Sunday, May 29, 2011

1 Interesting Thing

1 interesting thing happened and I was offended at first but then thought anything that directs to reading scripture is good.

So I don't care what games are played, I asked God to help me and I have faith He will. I sometimes have to stop and redirect myself and pray to figure out what I'm to do.

It's not easy for anyone, but I'm sure God might give extra grace (or a double portion) to those who are tortured and medicated needlessly. I don't know...y'think?

I spent 3 weeks trying to get help or assistance from torture advocacy agencies in the U.S. and not one was decent. I found a man who is willing to do a forensic evaluation and that's it.

I have to get my phone reloaded and I have to get something in writing for investigation.

If no one in the U.S. investigates, I will not stay here.

My family knows this and all of our friends know this. And we are waiting for small things to happen, which, if they don't happen, will leave my enemies and many more innocent at risk than would be desired.

I don't think I'm a prophet, by the way. I wrote about reading about them the other day, but I don't think I am one. I think I am someone who is more honest than my enemies have ever been, and who is honest when it comes to things about God. I do fear God and fear what could be done in misusing his name, which is why I doubt most of the things that I get in images. Which is why I almost thought to write down what I prayed about Scotland wind.

I thought if I do, and nothing comes of it then it might be a disgrace to God or I certaintly don't want to attach his name to it. And so, if I doubt, I cannot be a prophet but I think God is building my faith in some ways, in showing or confirming things to me later at times.

And sometimes, even what the enemy plants out to mean one thing, God can whip right back in the opposite direction to imply something completely different.

How many times have my enemies scuttled for answers and new interpretations and explanations, to try to "correct" an impression some would get that might be "dangerous".

I went to a hotel and wrote a little, then to the homeless shelter and talked with a few people. There was someone there with a guitar who I would have talked to but I guess he has wanted me to talk to him first.

So I left and then took a bus to a bookstore, which, turns out, was closed. I was going to look up art. I wanted to look at paintings and art for awhile, and garden designs. It was closed so I got off the bus and decided to walk to take a different one to upload my phone account. I was followed all over the place. It was atrocious. I cut into the courtyard of a college to get away from all the people in cars passing and before I did I passed a white set of jaws. I thought it was some kind of a child's crown at first and then saw that it was a bottom set of fake sharp teeth.

I passed by and then cut through the courtyard and then this young man who was supposed to resemble William, I think, comes out of his dorm with glasses on, ahead of me and I just thought, "Oh great" and then, sure enough, it was this game and people driving by passed as he stood there by his car wanting others to see me approaching and there he was. What, as they predicted?

I wonder if they predicted I would read about Samson's jawbone that killed thousands? He walked past me and I didn't even look at him. Then I didn't want to proceed to the store not knowing if it was open so I turned back, and sat on the nearest porch steps and it was to the building the one man just went into. I prayed and asked God to help me focus on what to do and then I said, "Show me something about my enemies and the person for me?" and I got the story of how someone gave away Samson's wife to someone else and then said, "Take the other one, she's prettier." He didn't want her. So he got revenge and then they went after him and then he went after them again and finally they said, "What have you DONE?" We are under their rule and now they want to kill all of us. So he said, "I only did to THEM, what they did to ME." They said, "We have to turn you over" so he said okay but don't kill him. They bound him with ropes, and then led him out and when the enemy saw him they shouted and howled and whistled and couldn't wait. All of a sudden, the ropes fell like flax from his wrists and he stood up, grabbed the jawbone of a donkey and slayed 1,000 men. With a jawbone. Which is, my dear, a step up and quite above jaws dropping.

Before I even came to the part about the jawbone, I started to laugh out loud. I didn't even remember the jawbone part, but I was sitting there on that porch and it struck me as hilarious for some reason, that this other guy had just walked in the doors. It was the last place I would choose to sit but I did. And then there was this bike ahead of me and I thought, "What's that? William's bicycle?" and I couldn't see what kind it was but I just cracked up laughing and then continued to read and got to the part about the jawbone, and thought about how I had just passed a plastic set of jaws, and sobered up thinking, "That's weird."

Then I had prayed and decided what to do, go to a hotel to find out if it's even open and don't waste time, and I walked past the bike and looked and it was green and black and something else and had "2" on it.

I walked past and to the hotel and didn't have paper so I tore off the top cover of the New York Times Style Magazine, and wrote down my phone numbers.

I really don't care what they try to do to me, because God has the last laugh, in the end.

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