Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Proof Positive for Arsenic Poisoning & BARBITUATES

I just got the lab results.

They don't say "negative" for arsenic.

The lab test results are that the hair sample was "Usually" within normal range.

What the hell does "usually" mean?

Yeah, for the 3 months worth of hair they buzzed off of my head, I would expect it to be "usually" free of arsenic.

But one day's worth of poisoning led to several episodes of internal bleeding.

This test is inconclusive and no one even bothered to call me for further testing.

They sent only a report falsely claiming I was "psychotic" when I wasn't, and cut off visits with my son, basically reducing them down to 1x/week if that.

Those who were assaulting me and my son already, took anything they could, that they thought I was discredited with, and kept torturing me and my family.

I have a MAJOR right to both a civil lawsuit and for someone who is DECENT in the FBI to investigate.


I just looked at this again and they wrote me up as POSITIVE for "barbituates".


OH MY FRICKING LORD, I have a major case.

I was reporting being POISONED and not only does this prove I had some unusual show of arsenic poisoning, but it says here on the "drug test" that I tested positive for "barbituarates" which I have never taken in my life. And they supposedly got THAT from just a urine sample so I don't know how long it takes to exit the body, but I have never tried any kind of 'bariturate" in my entire life.

Marijuana? yes. I have admitted to trying this, when my son wasn't with me, after having never tried a drug all my life, I used a very minor amount because doctors were forcing me to suffer and I didn't have insurance when my son was taken from me.

I don't even know what frickin barbs ARE. Except for maybe heroin?

Oh my gosh. I just looked this up on wiki and it says they are SEDATIVES. And experimental for epilepsy. Someone was trying to DEPRESS my central nervous system with DRUGS.

And the CIA and FBI have been all over me and my son, and either they investigate, or they are in on it. They are complicit if they do not investigate my claims at this point.

And that's it.

I had lousy lawyers trying to keep me from obtaining my records when I did everything possible for my son, to help us both.

It says they can be used as hypnotics too.

I have a major case.

I told you, I had a feeling some of these people were going to go down and they are.

This entire article just talks about military research and use of this drug to h...oh my gosh, they also write

wait. Okay wait. Maybe I'm reading the wrong part.

There is one part that says it's all negaive and then something else says positive or aboe threashhold.

Maybe I was negative on the drugs.

I am NOT negative on the arsenic however.

People lied to me. I am not negative for arsenic. They found arsenic.

Maybe it's not a lot, but I don't know how well they tested either, or how easily it's detected from a one time dose, in hair.

It's not zero.

I am also wondering what happened to the other part though, that someone said had something else standing out from my hair sample.

On my CBC it reports I was abnormally low on:
1. Abnormal Low--Sodium, serum. 134. (range is 135-145)
2. Abnormal Low--BUN, result, 4. (range is 7-18)

The most suspicious thing is that the hair analysis was done in Seattle.

I was told it would be shipped out to a different location in the midwest and someone intervened and cancelled it so it wouldn't get out of WA.

I don't trust anything coming out of a lab in Seattle, after what I went through. And they lied about everything. They lied and said it was sent to Minnesota or something. I even blogged about it.

They didn't do a correct test for arsenic.

And once again, my CBC was abnormal enough to show something was wrong, and that was several days after a different CBC showed abnormalities at Virginia-Mason. In TN, they didn't want to do a CBC because instead they wanted to throw me into a psych ward and try to get away with it. Without my ability to say, "Hey, the CBC is abnormal."

Low BUN helps prove damages

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