twice at the Starbucks cafe where I constantly had problems and the woman who said she went to catholic school with nuns was always there.

No problem until they moved the baby. Baby out of way, they fried me again. Then, when the service was over, I stood up and left and it was immediately gone.

Today, at the one hotel, they just were at a loss for someone there willing to fry me. And the 2 older white men (one with a foreign accent) sat there knowing already that I was going to go in. The one with a foreign accent, turned as if he was shocked, when the Grover or Elmo voice came on, which is the same cartoon I passed on my way, and I have people following me 24-7 to see if I go where they try to predict or force me to go, using technology and personality analysis. They track me around like I am Osama bin ladin.

I know for a fact that the CIA was using him for mind control. I have no doubt now. I wrote this and blogged it and then thought, after I found out the CIA was camped out there for 6 months watching him, "I was right". Those are just the ones we know about.

So this white man who was rude to me turned and looked when the Grover voice came on. I then sat and asked if he wouldn't mind if I used it after him and he said snidely that he wasn't going to let me "my name and room number." I said I wasn't asking for that and he said, "I'm not going to let you use it after me" and I said, "Well don't ask me to join the military..." and he got a smug little smirk on his face and then I added, "...or the mafia." Smile stopped. He didn't even want to look at me then.

He is someone who gets what he deserves his whole life. So I won't waste my time being upset about a petty man.
I asked God to show me something about whoever I will be with, if I am ever with a man again. I got nothing. I don't think it works that way. I actually got verse after verse, randomly, about Aaron, but start flipping through the Bible and see how many times you can end up on a page that has that name. But I put no stock in it at all. If God were to tell me something like that, he would show me the same way He showed me so-and-so looks at porn, so-and-so has a problem with his femur, so-and-so is wearing red (whether I believe it fully or not). And I landed on some good things, about a man, and money. But that was all random and no stock in it. I sort of quit after just a couple of minutes and then prayed and asked to show me something about someone who had been interested in me and I got the story of David, where he is just a poor man and he finds out one of the king's kids is interested in him.

He was originally to have one daughter and then Saul gave her to someone else. Then his daughter Michal fell in love with him (I guess from afar bc I don't think they had a lot of conversations) and asked to have him. So Saul didn't like it at all. He decided he would try to make it look like he was honoring his daughter's request but secretly hoped that David would be killed.

When David found out a king's daughter wanted to marry him, he didn't feel good enough and said, "But I am only a poor man!" I thought about it. He wasn't just a poor man from a poor family. He had been out in pastures with a bunch of sheep, in the middle of nowhere. For a long time. Then all of a sudden, he was in the military. But he wasn't from a significant family and no one was rich either.

So Saul thought no way I guess. He took advantage of David's feelings of insecurity and said, "Oh no problem. You can have my daughter and she wants to marry you too! and don't worry about not having anything decent we could marry ourselves into...all that I will require is 200 foreskins of our enemy. Bring me 200 (or whatever) foreskins from the enemy and she's yours and don't even worry about your background or money." Meanwhile, the idea was that as soon as David was out there trying to get the foreskins, he was going to be annihilated and killed by the enemy and "that would take care of that!" Saul wasn't going to do it himself. He also wasn't going to have his own people do it. He would leave it to their common "enemy" to take care of someone who was in the way. That's one surefire way to get rid of a potential problem. So Saul waited for the news that David was dead.

Instead, David showed up with 200 foreskins. Saul was shocked that he hadn't died and knew God was with him and had to honor his word or did. But he resented David even more and was even more jealous of him from that point on.

Strangely enough, I was thinking, after I read this last night before chapel...

Well, I read it when I was sitting up on a hill next to the James Polk memorial. I went there to sit on the grass and read this and thought about it while walking back.

So I was thinking, how odd because Saul did that to David, hoping he would be killed off by another group, secretly happy with the idea, and then later, David did the same thing when he wanted Bathsheba. Michal maybe loved him to a point, but she was also embarrassed by him. She didn't like his dancing before the Lord "with all his might" and maybe thought it was undignified. She judges him from worldly eyes, peer conscious, while God was secretely very pleased with him and his desire to do good and honor God, even if it meant abasing himself before God in worship. Then, she didn't want to show up when he asked her to. So he was onto Bathsheba, and when he found out she was already married, he sent her husband out to battle in the front lines, hoping he would be killed and he was killed. He then took Bathsheba to him and they were probably in love, but a prophet came to him and used a parable of something from his youth, about sheep.

He said to him, "There is a man who has a whole flock of sheep and he just stole the only sheep of another man, that was his pet and whom he loved." David said, "This man must die!" and was outraged that the beloved sheep had been taken. He had once been a shepherd himself and knew what this would be like. The prophet said, "The man is you. You are the man." And David repented so fully before God that God forgave him. There is more, but then I got to chapel and the message was:

"There are two women. One is the woman at the well who doesn't feel she is good enough, as a gentile, to associate with the jews. The other is the adultress who was going to be condemned but was instead forgiven. Pick one of them for yourself and think about them in 3-D"

And then she gave a message. I didn't pick either one of the women and didn't 3-D them either. I just listened to her message as the story of 2 women and lessons that are applicable to anyone, man or woman.

And then the whole time, practically, someone was lasering me and making their revenge on me. I am so tired of it. I really believe that God is getting tired of it too.

Last night when I came in, to the movie theater in the gym, it loops all day and I came in at the part where the man picks up a briefcase and then says something about "the lady of the lake." "When it all comes down to it, it's always about who gets the girl."

This is when I walked in and then I watched it to the end, and then watched the beginning until this point again and walked out while hearing this line for a second time, "When it all comes down to it, it's always about who gets the girl."

Or the boy, maybe.

Maybe it's all about who gets the boy.

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